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    After my character tans the hides the cursor just sits there and the bot does nothing...everything else works fine. Anyone know what going on or how to fix this? Thanks for any help!
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    Could I request a timer similar to FTW's fisher where you can have it stop at a certain time? I stopped running my account at night and haven't been banned since. And I would ALWAYS get them banned while sleeping. Never had a ban during the day.
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    Usa is releasing a spider web cutting bot.
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    Web-Walking-Bot, static movement?
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    First of all, I'd like to say the RuneScape® 07 client hasn't been updated since June 6 2013 - only the cache has been updated. The recent bans have not been caused by client detection. Jagex is working hard on making their BotWatch system perfect, so I'm guessing that is the reason for the high amount of bans. The BotWatch system analyzes the player's actions for repetitive tasks. If botters do the same task for hours on end with no breaks, flags will be raised in the bot detection system.
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    lmao i laughed when i read this
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    Looks good, this is how I solved it.
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    So as stated before, why are there complete goldfarms still running without any bans while using Tribot?
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    randoms happen like every 5-10 mins on 2007, would you really want all that spam?
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