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    Greetings fellow botters, After weeks of initial beta testing by a small group of people and a careful candidate release cycle, we feel we're finally ready to make TRiBot 12 our official client. All major bugs have been quashed, and all the features from 11 have been moved over, resulting in the stable but fully featured client we aimed for. With that in mind we're pleased to announce an official release date for TRiBot 12 of November 30th, 2020. We thank you very much for your support, and we hope you are as pleased as we are with the new developments! Frequently Asked Questions What's happening to TRiBot 10 and 11? Now that TRiBot 12 has reached stability, we will be discontinuing TRiBot 10 and 11. Both TRiBot 10 and 11 will be discontinued on December 7th, 2020 What does discontinued mean? It means we will not only not be supporting TRiBot 10 or 11 anymore, but we will be disabling usage of the clients to force the transition to 12. To avoid any interruptions it's recommended to switch to TRiBot 12 before that time Will we still be working on TRiBot 12 after it's release? Of course! All that has changed is that TRiBot 12 is going to be the only version of TRiBot available, instead of TRiBot 10, 11 and 12 all being available. I have other questions, where can I ask them? Please post them here or on Discord, we'd be happy to answer them! All the best, The TRiBot Staff
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    Yo, I've written a IntelliJ plugin to directly add TRiBot specific features to your IDE. Right now, the main feature is a script packer that packs all your files into a .zip that can be uploaded to the repository. It's smart enough to only pack the files that your script actually uses. There is no project setup required, all settings are read from your IDE. I got some ideas more directly related to script writing which will be added later. More description on the product page: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/15366-tribot-tools-by-laniax Installation: Click the 'Install to IDE' button on the web page above. or Open the Plugins menu in IntelliJ IDEA, then search for 'tribot' and it'll show up. Screenshots:
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    This script support : 1-Plague City 2-Biohazard 3-Underground Pass 4-Regicide Requirements: 51+ agility 25+ range 13+ magic Script is found here: https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts/products/oneclickregicide Please suggest any thing u wan me change or add i am open to all suggestions.
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    Update: Now that the new repository and TRiBot 12 are out, we've had time to continue working on TRiBot X. Here's our current progress with the UI: The UI will be mostly complete within the coming weeks. We're also working on the API which is much better organized than our current API. It will also be mostly complete within the coming weeks. Our current timeline puts an official release in the second quarter of 2021 with betas and release candidates along the way. We've extended the timeline to ensure a flawless final product.
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    Love the analogy I used to think of them as: TRiBot 10 - Windows 7 TRiBot 11 - Windows 8 TRiBot 12 - Windows 10 And TRiBot X would be some Operating System developed by aliens. Good job with the development boys! I highly encourage everyone to switch to TRiBot 12 as soon as possible.
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    Hello Everyone, Recently, I created a couple gradle project templates that can be used to start scripting with Tribot 12. Features: Automatically uses the latest tribot JAR. No config needed. Has automated tasks for: Compiling script to the .tribot/bin folder Deleting the bin Packaging your script as a .zip for repository upload Has a run configuration for debugging your script in Tribot. Prerequisites: At least know what Gradle is IntelliJ IDEA An understand of how scripting for Tribot already works Links: Single script template: https://github.com/WBScripting/tribot-script-template Multi script template: https://github.com/WBScripting/multi-script-template Video: Note: The error I got near the end of the video while building has since been fixed via the template FAQ Q: Can I add other gradle/maven dependencies from the internet? A: No. Those dependencies will not get properly built or packaged correctly to run in Tribot Q: Is this required to script for Tribot? A. No, it's simply a convenience tool
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    Update: I've ran this script a few times now, major pog. Absolutely outstanding and efficient script, flawless, Dentist is King.
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    10 was legendary, 11 was the semi-lovely side-chick you take out to dinner at McDonalds, and 12 is just the bomb in terms of CPU/RAM performance. Thanks for all the hard work and constant support . I personally can't wait to see what Tribot X has to offer.
