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  2. Does this work with just a mounted glory and no pool? For me it teleports to house and turns off.
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  4. Not a useful bug report. The script does work for ghouls as an ironman, if you think you have found a bug then it is likely a setup-related bug and I need the debug sent to me with an accurate description of what is happening. If it says there are no law runes, it's likely because you have none and those are the way the script teleports on ironman accounts. If it is trying to use a ring of wealth, you likely have "Ring of Wealth GE navigation" active in your GUI. Start the script logged in You probably didn't follow the instructions asking you to start at the bank you chose (Ferox Enclave) If you choose a bank in the wilderness, you have to follow the instructions Sure, I'll add it in the next patch
  5. Don’t take Skrill payment on your site? It doesn’t come up as a payable option.
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  7. would it be possible to kill Blue Dragons without Anti Fire? I have an ironman acc which i am trying to gain prayer but it has no anti fire pots yet so the bot just stops because it cant buy them in .g.e
  8. Got fire giants watched it run into the wildnerness with all my gear and no food, idk what that was about lmao using nieve
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