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    After over a year of service to TRiBot, it's my time to say farewell. I would like to thank everyone (customers, friends, etc) who have made my stay here quite enjoyable. I can honestly say that this has been quite the learning experience, and an honor to get to know you guys. I don't leave with any regrets-- my wife and I are expecting our first baby to be born in August, and I've been offered a great paying job across the state. I don't expect much time at all for extraneous activities. This being said, I leave my customers in good hands: As co-owner, Zainy will take over Ultimate Pest Control, Ultimate Metal Dragon Killer, and Ultimate Green Dragons. With even more experience at TRiBot than I, Zainy is fully equipped and able to take over. For my NMZ customers, Erickho will be the new owner. Erick has already had a hand in the NMZ script, from early on. I'm not much on speeches, especially since my computer restarted after I already wrote one out. TRiBot, you have offered me a year of friendship and learning, headaches and all-nighters. I'm forever grateful for the time I could spend here. Farewell friends, you will be missed.
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    Delta Fisher Delta Fisher is a fishing script with an anti-ban compliance level of 10. It comes with pre-defined support for the common areas, along with custom fishing spot support. Features: ABCL 10This script has an anti-ban compliance level of 10. This means that it performs most, if not all, anti-ban methods in TRiBot. These ABC (anti-ban compliance) methods aren't your standard anti-ban. TRiBot generates unique characteristics for every different botter. These characteristics will hold data such as if the botter should hover the next object/npc, if the botter should go to the next anticipated object/npc location if waiting for an object/npc to spawn, wait times for switching objects/npcs, how often to check XP, and more! By assigning unique characteristics for every different botter, TRiBot will be able to make your character seem different from all of the other botters, thus making it more human-like. Ability to Upgrade FishAll fish which require a lower level than the best fish your character can catch will be removed from the list of fish to catch. Ability to Use Custom Fishing SpotsThis script has a very flexible framework. To use a custom area, just add one with the GUI. All you need to specify is what type of fishing spot it is, and where it is located. TRiBot will handle the rest, even banking. You don't need to bother defining a custom path to the bank. High Quality ScriptNobody knows TRiBot's API better than myself. I know exactly what methods to use to ensure that the script is fast, smart, efficient, doesn't screw up, and doesn't die because of bugs/exceptions. Whirlpool DetectionThis script will avoid whirlpools as soon as they appear. Fishing Tool RetrivalIf a "Big Fish" (or a whirlpool, but this script will avoid those) throws your fishing tool, the script will find the tool, pick it up, and continue fishing. Script StatsEach user will have the ability to show their script statistics in his/her signature. (The image/url is still to come, but stats logging is active). What locations are supported? Custom: User defined Al Kharid Barbarian Village Catherby Draynor Fishing Guild Karajama Lumbridge North/More North Ardougne Port Sarim Seers Village Shilo Village Piscatoris ** All locations have banking support. ** More locations to come if I can get my hands on an account with access to areas where my account does not have access. How Much Does it Cost? Delta Fisher costs $4.00/month. After purchase, this script can be run with unlimited instances. How do I use It? Purchase it on the TRiBot Repository. Run the script. Fill out the GUI. Click start. Changelog (Current Version: 1.03): Progress Reports: Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions, or if you experience any bugs.
