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    Use the rock cake method, start small, use breaks and when you're comfortable bot more. Especially if you care about the account, if so then try to switch it up. As soon as your confidence starts to rise, set a limit and do not get too greedy. Progress is progress. Lost too many good accounts.
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    +1 Amazing script from an amazing scripter.
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    Repository Link Click Here! Changelog: >Improved NPC switching combat detection (Test it out in highly contested areas! Such as F2P chicken pen) >Improved Camera Handling >New advanced "Can We Attack" function! Much MUCH better at determining if someone else attacked our target already (Increased CPU usage) >Improved local movement >Improved UI for easy use and set up. >Teleports built into webwalker. No need for logic anymore! >Looting over x Amount! >Much much more! Keep in mind that everything is still in beta. Some features currently don't work, such as equipment managing or alchemy.
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    With this script you can collect a bunch of Nature Runes by spawning Tree spirits in the Enchanted Valley. The script safespots the Tree spirit using magic or ranged. A useful script especially for Ironmen if you don't have the Runecrafting level to get Nature runes, or if you want an easy way to get a Rune axe. It will high alch all but 1 axe of the best type in the inventory, so you can start with bronze and end with rune! Please supervise this bot until further notice! There still may be bugs or hiccups. Features: Kills Tree spirits from a safespot. Picks up Nature runes and axes. High alchs all axes, except the best one in inventory. 3 tree locations. ABCL5 Paint image progress. Logs out when low on combat supplies. Requirements: Fairy rings unlocked. Mage or Ranged gear. Fire runes / fire staff equipped. 55 Magic. Food. An axe. How To Run: Grab mage/range gear from bank, withdraw runes for mage casting as well as fire runes (if you're not using a fire staff). Or withdraw fire runes, and range ammo. Also withdraw an axe of some sort, and some food. Start the script near the selected tree (images shown below) in an empty world. In the GUI enter the ID of the food item you brought, as well as the ID of a rune or range ammo that, when depleted, means the script can no longer attack. For example, if using fire strike with a fire staff, you would enter the mind rune ID into the box. As once you run out of mind runes the script can no longer attack. If using mage, setup your autocast to cast your spell of choice. Let the script work. Note: The script will logout when you are out of food or have less than 50 if the other item you entered into the GUI. NOTE: If using magic, make sure you have enough runes to cast as many spells as you have Mind runes / Chaos runes etc. (e.g. If you have 1000 Mind runes casting Fire strike, you should have 2000 Air runes and a Fire staff or 3000 Fire runes) Repository; https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2357 Source: Pending
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    @jakebeal123 Try increasing your client heap size Still working on it, although not much progress has been made. Are you able to kill them on a pure because I only have a pure Update: The script is running Perfectly! Enjoy
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    You can screenshot your settings and send them in the messenger if you would like. I will see what i can do.
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    Im not using LG either. Yea I'm pretty sure its the anti-ban settings, I have no idea what settings I should use in it. No worries and thanks for the help so far mate
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    What is your mining level and what xp/rates are you getting? Maybe tweek the anti-ban settings and you're shift dropping correct? Also with LG or not? Personally i do not use LG. Cant really help without the details.. Sorry buddy.
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    Control-Alt-Delete, make sure there's no process still running in the background. If you don't know how to do that, a simple computer restart should work fine. Give it 5 minutes and give it another go. Should be fine
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    Good Day everyone, Decided to re-open my service for account security services. What i will offer is a full breach check on all of your accounts. including tribot, email , runescape & skype. You will get a full report on anything that might be vulnerable or is vulnerable as well as a list of the passwords that i can find leaked about you & anything else of importance. You do not have to provide me with any information unless you want to as i can find this myself. Note , if i do not find anything you don't have to pay anything either. Send me a PM for more information / contact details.
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    Decided to give him a go again, instantly was helped.. all it took was 1 message. Awesome guy, thank you!
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    Stop using LG, it's broken and doesn't do anything.
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    Alright thanks. @Rohm please respond within 24 hours.
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    Was working on adding shift dropping, but found a bug in the API which prevents me from properly implementing it. I made a bug report, which you can view the status of here: https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues/15 A GUI option to fight the guard instead of run away will be added in the next update!
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    the first two are "5" and "2" idk what the last one is
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    Please message me on skype regarding bones to peaches do you have another screenshot with the entire paint visible? The script only counts players within the fighting distance you set on the first page, so if you set the distance to 2, it will only count people on top of you It can superheat gold perfectly if you need help setting it up my skype is: tri.tribot I use this bot at sand crabs every day, all you need to do is add the crabs to your targets and set the tile you're training at. If you need help add me on skype: tri.tribot I'm completing the dwarf cannon quest now to check out the multicannon bug
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    Tri's AIO Combat & Magic
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    The script does move to the specified spots and attack when not in combat. Can you please be more specific on your issues? The script is very responsive and the thread isn't filled with "bugs". The script thread is filled with users asking for help, which is one of the purposes of a script thread.
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    I look forward to seeing your updates, I'm sure in no time, that new code will be up to scratch, I'll start taking pictures of my errors, I came across three in the Prince Ali. EDIT: I'll be hitting the sack shortly, but when I rise I'll be able to test out Death Plateau, Tree Gnome and Dwarf Cannon. Will hopefully have some clean snapshots for you.
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    Willing to bet you won't even near have the budget you would need for this.
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    You're welcome @jakebeal123. If you use the settings for worldhopping, you should be able to use the automatic break handler without worrying about that issue
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    Update - v1.489 - Fixed waterfall quest idling at the end towards pillars
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