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    as per request of @Usa Market Ban Appeal References: Apology Dispute I appreciate any community input, but please refrain from posting criticism on this thread unless you are staff! (No bashing please)
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    Tips on making a lasting account Part I This is an effective means of making your accounts last longer and avoiding BotWatch when used in conjunction with Looking Glass and breaks (optional) I have a current project going on in the VIP section where I have managed to attain 94 mining running 24/7 with no breaks after using the tips in this guide. Requirements: An hour or so free time and a Netflix account (optional) Tutorial Island Do tutorial island by hand, BotWatch is very sensitive here and if we've learned anything from the RuneMate scandal, it's that tutorial island scripts are banhammers. If you run a large scale farm that you generally suicide (à la yews or Blast Furnace) obviously this is impractical and can be skipped. Keep your net, axe and pickaxe. Questing (EDIT: 15/12/15 - @Final Calibur's Quester is a viable alternative to hand-questing.) Do Cook's Assistant by hand after completing tutorial island. There's a reason for this which will be revealed in the next step. Note: You can trade yourself the materials on another account but this way your account is more 'clean' and independent looking, not to mention how crucial this initial human activity input is to throwing off bot detection. Instructions: Pick up the pot from the table in Lumbridge castle kitchen, go into the basement and take a bucket. Go to the cow pen and milk a cow for a bucket of milk. Run west to the chicken pen for an egg. Go north-west past the general store and sheep pen to the windmill and pick some grain, go upstairs and and add grain to hopper, pull the lever and go downstairs and use your pot on the grain thing in the middle of the room (I can't remember what the bottom part is called) Optional: As you leave the windmill, go south and start the Sheep Shearer quest by talking to the farmer in his house. Pick up the shears on the table or buy them from the general store. You can use these to do sheep shearer now or later. There's no reason you can't walk back to Lumbridge, passing the sheep pen on the way. Shear 20 sheep and spin the wool into bools of wool on the second level of Lumbridge castle. Take the balls of wool back to the farmer. Quest complete. You're now level 3 crafting. Tip: The chicken and cow pens near the windmill are way less populated and botted than the ones nearer Lumbridge castle. You should consider doing your low-level combat training here instead, or preferably Falador farm on a member's world. Go back to Lumbridge, you can walk or home tele, and give the items to the cook. Quest complete. You can now use the range. Levels Level a few skills by hand after doing tutorial island. You can take your small net and head to Lumbridge swamp, fish shrimp, walk back to Lumbridge and cook them on the range and bank them upstairs. This gives you quick and easy fishing and cooking levels off the bat. By the time you're level 8 fishing and 13 cooking you will have a total level of 50 and 2 Quest Points. You can use the shrimp to train low-level combat or continue as a skiller. I highly recommend getting those combat levels, though. If you're following these steps to make a less suspicious mule, then you can skip combat entirely. Membership I would recommend waiting a few days before becoming a member as to not waste your membership and to make yourself look like a legitimate player discovering RuneScape. (Of course I'm aware returning players will become members on day one and complete Waterfall Quest, etc) but for the purposes of this guide you're a noob. In this time, get some woodcutting and mining levels. There's a mine in Lumbridge. There are some other quests you can do in the meantime too, such as: Doric's Quest (very short) Requirements: If you wish to mine the iron ore, a mining level of 15. Items needed: 6 clay, 4 copper, 2 iron ore and a pickaxe or about 500 coins. I bought the items from the GE or traded them over from another account for my miner. Instructions: Take the items to Doric north of Falador. Reward: 1300 mining XP I would also complete The Knight's Sword by following a video guide on YouTube, as this gets you from 1-29 smithing. Medium length quest, around 10 minutes if I remember correctly. Conclusion: Let me know what you think. I might add to this or do a Part II if there's a demand for it.
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    lmfao I thought you were looking for cough syrup at first glance
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    If he's talking about how the client sends the Java bit version, vendor, OS, etc. to their servers, and can ban users off that, then I'll have you note that TRiBot has been faking this information, making the client send "non-suspicious" info to their servers for around the past year. Know that I don't actually post about the detection methods I've found the client using; I just implement silent patches so that Jagex doesn't question the effectiveness of their detection methods and introduce other methods. Edit: For further clarification, all TRiBot clients report a 32-bit Java version, even if you are running 64-bit Java, and it has done so for the past year or so. So 64-bit client banning is no problem here at TRiBot because I wrote code to prevent this detection last year. Edit2: More specifically, the code to prevent this detection was implemented in TRiBot Release 9.212_2, released about a year ago.
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    "I've tried playerauctions but no luck after a week or so." Did you not even read the post dude?
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    I'm fairly sure the client is detectable or they've gathered large amounts of mouse data from GE botting. Been running 24/7 across all accounts, big ban wave since yesterday.
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    Great, tribot finally has full support for deadman mode.
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    Clieent.sleep is essentially the same thing as using General.sleep Mouse07.fixSelected() will click the cancel option if the mouse currently has something selected like a spell or an item.
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    Just from a quick glance - the startScript() method should be called before the loop, as its purpose is for initial setting tweaks and for initializing variables ONCE, and not every time in the loop.I didn't look through much more though, if I have time I will provide other feedback.
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    Okay thank you I will hang tight! @Final Calibur
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    I like the clean look of TRiBot, personally like to keep it that way.
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    If you make a suggestion, don't add shitty polls like "go and join runemate fgt I hope ur mum dies in france" because that ruins the poll and its stupid.
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    "I won me a trophy" https://soundcloud.com/ozziemusic/trophy
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    @Cypher You could use something like this to only get the trees inside the RSArea, that way it should never be able click on one that's outside. RSObject[] trees = Objects.find(20, Filters.Objects.inArea(TREE_AREA).combine(Filters.Objects.nameEquals("Tree"), false));You don't need your other in area checks either then.
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    It will click the first option it sees for attack. You need to grab their username from their RSPlayerDefinition Clicking.click("Attack " + player.getDefinition().getName(),player);
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    Too late, you're sacked. Just kidding. I got 99 earlier, missed the actual level up but here: Thanks, and get well soon.
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    @Magician Do not spend any money on a private script for this. FC Questing will be released soon, and will feature everything that you're looking for.
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