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    Yes I fixed two instances of the mouse jumping side to side, and tested using the break handler and worldhopping. Thanks I'm aware of this, will be fixed as soon as I'm home (about 4 hours).
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    I would try @YoHoJo any credits I've needed in the past I've always bought from him. I believe he accepts OSRS for credits, not sure about BTC.
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    I feel the exact same way with my account. Any GP I make I go to the duel arena with but I don't think I would ever bot it for the simple reason I know i'll always return. I have an ironman which is 100% botted just to skip the early grind. I find the most fun personally when I'm questing. I quested a 1 defence pure. Got all the stats I could from questing then the next part for me is just boring af. literally sat there for hours and hours grinding or afking. I just cba with it but I know I'll always come back. If you're 100% sure and don't think you'll return/don't care about the account use Worthy's zulrah script.
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    Thanks, I think its priced just fine though. It isn't meant for mains or anything, it is meant for people for gold farm revs and don't want to manually do the quest on all their accounts. I thought I'd let others have the chance to automate their farm more. One auth can run hundreds of accounts throughout a month technically
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    Here you go guys, todays update is live! Fixed minor rock crab issue. Fixed an issue with trying to target monster that was out of range. Script now supports energy, super energy and stamina potions. Script now drinks staminas,energy and super energy potions while navigating with daxwalker or webwalker. Improved safe spot clicking. Script will now eat to make room to loot any bones above regular. Fixed CLI launcher issues. Fixed worldhopping ( Will no longer try to hop to worlds 400 and higher, TRiBot doesn't support them yet ). Improved pathfinding to hill giants Fixed banking issue with "Bank when inventory was full" Rewrote looting, now much smoother and more accurate. Few other minor fixes and improvements That's all known bugs fixed apart from guthans, which I'll get done tomorrow hopefully The script is running better than ever! Let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to look at, and please give me feedback after todays update Thanks! Hey I'll check out guthans tomorrow, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately TRiBot decided to discontinue lifetime auths, I'm more than happy to offer you a discount on the current packages though . Fixed fixed fixed Let me know how it goes guys, thanks.
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