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  2. I accidentally purchased this script and have no use intended for it. I thought this was for motherload mine my bad! Nathon I love ur scripts and jumped the gun early on this.
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  4. I think I reinstalled 32bit by mistake, got it running, thanks for the help. Do you have any input on looking glass vs the newer client spoofing? I normally use RuneLite when I play and would have to wonder if switching clients back and forth can't be flagged? Since I can't use LG with RuneLite. Do you have a preference?
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  6. On the Item screen there's a Remove button below the Add button - it's not the most intuitive placement though I must admit. Select the item and then click remove
  7. Update: 1-Pushed a fix for witchhouse bug when there is 0 cheese 2-Pushed a fix for GE afk if account logged out while buying or had a break while buying 3-pushed a fix for Xmark the spot not ending after finishing the quest 4-Prices update old prices files wont work new prices system has been pushed now u can use a diff prices folder for each GUI profile u use , and now u can edit the price of each item , the search name script use through GUI instead of through file . to add the pricing profile u wan use to the GUI profile so u can use it through argum
  8. Hi beg the bots still working perfectly I just have a request to be able manually add how much supplies the bot takes for the runs example the bot takes 2 mil and 250 runes for mahogany logs and then restocks the money and runes from the bank when they are depleted I was wondering if your can add a feature that lets me manually add the amount taken like say I only want the bot to take 500k and only like 50 runes for the runs at a time
  9. Added collect death items task (supports lumbridge, seers village, edgeville, and ferox enclave, with an option to always use whatever is closest - only using ferox if already there). This will use coins from your bank to pay for the items. If you don't have enough coins, the script will end. The script will bank at the nearest bank, if needed, to deposit items to collect the remaining items. It will collect all items.
  10. im having trouble running this script it either crashes when it gets to bank and drink stamina pot or after it does a new inventory. can someone please help...
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