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    I've implemented groundclicking when idle to my private script, and I've stopped being sent to bot worlds as a result. I did this because I noticed Tribot never walks anywhere by clicking on the ground, it only walks with the minimap. That struck me as detectable, so I added this functionality. I would suggest trying it yourself if you are a scripter/farmer, and I suggest it be added to the official ABC score calculator.
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    Great suggestion! I'll add it to ABC.
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    Get your favorite IDE, get the TRiBot jar, get VIP (You need VIP to run local scripts, which you'd be using to test your script), and finally check this section: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/43-scripting-tutorials/
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    24 hours isn't enough time. It's been at least 5 days since you've raised the issue and there has been no attempts of a reasonable solution.Source: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/28912-read-before-posting-here/
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    I see you are all in on this, I'd like a reply to this, and then I will be satisfied and leave. Smoke420, posted a dispute of an offsite scammer. One that actually happened in 2010. The person he reported, was banned. See: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/32123-fiveishpengar-ban-evader-enlightenment/?hl=pengar I posted much more proof, explained myself, shown he was lying right in the dispute, and mine was 2 years ago, and not 4. So why did his report result in a ban, but mine nothing? I know you will lock this, and sweep it under the rug. However, if you have any compassion you'll see why I am upset here. This isn't right. I don't know how you can think this is right, this is wrong on so many levels. He can report 4 year old offsite scammers, and get them banned. When I report him for a scam he did 2 years ago on ME, nothing? and I even proved he is still evading now. That is CURRENT. Can you please just understand why I am upset? this is wrong. I'm sorry I'm causing a problem, I do apologize to the admin. I just feel like you don't really see this for what it is.
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    I'm using loot valuables and have 4 rune meds in the bank from such, so I know it should be looting them. Sat there and watched someone else pick up the med helm drop cause it took so long. Not a big problem since it's only 10k, but if that had happened on a visage, I would probably have cried. I think the running away is related to the chaos dwarves attacking me. I have a lessers task now, so I'll watch and take screenies if it happens again. Thanks for the quick reply!
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    Not only is the evidence from 2010 (4 years ago), it never shows if he did pay you or not. I'm sorry but this dispute has no merit. We also do not concern ourselves with outside drama/bans/market issues, especially ones from 4 years ago. We have enough on our plates as it is. Also, please don't quadruple post.
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    Glory attracts pkers, it gives them a reason to kill you. Glory does not support emergency teleport; unlike the rest you cannot instantly teleport out like a teletab can, so emergency teleport does not WORK. Pouch retriveal works fine, but it doesn't stop pkers from attacking you. It won't retrieve pouches again if they kill you twice in a row. To rest of you guys, thanks so much for the positive reviews. If you think it's safe, go for it. Bans differ, there's no way for me to tell you if it's safe or not. It should run flawlessly although as long as you have the things properly configured. Doing an hour test with each newly added methods, then it's time for release (v1.2).
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    Mate, i use it on my maxed out main, and im under rank 500 on the highscores, Trusted scripy amazing flawless.. i use it on my main while i go to the gym/Work/sleep never ran for more then 13 hours tho i'd say dont push it dont get greedy you'll be fine so yes no need for babysitting
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    What is your issue: Spams Camelot tele tab when script started at east relleka crabs. How do you think it happened exactly: Script started at crabs Percent of Occurrence: 100% What is your issue: Picks up garbage loot How do you think it happened exactly: clicks on top of rock to make crab aggressive, picks up garbage. maybe add a drop feature along with loot? Percent of Occurrence: 100% What is your issue: Gets stuck after running from randoms, says "character has not moved for 5 minutes, restarting script" over and over again. For hours. How do you think it happened exactly: Running from random and getting lost Percent of Occurrence: Random What is your issue: Does not withdraw food from bank How do you think it happened exactly: N/A Percent of Occurrence: Random What is your issue: Waterbirth does not work How do you think it happened exactly: Does not run to right place, to pay the guy for the boat. Percent of Occurrence=: 100%
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    This is why we do not allow account sales on tribot.. Scamming is not tolerated at all so no you can not just give him his items back. We do not want scammers on our site. As for FoodStamp you will receive a Trade With Caution badge for your "paypal exploit". Try to sell your account on tribot again or try your "paypal exploit" and you will receive a permanent ban.
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    Verison #: 1.12 Altar: nature Mode(Master/Slave/Abyss/Solo): solo Obstacles selected (Abyss only): agility + mining Teleportation / Walking method: house tab -> mounted glory Abyss debug: 7 Pause (true/false?) (abyss only): false Eat at and Emergency teleport % (Abyss only) eat 80% , tele 35% Picture of setup of GUI : Anything the script printed that told you to post on the thread? I.E: Error #1 please post this on thread: Script stack trace (image of how to print stack trace here: http://gyazo.com/6a34c15dabaec56761596344fcaa8815) : Bug that occurred (Please be detailed) it gets stuck outside bank, it tries to click on bank while outside but theres a wall in the way -.-
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    It suppot only addy pickaxe Just got this : [12:13:17] Script Started: kClayHoarder. [12:20:45] Out off rings, stopping script [12:20:46] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3 [12:20:46] at scripts.kClayMiner.A(kClayMiner.java:274) [12:20:46] at scripts.kClayMiner.f(kClayMiner.java:80) [12:20:46] at scripts.kClayMiner.run(kClayMiner.java:61) [12:20:46] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [12:20:46] Script Ended: kClayHoarder. Altough i do have rings Clay wont be worth doing soon ;P It's dropping now
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    Randoms are handled by the client, not the script. Contact Trilez with an account in a random if it is broken, and let him use the account.
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    assume hates you should work on dat
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    1800 Tans per hour @ zybez prices x------------------x-----------x----------------x--------x------------x | Name | Raw Price | Material Price | Profit | Profit p/h | x------------------x-----------x----------------x--------x------------x | Green dragonhide | 1540.741 | 1777.686 | 217 | 390600 | | Blue dragonhide | 1799.341 | 1871.619 | 52 | 93600 | | Red dragonhide | 4581.463 | 3600.000 | -1001 | -1801800 | | Black dragonhide | 2700.379 | 2880.292 | 160 | 288000 | x------------------x-----------x----------------x--------x------------x
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