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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Breaker Breaker 04/15/2022 A+ Tensazangetsu Tensazangetsu
Naton Naton 03/15/2022 Used the magic script without a sweat or worry. Easily the best in the (botting) game, would use again if needed. dontgetzapped dontgetzapped
Einstein Einstein 03/08/2022 Basic miner does not bank amethyst, you really need to fix that, i would like a refund. Theultramega1 Theultramega1
Naton Naton 01/29/2022 Naton is legit jacked up on mountain dew (Translation: This guy is awesome.) His scripts work so well and are updated fast! Jlaz Jlaz
Howest User Howest User 11/05/2021 Bought a Barrows account, fast delivery. If all goes well I will definitely come back! Florius Florius
Ark Ark 04/12/2021 Great scripter and very friendly customer service. FreddySpaghetti FreddySpaghetti
Dovis Gold Dovis Gold 01/06/2021 Swapped osrs for rs3 smooth and fast :) Hevylicious Hevylicious
Virt Virt 01/04/2021 Sold gold. Went all smooth. Breaker Breaker
Optimus Optimus 12/26/2020 i love your script. i actually started using it to chin on my pure. set up a script however i noticed when using the teleport option to outpost the script does not actually click to go there only on the necklace. also if you could make a way to have the script use prayer when taking damage while running back. that would make chinning perfectly afkable and viable sdrawkcabsti sdrawkcabsti
ELON ELON 12/24/2020 Worked for hours with me in discord patching bugs in his script, couldn't ask for a more helpful script developer tbh machoflops machoflops
4Thitts 4Thitts 12/17/2020 Sold an account, I went first. pwnisher pwnisher
pwnisher pwnisher 12/17/2020 Bought an account fast and easy! Really recommend this guy a nice dude :) 4Thitts 4Thitts
Madmed Madmed 12/05/2020 Created another account for him. Paid me right after the account was done. Smooth and Fast process. thank you! henrydog12 henrydog12
henrydog12 henrydog12 12/05/2020 Once again, Ruger was super fast and professional and made another account for me :) Madmed Madmed
henrydog12 henrydog12 12/04/2020 Ruger trained an account for me, the dude is a real professional! super fast work and smooth communication. Just made another order with him :) Madmed Madmed
Madmed Madmed 12/04/2020 I went first with training a bot account up for him. He did not bother me throughout the whole process and was very professional. Paid me after the service was complete and in full. Was a pleasure to work with. henrydog12 henrydog12
Virt Virt 09/28/2020 Bought credits from virt and the team many times never had an issue and always a pleasure to deal with diggity diggity
Failed4life Failed4life 09/24/2020 Bought 400m, I went first. Do not hesitate to buy from him. nullopt nullopt
Ark Ark 09/23/2020 Amazing script and fixed a bug report I submitted and was extremely responsive! Great developer and would highly recommend anything this person creates :) ChuckEJesus ChuckEJesus
Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki 09/23/2020 Sold him another 3b osrs, Thank you for choosing us. SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop
SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop 09/23/2020 Purchased 3 bil osrsgp from them no problem and best prices as usual Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki
Virt Virt 09/22/2020 After answering this guy was one of the fastest i've encountered. + Karkki Markku Karkki Markku
SavageRS SavageRS 09/17/2020 Sold us 1241m 07! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
Arctic Arctic 09/17/2020 Great service!!! Thanks a lot!!! suppppley suppppley
Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki 09/13/2020 Sold us 1B OSRS gold. Thanks for choosing us <3 SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop
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