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    OSRS servers were acting up yesterday when I was working on a failsafe. I’m also looking into why the login bot isn’t activating on the client to handle the welcome screen.
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    After using the script a bit, one thing I'd recommend/ask to be changed is how it handles it's camera angles/views. Currently at seers it seems to always want to face south and way down low, which isn't really optimal as sometimes it will misclick the first obstacle and end up, upstairs in the bank. I tried the boosting options for ardy and it did work but also needs work if you ask me, it seems to move the camera with the arrowkeys rather than middle mouse which it seems to use at seers. The other problem I noticed at ardy was it would try and right click next obstacle every single time and wasn't quick enough sometimes (mainly the 3rd obstacle I believe) I mean the script is working, the only problems I have really are how it controls the camera. Is this something you could look into @Einstein? For seers I would really recommend it uses the camera facing Slightly North-west and between halfway and it's highest point. I can't really recommend much for ardy as I've not had chance to do much of it yet. Sorry for the essay but I really hope this can be changed or looked into EDIT: It does actually use the arrowkeys for camera movements at seers too. Would love an option to make it use middle mouse instead. Thanks - Brow
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    Brilliant script, just wanted to give you a few things 1) When Progressive mode selects a new tree it says "New treee selected" (minor, I know), 2) When using Progressive mode, it will bank the logs as selected, but if you have Burn ticked on the Normal page, it will run to the bank and withdraw a tinderbox, 3) Maybe add a membership check to the tree's that require membership so f2p/noobs/accounts don't get stuck at the gate, 4) The firemaking algorithm seems to re-run if it goes AFK during or directly after the calculating, 5) the firemaking pathing seems to take the same amount of time even if you have 3 logs or an inventory full (not too sure if this is correct) Thanks for another awesome script!
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