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    TRiBot 12 Release Candidate The TRiBot team has been hard at work creating the last major version of TRiBot before the TRiBot X release. We've noticed many problems with TRiBot 11 with a lot of users preferring TRiBot 10 over 11. We've heard you, so we took TRiBot 10, added the new features introduced with 11, introduced some other new things, and created TRiBot 12. So without further adieu, here's TRiBot 12. Java 15 TRiBot 12 moves away from the old and dated Java 8 to the latest version of Java - Java 15! Benefits to users: Improved performance Script writers can use the latest Java language features Smaller installer size Gradle Launcher TRiBot 12 kills the dated TRiBot Loader in favour of using Gradle for version management and release distribution. The login now directly uses our Auth0 integration for better security and reliability. Benefits to users: Faster updates - it is now much easier and quicker for our developers to publish updates More reliable login flow - no more CloudFlare problems during login More reliable dependency management - we spend more time providing valuable updates and less time managing our dependencies Note: The TRiBot Installer/Launcher does not keep a Gradle daemon process running for those who are wondering. Modularization TRiBot 12 starts our modularization journey. This means we've begun splitting up our codebase into separate modules. Benefits to users: Faster updates - we can create more frequent, smaller updates because the codebase for each module is smaller Increased reliability - de-coupling of our software components mean bugs will occur less often and will be less complex and therefore easier to fix FAQ How do you use Looking Glass with TRiBot 12? TRiBot 12 only supports launching Looking Glass through the TRiBot client and at this time only supports OpenOSRS (https://openosrs.com/). Make sure you download the .jar version of OpenOSRS and have the GPU plugin disabled. RuneLite support is in the works and is in its final stages of development. OSBuddy does not support Java 15 and is no longer supported unless it is updated. How do you launch TRiBot 12 from the CLI? You will need to use TRiBot's gradle launcher (https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-gradle-launcher). Currently the README is outdated, so check back again within the next couple of days for updated guidelines on how to use the TRiBot gradle launcher. A large TRiBot logo appears and nothing happens? When you first launch TRiBot, all of TRiBot's dependencies must be downloaded. As long as the TRiBot logo is being displayed, TRiBot is working correctly. Wait for the logo to disappear and then the TRiBot login or client should display. The dependencies are cached so this process will be much faster after the first time you launch TRiBot. My accounts, break profiles, and/or proxies are missing? You can import your old accounts, break profiles, and proxies using the legacy importer tools under the Tools menu. Full Changelog User Interface Changes Add TRiBot Light and TRiBot Dark themes Remove all old themes Lite Mode now uses the system's default styling Remove all outdated or non-functional settings, features, and debugs Add search to Interface explorer Add Settings/VarBits explorer Add item selection state debug Add join discord menu item Display proxy port and break profile in tab information Fix store and VIP links Add args label to script selector Add tools to import old account data, proxies, and break profiles Internal Client Changes Remove use of SLF4J Store client settings, accounts, proxies, and break profiles as JSON Add basis to breaks (more details below) Update hook finders Add --lgpath and --lgdelay args (launch Looking Glass via CLI) Prevent double clicking when an item or spell is selected Replace non-standard whitespace in character names Check if tile is loaded when calculating if it's on screen Remove real integer calculations from RSGEOffer Remove scripter requirement from Script#setAIAntibanState Add catches for RSItem and RSGroundItem to RSMenuNode#correlatesTo Log unconsumed exceptions to file Fix bank pins starting with 0 Prevent IllegalMonitorStateException exceptions from spamming logger Prevent NullPointerException from RSItem#getArea Increase clicking new point hover chance Replace incorrect use of General#sleep with Sleeping#sleep Add retries to world list fetch calls Fix longstanding RSObject ID resolution bug Add local third party jar loading Add remote script loading Add bot's focus handler to the game canvas' focus listener Launch using gradle Add Auth0 and Project Loon login Add Java 15 support Rework CLI and Client Starter to work with gradle Add Looking Glass Java 15 support Update Install4J to use gradle Removed --mem cli arg (change the heap size through gradle) Add automation client Add support for external repo files Fix X11Toolkit class cast exception Fix LG OpenOSRS/RuneLite typing JVM crash API Additions (View the java docs for usage guidelines) Script#getScriptVersion General#println(Object o, Color foreground) General#println(Object o, Color foreground, Color background) General#getProxyName General#setProxy GameTab#getSwitchPreferrence GameTab#setSwitchPreferrence Login#getLoginTimeout Login#setLoginTimeout Login#getTooManyLoginAttemptsTimeout Login#setTooManyLoginAttemptsTimeout WorldHopper#getWorldHopperTimeout WorldHopper#setWorldHopperTimeout Game#getFps Break Manager Changes Introduction of Basis, the measurement of time that the break is based off of 3 options: Script Start, Previous Break, System Time Script Start: breaks are based on the time since the script was started Previous Break: breaks are based on the time since the previous break, uses the script start time if no previous breaks have occurred System Time: breaks are based off of your system clock (24 hour format) Script#getNextBreakTime will sometimes return -1 during a break due to next break calculations not occurring until after the current break has finished Final Notes Thank go out to @Encoded, @Wastedbro, and @Fluffee for their copious amount of hard work with development. Thanks goes out to @Rileyz for his hard work with marketing. Download TRiBot 12 and start using it today! Thank you all for your patience and support in making TRiBot the best it can be!
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    Got 99 no problem. Took 8 days I have a small suggestion for the script. It would be nice if it didn't run back to try to woodcut the roots when the WT boss is at 1-2%. It ends up just running over there, then the game ends and it runs back to the brazier. I dont think many humans would do that consistently.
