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  3. Hey how might I get this to work in the stronghold of security at giant spiders. I can't get my character to stay in safespot while the cannon does the work
  4. Keep running into this issue where its trying to take a break and then stops doing anything and times out on the game, logging it out. and it won't log back in either have to manually restart bot. In game I'm different places when it happens, sometimes in house, sometimes in nieve dungeon, etc. When i'm somewhere aggro'd by monsters my guy will just die, not eat food or tele
  5. Hey for some reason the price for the script is not $4.99 its $7.99 is this a bug?
  6. Magic Melee is tasks which attack with melee attacks that have magic damage - infernal mages don't count in that, sorry! I'm intending on adding a whole host of POH-related improvements in the near future The script doesn't use safespots like that at the moment, so that is currently intended behaviour As above!
  7. It was that Zalcano attachment - if you did want to re-attach it, all you'd need to do is go to "Debug" -> "Animation" and let me know what the number changes to when you're mining
  8. Last week
  9. Version 1.18: dont actively attack unless vyres take too long to attack fix issue with door when entering bank fix issue with trying to attack unreachable vyre dont turn off prayers when vyres are nearby, even if away from fight zone (hopefully it will go back when needing to recharge pray) walk to pray altar when too far away
  10. Love the script, works very well! Would it be possible in the future to add the option to teleport using mounted Xeric’s talisman in the POH? Also like mentioned above, is it possible to add the option to teleport to G.E using ornate jewelry box in the POH? Other than that, the script is amazing.
  11. Hiya, script seems great, antiban looks meticulously crafted, good job. I've noticed an issue where the script will always use/buy rings of wealth to travel to GE, even when I select walk to GE or varrock teletab to GE. Ideally you can add an option for me to use the ornate jewelery box in my PoH to travel to GE, as I'm already using that for banking at edgeville. Thanks a lot edit: also have noticed when ranging greater demons, bot does not move back to safe spot after looting
  12. @skybsbll913 I will add extra boost pot options in next update (trying to work out a clean way where its still auto and user doesn't need to changed based on weapon using)
  13. Any thoughts about House Nexus teleportation alternatives, Lunar spell's ; Geomancy/Cure Plant/ Fertile Soil w/ volcanic ash?
  14. doing farming runs, can you add hosidius teleport tab to options? also just noticed the bot only utilizes up to glory(4)'s and ignores 5 and 6 charges in bank
  15. Hi, yes it supports that using specific settings Set fight area at ogres, keep "Attack npc" empty, put cannon and cannonballs on inventory, set cannon spot outside cage, type items to telegrab on "loot items", keep telegrab runes on inventory
  16. I'm not sure how to do what you want with the animation. Although i did revert my dragon pick axe back to normal, it had the Zalcano attachment on it. and the clicking stopped!! So I'm pretty sure that was the issue.
  17. Any plans to make it Ironman friendly? Maybe start off with simple things, example… gathering simple supplies for quests, etc and then advance it?
  18. Your ultimate wilderness boss goldfarming solution. Solo kills the wilderness boss Calvarion flawlessly for huge GP/hour. What is Calvarion? Calvarion is a singles-plus boss located in the level 21 Wilderness. It is soloable and delivers some of the best GP/hour in the game. Notable drops include the Voidwaker Blade, Ring of the Gods, Dragon Pickaxe, Skull of Vet’ion and Vet’ion Jr with a host of other valuable resource drops to boost your profit. You can expect around 2-3 million GP/hour, based on drops. Minimum Requirements: 70 Attack 60 Strength
  19. Excellent script. Getting 34 to 36 kills per hour. My only complaint is it's hard to find an open world.
  20. Great Pest Control script. I've tried 1 other PC script on Tribot and much prefer this one as it's been flawless and very human-like. Thank you @Ark!
  21. Hey @ELON, First off phenomenal script, I am trying to run melee on Spindel but I don’t have divine super combats. Am I missing a way around this to maybe access to Divine Super Strength instead. Thanks!
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