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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Virt Virt 09/28/2020 Bought credits from virt and the team many times never had an issue and always a pleasure to deal with diggity diggity
Failed4life Failed4life 09/24/2020 Bought 400m, I went first. Do not hesitate to buy from him. nullopt nullopt
Ark Ark 09/23/2020 Amazing script and fixed a bug report I submitted and was extremely responsive! Great developer and would highly recommend anything this person creates :) ChuckEJesus ChuckEJesus
Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki 09/23/2020 Sold him another 3b osrs, Thank you for choosing us. SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop
SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop 09/23/2020 Purchased 3 bil osrsgp from them no problem and best prices as usual Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki
Virt Virt 09/22/2020 After answering this guy was one of the fastest i've encountered. + Karkki Markku Karkki Markku
SavageRS SavageRS 09/17/2020 Sold us 1241m 07! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
Arctic Arctic 09/17/2020 Great service!!! Thanks a lot!!! suppppley suppppley
Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki 09/13/2020 Sold us 1B OSRS gold. Thanks for choosing us <3 SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop
SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop 09/13/2020 Sold 1b osrs, great service as usual. Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki
SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop 09/12/2020 Sold them 4500m, legit and fast transaction Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki
Virt Virt 09/11/2020 Done in under 5 minutes from me saying HI! I approve! Gwansky Gwansky
SorenRS SorenRS 09/09/2020 User ordered a specific set of acccounts. Thanks for ordering with us, hope to see you back soon! <3 Howest User Howest User
Howest User Howest User 09/08/2020 Bought 16 accounts with a complex setup - took their team 3-4 days to complete - I paid up front and haven't had a better experience with anyone within the runescape scene! BIG VOUCH and a HUGE recommendation from my side - paid them 115M + Membership :) SorenRS SorenRS
Arctic Arctic 09/02/2020 Great service keep the good work up ItsYounes ItsYounes
SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop 09/01/2020 Sold us 40B 07 previous month! RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki 09/01/2020 Sold us 3800M 07, thank you so much buddy. SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop
SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop 09/01/2020 Sold them 700m for bitcoin, very smooth thanks. Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki
SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop 09/01/2020 Sold them 3.1b OSRSGP for BTC. Went very smoothly Hungryhubraki Hungryhubraki
SavageRS SavageRS 08/28/2020 Sold us 2600M RS3 and 420M 07 RSGM Sales RSGM Sales
RSGM Sales RSGM Sales 08/28/2020 Sold him 2600M RS3 and 420M 07. Easy and fast as always. SavageRS SavageRS
Ark Ark 08/26/2020 Introduced an amazing script to users with very little issues. When suggestions are made or bugs reports, he is very responsive to improve / fix them. cannedsplam cannedsplam
SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop 08/22/2020 Legit, bought like 311m or something over 2 days! +rep GetPoggedOn GetPoggedOn
GetPoggedOn GetPoggedOn 08/22/2020 Sold him 102m 07, thanks bud <3 SammyGoldShop SammyGoldShop
Arctic Arctic 08/19/2020 super quick and easy, TY! tye2539 tye2539
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