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    I'll be taking over this thread, YouWinThese is an alt I made when I forgot my Auth0 email login, but I got it back now, and will retire YouWinThese. Update, I have about 10 accounts over 20m XP Thanks to @Einstein for providing a script with incredible reliability, his scripts can be ran for a week straight 24/7, without issues when gold farming. Another shout-out to @Dentist for his Questing script, absolutely outstanding, the most advance script I've seen in my life, and his turn-around on fixing bugs is ridiculously quick, he has to send out 1-2 script updates a day at least, never seen dedication like this man before. I also started a few Agility accounts for old time's sake (thanks @Aropupu), and bought an auth of OneClickRegicide for "Shits n' giggles" as they say. From what I've seen so far, @Dentist, @Einstein, and @Aropupu are by far the best scriptwriters in the botting industry, not just Tribot, and their products are the gold standard for what one should expect in reliability, quality, customization, customer support, etc. I recommend any products they offer. I have about 20 accounts actively making money right now, 8 on my main PC doing other various tasks in preparation, as some of the free to play accounts that I started leveling on, started seeing bans around 70, and it's too much effort to maintain that compared to my new method. Seeing average 1-1.5 bans a day. Most bots are 2 accounts to 1 proxy. Making about 75mGP a day. Hoping to ramp up to 300+ accounts if all goes well with a mixture of botting methods. Got a lot of bonds right now for more accounts. Have made around $300 USD so far to my PayPal, and have around 100m in Runescape assets, as I'm constantly reinvesting right now, while my costs are paid for, and then some.
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    Welcome to the Optimus Puro Puro public beta I've been developing the script over the past few weeks and I feel it's now completely stable and ready for public release. But before it goes premium I'd like to get some feedback / suggestions / testing from the public, so if you're interested in accessing and testing the script for FREE then keep on reading. Optimus Puro Puro is a script designed to efficiently hunt Implings in the Puro Puro minigame. Implings are an excellent form of income for accounts with high hunter, making them an extremely viable goldfarming method. Alternatively they can be gathered and opened on ironmen accounts to obtain some hard-to-get items such as 3rd-Age! Requirements: Lost city quest complete Start the script in Zanaris / Puro Puro with a Butterfly / Magic butterfly net equipped. (Magic butterfly net gives about ~7.8% higher catch rate). High enough hunter to catch desired implings. 50+ Magic and 83+ hunter are highly recommended for maximum profit. A decent stock of impling jars in your bank. Runes for bind/snare/entangle (highly recommended). As a beta tester, I am hoping you will provide me will valuable feedback and bug reports. Please keep me updated in the beta-testing discord: https://discord.gg/UVX27qMX6y Optimal settings: Run the script in re-sizable mode with the camera zoomed out to maximize efficiency. If you're in resizable mode, please make sure you chat box is visible and game filtering is off! The script uses the server messages to increase efficiency. Magic butterfly net gives about ~7.8% higher catch rate. The following settings should be used for maximum profit. Features: Hunts all types of implings from Baby>Lucky. Electic impling spawn trapping. A great source of money & clue scrolls. Auto-enables when you're only hunting eclectics. Navigates efficiently through the Puro Puro maze, using advanced pathfinding methods to calculate the fastest route. Bind/Snare/Entangle to freeze the imps in place, making them easier to catch. (Optional, but highly recommended). Worldhopping after x amount of time without finding an imp. Customizeable search lane. (4 is recommended for maximum vision). Logs out when out of impling jars in your bank, or you're out of runes with magic enabled. Jar exchanging / Jar generator support (coming soon). Energy / stamina potion support (coming soon). User friendly JavaFX GUI and a simple paint overlay that tracks progress. To gain access to the beta, simply activate the script from the TRiBot Repository (VIP Required). Once you've activated the script, please private message me on my discord server and I will grant you access. (Links below). Script repository link: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3709 Beta testing discord link: https://discord.gg/UVX27qMX6y Thanks for reading!
