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    Source over at GitHub Example: Debug Paint: Api-Access How to use Api-Key WebWalkerServerApi.getInstance().setDaxCredentialsProvider(new DaxCredentialsProvider() { @Override public DaxCredentials getDaxCredentials() { return new DaxCredentials("API-KEY", "SECRET-KEY"); } }); Map Preview
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    Support Included one-month warranty: bug fixes, minor tribot updates, OSRS updates. After one month we can discuss a reasonable price for bug fixing. 1-48 hours general wait times for script completion. Subject to change based on complexity. There will be no complimentary additions to the script once the transaction is completed, only required bug fixes. Terms of Service Old School RuneScape only. All transactions will be handled through the TRiBot repository. An account must be provided if needed. I claim no responsibility of any bans that occur during or after the development of the script. The source code is not included in the purchase and is not for sale. You must pay in full up front. I will not write an entire script for you to no longer want it after I am done. Once the script is complete, there will be absolutely no refunds. Contact Send me a private message on the TRiBot forums or add me as a friend and message me on Discord. My Discord tag is Mute#2963
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    Lol. There's so many cases against you. I don't know what you're trying to get from here. You and I well know you scammed. I don't get why you have to lie. Even if you get unbanned, once a scammer always a scammer. You'll be targeting others. Remember those pm's you sent me in game? You being proud of scamming? Karma will get you. just watch.
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    Yes I am. That must be it. Ok I sent a ticket in. Thanks a lot bro.
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    Are you using the virmach vps? I had this problem as well. I sent in a support ticket and they said something about where the vps was located and where the proxy was located, I dno it sounded weird but they said they would reset the OS of the vps and from then it worked. So just send a support ticket in.
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    This message usually applies for people that doesn't have VIP. Now, you've quoted "VIP users may only run free scripts for 2 hours every 3 days" Which doesn't really make sense to me, since VIP and VIP+ can run any script for unlimited time, besides premium scripts. I can see from your account that you're not VIP. Which means you're only allowed to bot for 2 hours, every 3 days. To remove this restriction, you have to purchase VIP or VIP+. Which script have you bought? And does the owner of the script state that it's compatible without VIP?
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    What script are you having trouble with? Have you tried to load any other scripts?
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    Although completion of Regicide is not required to fight Zulrah, players must have completed the quest to the point of reaching Port Tyras (completion of Regicide is required for the teleport). There is also a fairy ring teleport, code b•j•s, west of Zulrah that is unusable without completion of Regicide
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    just saying, my account had a prev ban, with fishing but used zulrah slayer on it. got another ban. but luckily it was quashed somehow. now im using zulrah helper. havent had any issues also used zulrah slayer for 14 hours made 27m got banned have used zulrah helper for 21 hours and made 20m, so obv bot is better than me. but not bans of yet
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    Thanks for all the replys guys been out of the botting game for a few years and a lot have changed since 2011, How many bots should i run per IP then? If i use the normal runescape client it will let me run 2 accounts so i guess anymore than that would be suspicious?
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    VPS? No. Dedicated server with high-end intel xeon? Sure.
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    This issue usually happens if you are using Looking Glass and using the official old school runescape client with it. Please try changing your client to a different one (like OSBuddy or a normal browser like Firefox). If that doesn't solve the issue or doesn't apply to you, please check "Are you having problems with the script?" part of the main post for the most common fixes to Tribot issues.
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    Will there be a replacement for web walker's walk to bank functionality? Since I do a lot of botting near the GE, it's annoying how buggy the webwalker can be. Plus, the GE isn't a bank according to the webwalker [EDIT] Implemented this into my current project. Works flawlessly. Fantastic job. [EDIT 2] Made a simple addition that finds the nearest bank based on the WebWalker tile array length So it's no problem anymore. [EDIT 3] Gotta say, this is just so nice. I can tell it to go to an arbitrary location, IE top of the wizards tower, or into the varrok sewer, and it has no problems. Great job!
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    I already got some bans today, but also @Azuz53487 lol you are 100% gonna be banned botting zulrah.
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    Thank you all for the quick feedback
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    @Butta Thanks for the heads up, awesome thread as always! Good luck, Z
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    dw my 30 chin bots got baned on christmas day :))
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    I'm good. I'll have gold tomorrow Thanks
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    I think the only clients Tribot currently support is OSB and official client. However, OSB is recommended.
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    Is the ID you're using, from a full blowpipe, or an empty one? Make sure the ID is from a filled one.
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    Most resellers sell their gold for like 1.1 - 1.15 and buy it for .85 - .95 so people could sell it to these trusted resellers and make as much as you're offering. I don't buy gold but if i was going to sell my gold to someone not from a trusted website I'd want $1 per mil to meet half way. just my opinion.
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    I know its holiday season, but i only needed script for few weeks that costed me 30 usd and i was not able to run the script. I know its holiday season and i dont blame him.
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    Hey @Tri you should take off all of the 1250 / 2000 total skill level worlds. I noticed it tries to spam hop to these worlds even though my account can't access them.
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    traded too, was fast and easy, very friendly, i would recommend! Spoke with Dragon
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    It's here booiis http://pastebin.com/raw/DD8qspwq
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    I'll take a look at mentioned issues later today. @RabbitHole That should be an easy fix. Thanks for letting me know.
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