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  2. Noticed that the script ran into a bug a couple times today when I was using it - withdrew 875 coins for a task in Brimhaven Dungeon, but it took the boat to Brimhaven which cost 30gp and then kept trying again and again to enter the dungeon with 845gp. Kept clicking over and over until I noticed it and stopped it.
  3. I think your code looks good enough for regular scripter and you've been active within the tribot discord for awhile. Some notes: * Your use and understanding of optionals could be improved. * I don't like the static variables. * Things like this you'll want to utilize the return value of the click so that you aren't waiting for nothing. https://github.com/WintonTri/Scripter/blob/main/scripter_app/herblore/nodes/MakeUnfPot.java#L88 * Constants should be static final https://github.com/WintonTri/Scripter/blob/main/scripter_app/agility/task/InteractObstacleObject.java#L1
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  5. I feel I don't really have a say as I am so fresh to the rank. However if I did have a vote, I would vote yes. I have known @Winton for a long time. I believe he has the skill required and is active and helpful in the community.
  6. I'm going to say Yes, the code quality seems good enough and you have made a decent contribution to the community.
  7. Open Source Scripts Herblore https://community.tribot.org/topic/83985-cleanherblore/ (GUI) https://github.com/WintonTri/Scripter/tree/main/scripter_app/herblore Crafting https://community.tribot.org/topic/83973-gem-crafter/ https://github.com/WintonTri/Scripter/tree/main/scripter_app/crafter Agility https://community.tribot.org/topic/83786-wintons-rooftop-agility/ https://github.com/WintonTri/Scripter/tree/main/scripter_app/agility Short biography / Coding Experience Before joining TRi
  8. Overview Behavior Trees are a way of expressing AI logic in a modular and expressive way. They are often used in video game engines for game AI development. While they are often used alongside a visual scripting tool, such as Unreal's Blueprint system, they adapt well to Tribot scripting as a means to organize your code and keep things decoupled yet cohesive. This tutorial assumes that you already know: How to set up your development environment Intermediate Kotlin (lambda functions will be used a lot) Basic scripting knowledge with Tribot's SDK For this tutoria
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    Rub the herbs with
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    But what if I like it dirty?
  12. Been using the thieving bot for a few months now and love it! I have been running into an issue recently with the break manager/thieving bot combo where accounts are getting stuck clicking the membership button upon login over and over. Lost a few accounts to it now. Unsure why. I attached a debug report in case anyone can make sense of it. 09-21-2021 18-24-48.zip
  13. Hi both, This should be fixed in the latest update It was caused if the account equip preference was decided as the Equipment Screen, which I stupidly hadn't finished implementing.
  14. Join my discord server - - https://discord.gg/jJWcXt8uBZ 1.) But how does this works? A: Everything is legal, acquired legitimately through Jagex. 2.) Why can't I just buy RuneScape Bonds or Membership directly through RuneScape Website? A: You can! But using our methods you'll be paying roughly 50% less than that if you're buy through Runescape Official Website. 3.) Ok! After buying what do I have to do? A: You'll be receiving a code like this: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx and the only thing you need to do is: Go to Pre-Paid Cards - Activate, Store Loca
  15. hi does this support normal sawmill plank making aswell thx
  16. Haven't seen much activity as far as chat on this script goes. I just knocked out a few levels using this script, relatively flawlessly. The investments in the abstraction and data collection have paid dividends in terms of reliability. Auto fletcher Elite -> Auto Fletcher Elite V2 very well may be longest running osrs fletcher available. Thanks, Warfront1
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