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    A Pro's Guide to the Ultimate Botting Success (For Users AND Scriptwriters) Part 2. Pretext: To start, this guide will re-iterate much of the last guide, in a more (hopefully) clear fashion. Along with some new updated knowledge. This guide will cover many ways users can improve their success with botting, and will cover how scriptwriters can improve many common issues I see in scripts. I have been botting for over ten years now, with great success. I have recently gotten back into botting, and am aiming to ramp up to the most I ever have in my career. I am currently at the time of posting running two servers with Intel Xeon Core processors, with 25 accounts roughly on each server, with another 4-5 constantly active on my main PC preparing to bot more. I have the capabilities to run up to 10 physical servers, and aim to get there if all goes well. I am sharing this information, because I believe it will give many users onto an insight to why they pressed "start", came back 24 hours later, and got banned, and how they can avoid that the next time. I'm also writing this guide so scriptwriters can pickup on some key features they're missing, that they may not think are important, but will lead to a much better product in the end. This guide applies to people looking to run just one or two accounts, but also (and mainly), people looking to run bulk accounts. Whatever your goal is, pick and choose whatever suits yourself. It is important to note, I have very little insider information from Jagex. My information is sourced from personal experience, talking to many communities throughout the years, many of which no longer exist, and much is speculation. I may be right, or wrong on many things, but I feel I have a strong enough grasp on how things work, that I can confidently share this information, with faith most of it is accurate. Needless to say, most of the information in this article is subjective opinion. If you think I'm wrong, no worries, happy to discuss anything in the comments. Here is my current account I'm working on, besides my bot farm: Jagex's Bot-Detection System (How I think it works): Jagex's bot-detection system (in my opinion) works off a series of flags, levels, and "elevations". I believe there are invisible Jagex Moderators paid to "Flag" or "Escalate" accounts, for advanced view by the "system". From years of trial and error, I notice patterns. When you first start a basic bot-farm (example fishing, woodcutting, etc), even if you have a good premium, or private script, with good randomization, there is still a good chance, that between a week and a month from when you start botting, you'll start to see a lot more bans, than when you first started. This I believe is due to Jagex's data collection. The game collects much data that is unknown to the public, and in my opinion, it collects data such as how many shrimp are fished in Lumbridge swamp, how many willows are cut in Draynor village, etc. I believe that there are certain flags in place, where across all worlds, if a certain threshold of resources are gathered, for lack of better explanation, it triggers a flag in the Jagex system, for a Jagex Moderator to scout worlds invisible, flagging accounts they think are bots, for further review. That being said, of course I think most bans, primarily come from a nearly fully automated system. Any accounts banned by the system will be "Macroing Minor", or "Macroing Major". Any accounts reviewed manually by a Jagex staff member (likely the system thought they were a bot, but could not fully verify (probably 5-10% of botting bans)), will have a "Bot Busting" Minor/Moderate/Major ban. I do not believe Jagex Moderators directly ban accounts in game while invisible. That being said, I think if your account is botting, and a Jagex moderator comes by invisibly and "flags" or "escalates" your account, in my opinion, your account is likely done for. I think the "flag" or "escalation" as aforementioned, works by placing the accounts on "levels", that are temporary. I have a not completely certain belief also, but fairly certain belief that it goes as following; The first level is normal, human, nothing special. One up, "level two", is a semi-unimportant level, where after a player repeatedly clicks on something a bit longer than usual, is stuck moving, doesn't move camera or moves it in bot-like manner, or other "flags"/"escalations" are triggered. I believe this to be a basic system, like mouse delays theoretically are. I think that it simply looks for flags based primarily off time, possibly actions, then puts them up to "level two". After this, I think there may be a separate anti-cheat system, more advanced, that looks deeper into how the account is actively playing (I don't think it compares past play history/style to present in its analysis). I think this "level three" system, has the ability to ban accounts it thinks are bots, after it analyzes play-style. I think there's not a specific time-frame on the analysis + ban, but I believe for obvious botting plays like spam clicking something, someone has no purpose spam clicking, it can be as quick as 10 minutes to be detected and banned, basic botting on a bad script with poor anti-ban roughly 30-120 minutes for detection, and a quality script, hours, to possibly never, depending on the configuration the user setup. Jagex will not ban all bots they find, due to the fact bots pay a massive amount of membership, and bring more money to Jagex than take, but they still must maintain the persona that they're anti-bot, and cannot let the game fall fully into ruin, so they will ban a percentage, and leave some unbanned. Jagex also must have the mindset that they should not ban a single legitimate player with their system, because that could, and likely would, be a PR nightmare. I believe if the system has any "clear indication" in its "flag" or "escalation" logic, that an account isn't a bot, or it can't absolutely verify with all the needed flags, it will not ban the player, due to the fact they "have to be safe, rather than sorry". That being said, I believe that if the system is near absolutely-certain an account is a bot, but one flag will not trigger, and the account has been running suspect for a while, it is forwarded to "level 4", for manual review by a Jagex staff