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    Hi, this is my mining script. it is my first ever script i have written as i am new to programming. I will be expanding this script, adding more features as i learn more. Mat has helped me a lot to write this script. his taught me pretty much everything. Cant forget to mention the help and knowledge JJ has given me! They have both been supporting me when i need it so credit goes to both, Mat and JJ Features: Power mines M1D1 Banks supports all ores Paint - Thanks to Fallen <3 6 hour reset Runite Mining with World Hopper (members only) (Currently Disabled) Essence Mining Locations: Varrock east Varrock west Barbarian village Alkharid Rimmington Lumbridge Yanille Mining Guild Mining Guild Resource Dungeon Dwarvern Mines (Currently Buggy) On Repo. V1.0 : initial release V1.1 : animation ID Grabber, re-wrote mining method so now it only mines the one you choose. (with the help of JJ) V1.2: Added Banking Added Power mining Added M1D1 Fully functional GUI (taught by JJ) V1.3: fixed non-walking issue Added both Lumbridge Added Rimmington V1.4: Added Mining Guild Added Mining Guild Resource Dungeon Added Dwarvern Mines Tweaked Mining Tweaked other things here and there V1.5: Added Paint Temporarily removed Dwarvern Mines 6 hour bypass Toggles Run Minor tweaks overall V1.6: Fixed M1D1 Fixed Walking Re-wrote main loop V1.7: Re-added Dwarven mines BankDeposit Box Support Added failsafes Tweaked Mining Improved banking Lower Ban rate Fixed and Tweaked many things Automatically uses Dep box if 15 dung V1.8: Removed Mining guild, Dwarvern Mines and Resource Dungeons Added Yanille Added Loads more Failsafes Fixed and improved Powermining and M1D1 Fixed Banking and Walking properly Sorted whole script out! V1.9: No longer needs Red outline improved overall script Better M1D1 Better Powermining Added back locations V2!: Improved M1D1 Runite mining World hopper Essence Mining (VIP only) - Varrock only. A new Paint Thanks to FallenShadow! <3 Other Minor tweaks here and there V2.1: Updated to work with RS3 Disabled some features due to major changes. Updated Essence Mining to reduce most of the bugs A lot more! About the Update!: Had to change majority of the script due to game and API changes. Some areas may be a bit buggy however, most work Thanks To FallenShadow for making me a Paint! Looks sexy! you know where to go for the best paints Please give feedback! Especially on the essence miner! Would Love more suggestions please! To-do: Add more locations Fix a lot of the bugs! Add ability to mine more then one specific rock at the same time. New GUI Welcome to suggestions and feedback Thanks Credit: Mat JJ iRoc FallenShadow Script going In Repo
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    Sigma Bot Manager Elite Want to purchase Sigma Bot Manager Elite with 07 gp? You can buy repository credits from @YoHoJo with 07 gp HERE Report bugs HERE. All other bug reports will be ignored. Click to add (Sigma Slave | Sigma Bot Manager Elite BETA | Sigma Slave Elite BETA) Click to download Sigma Server v2.1.3: (exe | jar) Make sure that you READ THE TUTORIAL (includes pictures). Money-Back Guarantee If you aren't completely satisfied with Sigma Bot Manager Elite, you can get a full refund within 6 hours of initial purchase. Feature Overview Video This is a video showing what Sigma Bot Manager Elite is capable. This is an overview video, not a demonstration or tutorial. Those videos will be coming later. What is Sigma Bot Manager Elite? Sigma Bot Manager Elite allows you to automate your mule in whatever way you want. In the context of this script, a mule is an account that goes around collecting or giving items to/from different accounts that you are running (called slaves). While the primary use is for any sized bot-farms, the mule can be used for other purposes as well, which will be described below. You will never have to manually trade any of your accounts anything ever again, and for as low as $12/month/unlimited accounts! Why buy Sigma Bot Manager Elite over The Botfarm Manager (by wastedbro)? More efficient. More reliable. Cleaner and more polished. Can walk anywhere and collect. Manage your orders while the script is running. Control exactly how and when the mule collects. Supports advanced farms. Way more powerful. Bot panel preview for every connected slave/mule. Cheaper. and many more. Q: I want the lower ban rate that wastedbro's manager offers, isn't that more important? Wastedbro's claim that his manager reduces ban rates because it uses PMs is entirely false. While yes, you sometimes PM someone before trading them, you don't PM them an arbitrary message, and you certainly don't PM the same thing over and over again. Not only does Sigma Bot Manager Elite communicate undetected through an external server, but it also has the option to trade "junk items" to make trades seem less like a pattern, and more like a legitimate trade. Q: Downloading the server is difficult. No it isn't! If you haven't done it before it might seem a bit intimidating, but it's very easy. If you have any other questions, let me know. Q: Port forwarding is difficult. Don't be tricked by the fancy name. Port forwarding is incredibly easy, and if you are having trouble, message TacoManStan on Skype and he will help you set it up. And on top of that, in a lot of cases you don't even need to port forward. If you type in your local IP address (aka your LAN address), then you can connect to machines on the same network. Q: I don't need all of the features of Sigma Bot Manager Elite, so I am going to get wastedbro's manager. Being as that Sigma Bot Manager Elite just got a massive price cut, it is now better to purchase Sigma Bot Manager Elite for any size farm. Sigma Bot Manager Elite will work faster, more efficiently, and more reliably than wastedbro's manager. Q: Sigma Bot Manager Elite is just too complicated for me. While the tutorial can seem a bit overwhelming, using the script is actually very easy. After only a