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    Huge updates! Improved Rellekka west rock crab preset Improved Rock crab aggro detection Rellekka west rock crab camera failsafes Worldhopping fixes Global camera / walking failsafes Script will now re-equip all starting items upon death ( If you complete a task which swaps an item, the new item will be equipped instead ) Faster banking methods *NEW FEATURE!!* - Task Manager The task manager is Tri Melee Ranged & Magics most powerful feature I've ever made! The task manager gives you the ability to plan which training method you would like to use! You can make it so if you reach 30 attack, you will equip and adamant scimitar, change your attack style to strength, and swap training locations to cows, while looting and banking their hides! Anything you want! This means you can now have 1 gui preset, that is capable of running an entire botfarm from level 3's to 126 in one go! Another great idea you could use the task manager for; Is progressive magic training. You can set it up on a level 3, so that it will air strike till it can use water strike, then do that till fire strike e.g all the way up to varrock teleport, then it will varrock teleport till high alch, then high alch to 94 etc. With the click of one button! ( once you set up the presets ) The possibilities are endless, and I'm sure this will lower ban rates a lot! I have just filmed a 10 hour video of me progressing through training spots and weapons up to 40 attack and strength, it's like 50gigabytes so i'm rendering the recording now then will shorten it down! The task manager can also pick up where you left off, meaning if you stop the script, you can just restart it, and it will continue from where you stopped it! (It uses the skill queues as bookmarks, so if you don't have any skill queues, it will start from the beginning). Which is what you want because the others ones use time or breaks anyway! *NEW FEATURE!!* - Lunar magic training! Humidify - The script can humidify perfectly, filling up any water vessels! + banking! Superglass Make - The script can superheat perfectly using any combo items that make glass! + banking! Plank Make - The script can make all types of planks and bank! A huuuuge thank you to @Condor for lending me your account and helping me out!
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    Service status: Unavailable Hey you, If you want a private script to be created, take the following things into account: - Hit me up by Skype, PM or just post here if you have a request. - I'll make scripts of any type - Prices will be discussed - Upon purchase you will receive lifetime updates and unlimited instances registered to your TRiBot account. Kind regards, xCode
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    To Purchase: CLICK HERE FOR FREE ACCESS - Repository Activation Link - Now Free - Forever Paint artwork: @PillsburyRS Progress reports: Change Log: v 10.00 12/31/18 (FREE FOREVER) - Fixed old client changes API updates - Open Sourced - Free version - For the people - Refunded recent buyers v 5.0 5/29/18 7:37 PM (CURRENT VERSION) - Fixed all withdrawing issues - Optimized stamina potion drinking (Takes 1 sip at the bank, then makes room for more supplies) - Better PK detection, should be more than 99% (unless someone beats it with a telly block) - If any issue arise, post here and I will make a fix for it fast! - Smarter & more fluent banking - Better antiban - Resizable mode support - Now loads previously saved settings automatically, just start the script if you've previously saved settings NOTE: IF anyone can assist me with knowledge on how to 3-tick the orbs, I am willing to implement that feature How to use the script:
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    Hello community, I am starting a new data collection project for reaction times. I'll use this data to adjust the formulas for calculating sleep times before clicking objects/NPCs/etc, which should make TRiBot have more human-like delays. To take part in this project: Activate this script. Run the script. Play RuneScape. See below for further instructions. After at least 20 minutes of playing (try for at least 1 hour), stop the script. The script will then generate a file called "reaction_times.csv" in the TRiBot app data directory (it'll say were it is exactly in the debug box). Upload that file and post it in this thread. Also post what activities you did, and the respective skill levels.Instructions for playing RuneScape: You can either mine rocks (no essence), or cut trees. Once you click a tree or rock, the debug will print "Object hash: 104343254," where 104343254 is a number greater than 0. If the number is equal to -1, that means the click did not register, and you should re-click the tree/rock. After you click, try not to make a bunch of mouse movements while waiting. Either keep the mouse fairly still, or move it off screen (if you want). You don't have to keep the mouse super still while it's over the RS client, but you should avoid excessive mouse movements because excessive mouse movements may result in inaccurate reaction timing. Continue doing this until you don't want to anymore.Note: This is not a race. Do not aim for having the lowest reaction time possible. Please relax and play as you normally do in order to ensure reliable data. Do not left click on anything after the initial object click. Thanks, TRiLeZ
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    I've gotten much more cautious about what I post here, especially since a comment I made on a script's thread made the front page of the osrs subreddit. Which is exactly why we should at least require viewers to sign-in before they can view premium script threads and such.
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    More than half the accounts on the list were created, but never completed tutorial island. Do you know why that is? @erickho123
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    Going for that 50+ hours lol.Solid <3 Edit----- Going hard still and this is on multiple Edit------ Still going hard (:
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    Script is working fine for me, but I only buy single items / sell, the only problems I see is people trying to trade the items w/ trading post / the action delay doesn't seem to be functional. Both aren't too much of a big deal, and I'm almost sure Sigma Merch 4 will tackle them considering it's a complete rewrite. Zybez posting, trading, messaging all works fine for me (the messages are sometimes funny, but no auto replier will be 100% perfect.) Thanks to this, I can do other things instead of dealing with people for items, which is usually a pain in the ass. paid review loljk
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    Try for less than 30 miss-clicks per data file. You already have access to the human mouse.
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    just posting some more beefy proggies for ya
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    I guess I'm doing it right.. Are you gonna change the paint so you actually can see the run time properly? Maybe put a shadow behind the image and then text on it so you can see it better. Always nice to look at a awesome paint.
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    Currently, the script detects resources by the amount of materials available in bank. It's a much more reliable method as it doesn't require me to factor in the ores in the furnace + temporary memory. However, this may change in the future. I'll be uploading version 1.14 later today that completely fixes the iron problem. Usually, smithing at a regular furnace is slow and not much profit. Blast furnace allows for smithing at twice the speed and requiring only half the amount of coal needed, meaning massive profit. You can look into here for a more in depth description: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Blast_Furnace EDIT: Will be getting to rune soon
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    i'd give the account 3 days tops til its toasted merry christmas
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