member (Likely this will be the Bot busting ban, rarely macroing major). I believe a large part of determining if an account will receive macroing minor, or macroing major, is primarily based off of if it runs detected for more than 16 hours straight, how many accounts are being run on the IP address, and how far the account is. I know for a fact that the amount of playtime, is not a factor Jagex takes into account when looking into bots. Breaks are a complete waste of PC resources, and time, when botting. Why Tribot Over Others? There are many different bots available, and in my opinion, Tribot, is the best in functionality, which matters the most to me. I'm not sure if this still holds true, but last I checked a few months ago, OSBot for comparison, did not support middle-mouse camera movement whatsoever still. Tribot has had this for years. Tribot's developers are striving constantly to update the bot itself. I'm ignorant to Tribot X, but it's some big project they're working on to advance things further, Tribot 12 was released recently too, which runs very stable, uses very little CPU (massively important when bot farming), and has very functional GUI. You can access what you need quickly (Disable graphics, block user input, start/stop/pause script), you can configure things to be more efficient (I lower RAM usage to 386MB from 512MB, enable "Lite mode"). Tribot has a strict application process that vets any premium scriptwriters, and it's easier to be denied than accepted. Tribot may lack in the quantity of scripts compared to other bots, but the scripts it does have, are very professionally made, and maintained as one would expect. Tribot has a policy in place to protect buyers of scripts if a scriptwriter does not update & fix bugs as they should for a paid product as such. It's obvious that those on Tribot like @TRiLeZ, @Einstein, @Dentist, @Optimus, @Aropupu, @Laniax, etc, are dedicated to the products they provide, and in my humble opinion, they're miles ahead of scripters on OSBot, RuneMate, and other bots. The staff on the Tribot moderation team seem much more humble, patient, and professional, than the staff I've seen on other sites to. Tribot's development team actively pushing the technology further, with makes for a much higher quality product. How to properly start botting; Whatever you're looking to bot, there's some basic principals you should be following. To start, I typically look for a script that has been updated within the last month. Some scriptwirters may argue that "Nothing has broke, my code is flawless!". That may be an accurate case, in some statements, but more often than not, when I trust that argument from them, I find bugs, or not-working features. A recently updated script ensures new features are being added (even small anti-ban tweaks to keep things fresh), and bugs are being fixed. Sure a scriptwriter may push a fake update to just make it look recently update, but I have more faith in the Tribot script developers than to do that. Next up, no free scripts. Now that that's out of the way, since Tribot has limited quantity of scripts, this may not be an issue, but in case it ever is, if you see two different scripts of the same category (two fishers for example), look at the description of the scripts. Which scriptwriter has more information on the features of the script? Go to the Tribot Premium Scripts sub-forum. Which scriptwriter has a better thread on their script? Which scriptwriter is responding to, and fixing recent bug reports on the most recent comments on their script's thread? Take all of these into account, when making a purchase decision. If both scripts look equal in quality based off the aforementioned, I typically used to go by the "Active user count", and go with the script that had less active users, as it has less people using that scripts specific anti-ban configuration, which in some cases, may reduce bans noticeably. At the time of posting this, you can no longer see this in the store, so just go with whatever script you find is best based off research. I also at the time of posting just found out script trials were removed. (mods if you change(d) this and are reading this PM me i'll update thread, imo, not the best idea), The main thing you should look for in a script is configurability. You want a script that has the maximum amount of changeable settings, from mouse speed, to how often the camera moves, how the camera is moved, modification to the ABC2 delay, etc. An ideal script lets the user manually configure and tweak as many settings as possible. Some scriptwriters argue that "Tribot generates it's own unique anti-ban profile..." bla bla. The uniquely randomized anti-ban profiles of anti-bot, can only go so far, and to force certain variables in certain ways, can allow for randomization in different ways, that in my experience, leads to a much better result when it comes to not being banned. If you're running multiple accounts, it's ideal to have a different configuration with manual variables, every roughly 5-10 accounts, to keep patterns more unique. Whenever you start botting, you should start with once instance of the script, on one account. Find a time that you can watch a TV show, do some work and check the PC every 15-30 minutes, or something like that, and run the script. Check to see if there's any bugs, if so, report them to the scriptwriter. You should never buy a script, press start, and come back 6 hours later, for the first time you run the script only. After you verify it works, run it for as long as you want. I believe that getting around 20 quest points will help keep an account more "under the radar" in the Jagex anti-ban system. It's best to avoid having multiple accounts botting in the same world, if possible (although I run 50+ accounts so that can be difficult sometimes). It's also better to log into lower population worlds, with the lowest ping relevant to your location, for maximum efficiency. If you have one account you want to max, manual intervention goes a very long way. Every few hours pause the script, move the camera around, click a skill guide, etc. I run the account I'm trying to max 24/7, with no manual intervention other than typing in chat. I believe purchasing membership with a credit card or PayPal yeilds a higher chance at a temporary ban, over purchasing with bonds or