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    Scammer's Username:Prod is bae Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/user/155240-prod-is-bae/ Chat/Discussion Methods: Skype with TrustMyBet, scammers skype is "prod.bae" Chat Username(If Applicable)*:Prod bae Describe in detail in your words what happened:He got 5m, instantly charged back. I contacted PayPal Twice, first lady was not all there, telling me to Fax shit. The second guy, all american guy SO NICE told me i'm getting my money back, he went it my way and refunded my money. Evidence**:http://www.mediafire.com/download/xgudcc1ord4anxe/Proof.zip Other: Refunded, BY PAYPAL ban user immediately @Trustmybet (I give you permission to post on my dispute) (incase unclear I am disputing prod bae, not trustmybet, he's sexy. http://gyazo.com/6928e867e9a4159834cedfc186b38f60 FYI: The guy on Paypal said they do not cover online trades (Downloads, gold trades, etc.) and they will instantly go into the sellers favor. So do not be afraid to sell to 0 feedback, low posts! Charge a bit extra (I did $2.7/mil) (average price I guess) so don't worry! Please just perm ban his ass.
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    Master AIO Smither - By Druid Supports all items and bars! Supported locations: Varrock,Falador,Seers,Yanille and Al-kharid! ABCL 10 implemented - Completely unique actions for each Runescape account! Avoids Jagex detection! Features: Supports all smithing/smelting items ABCL 10 implemeted Very CPU efficient Supports ring of forging Progressive Smithing for both smelting and smithing (Change item as you level up!) Show your appreciation by liking the thread!
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    Death walking also isnt working for me, I was using mage bank banking method. Edit: Been running the script on and off for 3 hours now and I must say that im dissapointed, I hope to see fixes shortly. I will list the issues I've encountered below. Deathwalking It lost its anti dragon shield because of more expensive loot. It did equip the fire staff again because it kept it on dead, didnt take a new anti dragon shield from the bank and thats where it froze up. Not looting (Idling when drag is killed) The reason why it dies is because, my account will kill the dragon and run towards its dieing position. Than it just stands there while being on the status of looting. (But it doesnt loot it just idles) The dragon respawns and kills my account. Only two things, but still makes it impossible to run for an extended period of time. I hope to hear from you soon, ~Sanderty
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    With the following settings: On the first page: Select magic as your skill to train Select 'superheat item' as your primary spell Type 'Gold ore' in the box below that On the banking page: Add 27 gold to your banking withdraw list Start it up
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    I understand your point completely. But it's not that the writing takes long, it's the testing. Like I said, the last time I attempted to implement this (in multiple ways), the script would always give false reports of the bank having no items. That cannot possibly be considered an improvement. At that time, I took the discussion to the scripters chat on skype, where many scripters reported the same problem. USA himself said that his method of doing it took around 10+ seconds sometimes, and even then it didn't have a 100% success rate. Therefore, I gave up on it at the time. I do plan on making this, but I honestly have been busy these past 2 weeks and this is low priority due to the fact that I don't consider it a vital bug or even a bug at all. The fact that I'm being harassed on skype doesn't help.
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    His TOS clearly states that he is not responsible/liable after the account has been given back to you. ordered 55-70 agil, OP delivered in 3 days, (my account is cb 120+), the account has not been banned since. OP is trusted. I would like to order torso + fighter hat for 6M like we agreed on skype, ty for 70 agil OP
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    This has been suggested before, you're not going to win, don't bother. Give up like the rest of us. Tribot isn't going to change so it's better to just move on.
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    You got 11 posts.. Legit lol xD A person cannot be trusted on behalf of Posts man, you also have only 11 posts. Everyone here in tribot trust people on behalf of the evidence, and their legitness . NOT ON POSTS
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    5m chargeback... It's sick how people behave these days... Get him banned
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    I can confirm that I gave him the 5m gp then he deleted me off skype as well. User needs to be banned.
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    I'm sure Starfox could just sell you a private script which is just the portion of his script that posts to zybez. PM him about it.
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    For anyone wondering, it takes exactly one bond to get 99 agility. I just got it today! Thanks for your script
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    I currently have a private one with all of the features you mentioned except for auto reply and standing by high fights, I ran it on 5 accounts each with their own designated area in edgeville and you really don't get many good items. Although maybe if you had it stand by high fights it could be better.
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    It adds counts to my free script list, benefits the community with more free quality scripts, and still ensure users get what they orginally bought exfarm for (let's not forget they bought EXFARM with certain skills supported)
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    You can ask that directly on Mod Weath's twitter.
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