couple of minutes, you can set up your fully automated farm! If you have any questions, tacomanstan will be able to help you on Skype (his Skype name is tacomanstan). How Does Sigma Bot Manager Elite Lower Ban Rates? Sigma Slave interacts directly with, and takes over for the script that is running in the foreground. This completely throws Jagex off course, and makes it far more difficult for them to detect you botting. With using Sigma Bot Manager Elite, I have managed to run a woodcutting farm for 29 hours straight before any of the accounts got banned. After months of testing, I have never had a mule banned. Features Automatic path generation. The mule will find the slave no matter where the slave is! No need to set up a specific path! Supports EVERY script on TRiBot! This includes free, premium, private, and even local scripts! Support for running multiple scripts on different slaves, so you can link accounts together. Sigma Slave, which is used to be paired with Sigma Bot Manager Elite, is ran in the background of any other script on TRiBot, including locally. Customizable orders that allow you incredible flexibility when organizing your farm. Customizable conditions which allow you even more control over how and when your orders are executed. Bank trading, which allows you to take items off slaves that have been collecting a non-stackable item. For an example, see the video below. The ability to transfer both noted and non-noted items to either the slave or the mule. Automatic pausing of the script that is running in the foreground, so the slave can take over and trade the mule when it needs to. Automatic logging out of the mule when there are no orders that need to be executed. After weeks of testing, my testers and I have never had a mule banned! Obstacle support. If there are doors, stairs, ladders, or any sort of obstacle in the way on the path to the slave, the mule will automatically handle them! Ability to preview and CONTROL any of the slaves or mules that you currently have running using the mule hub (aka, the server). The ability to stop any currently running slave from the hub. Option to set conditions based on the value of items rather than the count of the items. CPU optimization to allow for as little as 2% of your CPU being used! (hub) The ability to hide/show the preview, depending on your needs. Hiding the preview will drastically decrease CPU usage. Automatic order preparation using a preset path to the West Varrock Bank. The slave will move the camera periodically to stay logged in if it is waiting for a mule, and the mule is taking too long. If any stage of the order has already been completed, the mule will start from where it needs to. IE, if the mule is already at the location, it won't teleport there, it will just walk. Have an unlimited amount of slaves and mules connected to the hub. The ability to set up the server through your IP, so you can control all of your accounts, even if they are on 10 different computers! Ability to customize almost every action that the mule and slave makes in order to set up the anti-ban to your liking. Specific obstacle handling, so you know that your paths will always work flawlessly (normally the integrated obstacle handler will take care of everything, but there are rare cases where it gets stuck). This was implemented in the form of critical points. Usages Automatically managing your farm allows you to lose the absolute minimum amount of items when/if you get banned. The ability to run any script allows you to chain together farms to make them work together. For example, you can have woodcutters and flax spinners supplying fletchers with supplies to make bows, which you then giver to a seller to get gold. You could then give the gold to a flax buyer to give flax to your flax spinners. The possibilities are endless! Starting up a farm would no longer be too time consuming. Combined with TRiLeZ's new client starter, managing your accounts couldn't be any easier! The ability to provide your accounts with necessary supplies when they are training. Need more runes when training magic? No problem! With the click of a couple of buttons, within minutes your mule account will automatically trade you all of the runes that you requested. Getting rid of those pesky random event items! (by either dropping or banking). What You Can Do With Sigma Botfarm Manager Basic Farm (Not So Good): Semi-Basic Farm (Good): Cycle Farm (Better): Compound Farm (Best): Player Farm (For Non-Goldfarmers): One-Click Orders (For Non-Goldfarmers): Change Log Most recent logs are at the top. Version 2.3 Version 2.2
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    Farewell Texan, you will be missed. Customers of the above Scripts, those authors have assumed responsibility by accepting ownership of his previous Premium Scripts and will be held to the same standards.
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    Texan, Congratulations on the addition to your family! Scripting is nothing in comparison to a new-born, the all-nighters/headaches will resume come August! In all seriousness though, congratulations to you and your wife . Also best of luck at the new job. Hope it is everything you have envisioned. There are so many positive changes in your life occurring, I can only be happy for you. Be sure to come back and let us know how everything is going, Warfront1 **PS: I saw famulus’ AIO Stronghold has been depreciated, I wouldn’t mind taking over the maintenance process during your absence.
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    Goodbye Texan, good luck to you and your wife! I'm sure you'll be a great father. I'll miss you Good tag.
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    Already doing it, got some new rewards already, dont know their prices yet unfortunetly, because they havent been added to zybez yet
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    u dont need vip extended to do goldfarming lol.
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