Twitch. I don't think it has anything to do with how much the Jagex system looks into the account though, just the consideration on punishment. Do not bot Tutorial Island, as I believe accounts are monitored heavily there, and I've had much greater success on accounts I did Tutorial Island manually on. Things you should configure in a script if possible (Scriptwriters please consider implementation, applicable to all scripts, Users take note); *Note, these should all be optional, with the assumption "Let Tribot Decide" still exists. Some of the below may seem extremely silly, or minor, but if the assumption that Jagex's system uses flags is true, we want as much randomization in the script as possible. Such a stupid feature as "Scrolling through quests", could be something that no other script does, and completely throws off the Jagex system. It's worth configuring anything you can. This isn't a complete list of configurable anti-ban's, only a suggested list that be configurable/configured. Variables (X resenting a configurable number): -Mouse speed X to X (Script variable up and down between the two) -Slider (starts in middle, default position) to modify how often Tribot moves the camera (5 options left and right each direction, to reduce/increase the frequency of camera movement). ( +/-1 50% more/less, +/-2 100% more/less, +/-3 150% more/less, +/-4 200% more/less, +/-5 250% more/less ) -Slider (starts in middle, default position) to modify how Tribot ABC2 delays are handeled (5 options left and right each direction, to reduce/increase the length of delays). ( +/-1 50% more/less, +/-2 100% more/less, +/-3 150% more/less, +/-4 200% more/less, +/-5 250% more/less ) Shout-out to @Aropupu and his aAgility script for having this function in a very similar form. -Scroll camera in/out X to X clicks every X to X second(s) -Keep camera zoom within X clicks of original camera zoom -Move mouse off-screen every X to X seconds -Scroll through Quests randomly every X to X minutes (ideally this would just click a random spot on quest tab, or achievement tab, or click list of mini-games if that tab is open, and just "look" at them for a brief second). -Turn on Run at X to X percent -WorldHop every X to X minutes -Worldhop when X players or more nearby -Go AFK (in a safe area only) every X to X minutes for X to X seconds -Switch music tracks (only unlocked ones, randomly) every X to X minutes -Join X Clan chat and message every X to X minutes (This would in theory join one of your bots private clan chats, and send random messages from a list of messages the user can customize) -End script after X minutes of not being able to complete expected action On/Off Toggles: -Moving mouse off-screen does not interrupt script actions (Only use when idle, click back to game as soon as/before action happens) -Option to use Middle-Mouse camera movement only, Keyboard only, or both -Use "Escape" key to close interfaces (Script should detect if setting not on, and enable it, if this is enabled) -Shift drop, with pattern options (Vertical, Horizontal, Zig-Zag vertical, Zig-Zag horizontal, Bottom-top Zig-Zag Vertical, etc) (Script should detect if setting not on, and enable it, if this is enabled) -Use "Function" (F) keys to change through menus -Disable Camera movement -Only hop to ✓(USA) ✓(UK)✓(GERMAN)✓(AUSTRALIAN) ✓(P2P) ✓(F2P) worlds (toggle which worlds it will hop to on/off) (Script should detect total level and only hop to those worlds if requirement is met) -World-hop when someone speaks -Use Stamina potions when running -Use ✓(Runes) ✓Teleport Tablets ✓(Rune pouch has all runes?) to teleport (This setting the three are toggle-able, and when teleport to varrock/camelot/falador/lumby etc is done, it will do via the selected method(s)) -Hover next action (if applicable) Private Scripts: Private scripts are a gold ticket to success in the botting world, if done right, and if money is put out to maintain them. A private script, for those ignorant, is a botting script that you pay a scriptwriter to write for you, and typically only you. The cost for a basic shark fisher with banking support may be around $200.00USD, something like a fully automated Zulrah script with gold-farming and Grand Exchange support could range upwards of $3,000.00USD or more. If you're considering on making a long-term bot farm, that you hope to make profit from, a private script is worth every penny. Whether it's fishing or Zulrah, a private script will almost always make its money back, if you specify what you want well, and have a competent scriptwriter make one. I have explored having "friends that know java" try to take a look at Tribot, and it's not worth it. If you want a private script, pay for an official Premium scriptwriter on Tribot to make one. You're not paying some Venezuelan to do a quest for you, the upfront cost will be substantial, because you are paying for a professional to go completely out of the way for your benefit. Working politely with a premium scriptwriter will yield you the best results. Proxies: Proxies are a benefit if you are running multiple accounts. Jagex will not directly ban you for playing 12 accounts on one IP, but it will absolutely make their system look into the accounts like a hawk. I have had a friend banned who was playing 15 accounts at once legitimately (crazy friend who played 16 hours a day, he never botted, not one of those "he said he didn't" stories. I run some accounts one account to one IP address, and many accounts two accounts two an IP. Even at two accounts to an IP, I see a very slight increase in bans, so I suggest no more than two accounts to one IP. Purchase your proxies from a reputable source, I personally use Virmach.com for proxies, their website is absolutely one of the most terribly designed i've seen in my life, and the web developers should be shot, but their proxies work great, at a fair price in the end. Don't look for cheap sketchy proxies, a private socks5 proxy will cost around $2-$4/month. In Conclusion: The best way to be successful when botting, is to differentiate yourself from the rest. Take the time initially to figure things out. Test a script, watch it for a bit to make sure it doesn't error out, and configure options to make the accounts run in a unique fashion. Communicate with the scriptwriters, on Tribot, from my experience, the scriptwriters are completely open to hearing about bugs, and do their best to fix them in a reasonable timeframe. Don't waste your time with breaks at all, use proxies, etc. That's enough for now, so please feel free to ask any questions in the comments, or simply leave your thoughts if you'd like Have a fantastic day y'all. Thanks, CyberWizard
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    you dont have to u can kill it instantly from instances manager https://repo.tribot.org/user_panel/instance_manager/
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    Does this help? : ) Then, Type your proxy information into the first empty box. Click one box, type info, press enter, next box. Once you move to the second line, a third one will automatically be created, etc, so you can add them infinitely. Thanks,
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    @Ark Any plans for barrage/burst support in the Catacombs of Kourend? Script works well btw
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    I'll see what I can do Thanks for the feedback "When the account runs out of shantay passes instead of going to buy more at the shantay pass the script ends" This is on purpose to prevent script loops - just buy enough Shantay Passes to run the script for as long as you need. I don't want to re-add using money to buy Shantay passes, as there are rare situations where you end up with a full inventory and will be unable to buy a Shantay pass with coins (since the Shantay pass can't go into your inventory), leading to a loop. " When switching between prayer/ normal combat gear i was using a glory which was set as a glory (4) and a stole for pray tasks, the glory became used so it was a glory (3) and it kept using the stole for the next non-prayer tasks" The script doesn't support items that change IDs in the equipment slot, because they become a different item (in your case, a Glory (3)) to what you selected in the GUI. I'll add a message in the GUI toi clarify this, but just use an uncharged glory and you won't have any issues. "The script often tries to loot other players loot which it obviously cannot and makes it look pretty bot like when the ironman keeps running over the same pile of wyvern bones and it cant pick them up" The script's Ironman looting system relies on blacklisting tiles after trying to loot. There's no reliable way of me detecting specific drops you can loot, due to the way items are dropped by large monsters. It's not ideal, but I have ironman users that are reaching very high Slayer levels with no ban issues, so I am not concerned. The script shouldn't be trying to loot Wyvern bones though - I'd strongly advise using Ironman Loot table in the looting options. If you aren't seeing red tiles appear after trying to loot an item and being unable to, then please make sure you have "Game" chat on "During gargoyle tasks, even though i have bought the auto-smasher, told the script I have the auto-smasher, it still brings the rock-hammer and tries to smash every gargoyle" Can you send me your debug and I can see what's happening for you - are you sure you have Gargoyle Smashed selected in the GUI? There's literally no way for this to happen with the box checked. "Wyrm tasks arent classed as magic-melee tasks which i think they should be, need to slap on the black d'hide" I'll make them magic-melee tasks for users who are not using Prayer - otherwise, the script usually prays mage for Wyrms, so it's not worth doing. "Ability to re charge prayer at an alter of choice would be great between tasks instead of wasting pray pots " Use Ferox Enclave banking for this It uses the pool of replenishment to recharge prayer and HP in between tasks. Either that or you can use the House option to replenish in your own pool^ "Ability to use ardy cloak -> fairy ring instead of needing necklaces of passage" I'll consider this in the future, I'll be taking a look at teleporting again at some point to optimise it. This should help: In other news... Pushed patch V2.80: - Addressed DaxWalker issues - Will now wait longer after the first 3 attempts to contact the server, giving time for the server to respond - Added a location reset failsafe to prevent errors relating to teleporting locations - Modified some logging to make what is happening more obvious to users and clear up any confusion regarding task choosing - Added some clarity to the GUI regarding degradable items in Equipment Loadouts - Wyrms tasks are now considered as Magic Melee if you are not using Prayer
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    Sounds good! How are you with the profits and bans atm?
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    Just want to say Laniax added me on discord and helped me figure out my problem, I recommend this script to any one!
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    Here is the TRiBot API: http://www.docs.tribot.org/tribot/latest/ Make sure to save it as a bookmark if you are writing scripts on a regular basis, since you will need to review it quite frequently. Note: The two most common errors that are caused by incorrectly using the API are NullPointerException and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. Both are fairly similar, and roughly speaking, they are caused by trying to access a memory space that doesn't exist. All API methods that can return null must have their return value cached and checked before being used as a valid reference. All API methods that return an array must be length-checked before attempting to access any elements of the array. This would be specified on the last line in the method documentation: Keep scripting, keep botting, The TRiBot Team
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    This is calculated as an anti-profiling measure to make no 2 accounts run the script in the same way. Some accounts will take super anti-x, others will take regular ones, even the numbers taken is profiled to your account. It's all designed to prevent bans - I'd rather sacrifice some efficiency in the name of safety This is a Tribot client issue - it is probably worth going here: https://repo.tribot.org/user_panel/instance_manager/ And cancelling any instances you have running, if you do. If not, restart the client and clear hooks/cache. If neither of those work, then contact support (sorry, I don't manage instances).
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    Tribot just updated to Tribot 12 so there is no longer a .tribot/dependencies folder. You see how to setup a gradle project from here
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    for LG (VIP-E) it will add up meaning if u bought vip now u will have 32 days of vip-e for scripts u will have 2 instances 1 which will end after 12 day and the 2nd one will end after 1 month starting the sec u buy it
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    Hi Id like to report a bug, ever since the new update the xp/h calculator has been way off. Im fishing on my other account over at fly fishing at lvl 53 it says i get 970xp/h and sometimes 430xp/h which is way off. Sincerely orbital244
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    Mate, you've got some of the cleanest scripting I've ever seen. Good stuff.
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    No ETA yet, but it's coming soon in a huge update! You arent missing something, unfortunately free script trials were removed with the new store and replaced by a 1$/1day option.
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    @CyberWizard Awesome, thanks for the shout out, and congratulations on your achievements!
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    I don't even have any accounts ready yet to do it, but fuck it, bought an auth. @Dentist is an amazing script writer. Can't wait to try this out.
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    Replaced by 1 day purchase I believe. What do you need to test?
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    I specified the local ip of the running websocket server on 2 pcs. The one that the websocketserver is running on has tribot connecting to it just fine. The other pc doesn't connect or print anything about it in the debug. I know you recommended to have a local websocketserver on every pc that in turn communicates with a farm manager but I'd like to not do this and don't see why this would be neccesary (but the advantages you listed are noted). I think this is a bug and would very much like to see it fixed. Could you test it yourself with 2 machines @Wastedbro? //UPDATE When launching clients through farmaton is suddenly works. I'll do some more investigating and let you know the result.
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    Legend thanks mate this worked perfectly
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    Definitely going to give this a go, thanks for you effort! Im still a noob with Gradle, but this will help me out for sure.
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    I'm about 3 hours into this script ownership Holy shit, this is a good script. Had a few minor bugs at the beginning , but it's plowing through quests very efficiently now. Good stuff. Script writer definitely a genius.
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    Works flawlessly, great script
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    gz if u can add agility training it then big pog
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    it is a bug related to dax walker i reported it to fails and waiting for response
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    10/10 insane script
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    I personally suggest not botting more than 4 hours per day to be safe. This script has a very low ban rate if used sensibly. Looks like an issue with DaxWalker creating a path to Ice Trolls. I'll have a word with Fals and see whether this is a new bug, as this path was working before. Should be fixed soon enough, sorry. It should work on any other task in the meantime. It supports DFS, just make sure it is the only antifire shield in your bank (just sell your antifire shield) Bank pin is handled by the client, not the script. You need to input your bank pin into the client for the script to handle it (add your account to the account manager).
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    Bloody Outstanding!
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    Post here only if you need help writing TRiBot scripts, or you have other programming related inquiries. Script issues If you are having problems with one of the scripts you've purchased, please find its thread here, post you comment, and wait for the script's author to reply (usually < 24 hours). Please make sure to fully read the OP (original post - the first post of the script's thread) before asking any questions, as it usually contains plenty of helpful information and instructions on how to use the script. If you've purchased a script and it doesn't show up in the client, please follow those instructions: https://community.tribot.org/topic/83131-purchased-scripts-not-showing-up/ Client issues If you experience issues with the TRiBot client, and those issues don't seem to be specific to a certain script, please post your concerns here: https://community.tribot.org/forum/126-bot-help/ Thank you, The TRiBot Team
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    Have you purchased scripts from the new store and they don't appear in the client when you try to run a script? Please make sure to restart the client and wait for at least 15 minutes. If the issue persists after you've already done this, please report this problem by following those simple steps: Step 1: If you haven't already, please join our Discord: https://discord.gg/Kftdvb9Xku Step 2: Click the "create-ticket" channel: Step 3: Click this small icon to create a ticket: Step 4: Once the ticket is open, please only write the following three things: "Missing scripts after purchasing them." The transaction ID of the script that is missing A link to your TRiBot forums profile Example: We will solve the issue in a timely manner, so you can resume botting as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, The TRiBot team.
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    Thank you sir for such a clear explanation. I understand now, and will take your suggestion of using 512MB for each individual Tribot client. Have a great day!
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    It's the maximum heap memory available to the JVM - all open tabs will compete for this resource. Please note that the actual amount of memory used (displayed in the Task Manager) may slightly exceed this value, since the JVM has additional memory overhead other than the heap. I would recommend using at least 512MB for every client that has one tab open.
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    You have some big balls dude. Keep us posted if you get hit with the banhammer.
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    Got some help on the Discord For anyone else wondering, the graphics API used by RuneLite isn't exposed in the TRiBot API currently. However the fishing spot NPC's model has a different number of vertices normally compared to when it has a flying fish in it. Here's my code if anyone wants to copy: /** * Check if a fishing spot has a flying fish in it. * * @param spot fishing spot to check * @return {@code true} if fishing spot has a flying fish, {@code false} otherwise */ private boolean hasFlyingFish(RSNPC spot) { return spot.getModel().getPoints().length != 4536; }
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