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    Well, after 30M of total experience botting there are a few tips that I want to share to not get banned by Jagex Botwatch, tips I believe are objective: This is the most important fact when botting: Jagex has ethics so, their botwatch will never ban you unless it is 100% sure you are a bot. 99% does not matter if they are going to apply a ban into an account (even more after that incident in which thousands of legit players got banned after botany bay). - Jagex botwatch calculates argorithms across time and replicable actions across players and locations. - Always use scripts with ABC2 10/10, if not, do not even consider using that script at all. - Never bot more than 5 hours straight without human intervention (at least 1 minute of legit gameplay between 5 hours of botting will do it). This is a huge mislead to Jagex's botwatch. Scripters do a great job but that doesn't mean they can emulate at max efficiency a human behavior after 12 hours straight of botting without actual human intervention. The more you bot without human intervention, the closer you are to get banned by botwatch. - Never in high density location of bots, this will increase your chance to get matched with other players actions (and they might be bots using the same script as yours, which will cause a ban). - Use roleplaying nicknames to your account, this misleads actual players from reporting you. "Frodo" sounds more legit than "93flag0" I believe that will do it.
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    2 Weeks in results: (botting sensibly more or less) can't fault it at all, haven't tried our range yet but works absolutely flawless with rock cake/ovl/absorb method. Usually set it to 2 games and auto log out once done.
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    If it's caused by ABC2, you can disable ABC2 delays in script settings under Antiban --> ABC2 settings. If not, you should check the "Are you having problems with the script?" part of the first post. If those steps don't solve your issue, you should make a proper bug report containing your setup information, settings, full client debug and bot debug There seems to have been an issue getting the paint image for the paint. When it fails to get paint image it will default to text only paint. That should be fixed in the latest version. If you didn't see any paint information, even text, then you have most likely disabled the paint (check paint settings) or something else is wrong. You should provide a proper bug report in this case.
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    Something I started working on today. Smelting is all done. Next task is smithing! Smithing GUI isn't as nice, but still just as functional!
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    It isn't necessarily ignoring it, it just is prioritizing the cakes further down in your inventory. I'll change this behavior.
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    I believe you are able to run one instance of a premium script if you don't have VIP, provided you purchased the premium script
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    Awesome script. Thanks Laniax - managed to get 99 thieving today. Before anyone asks: I botted 3-4 hours a day, blackjacking, botted thieving 5-6x a week, usually took a day off, mostly because i rotate it between botting other skills. Only thing i would comment based on my use - maybe the logic of hopping needs to be re-calibrated, as it hops if someone is 'close' - which i understand is the purpose, however, is someone hops outside your tent looking for a world, this will cause you to run out and look for a new world. Though i can't complain, this was such a minor issue and allowed me to get 99 thieving without getting banned. Thanks again, Laniax, keep up the solid scripting. The only thing i have to say tbh
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    Updated Today's update comes with improvements in the script's anti-ban. Some very important changes were made. I expect to see a drastic decrease in ban-rates. In-human pattern I have identified a huge flaw in the code that generated a profoundly in-human pattern. Although it consisted of a single line of code, the fact that it was executed frequently and consistently when a certain condition was met, made it relatively easy to detect. This was completely removed in today's update. New tile choosing algorithm - Tree not on screen The new algorithm takes into account the number of tiles occupied by the tree (in this case 4). The occupied tiles are also selected by the algorithm, because the result does not represent the exact location of where the player should be; it represents the tile on which the script is going to walk towards, usually by clicking the minimap, until the tree appears on the screen an it can be clicked. As can be seen, the script will click more often (but not always) in the center, because this is how humans are usually walking towards their target. ← Minimap ↓ Game screen New algorithm for next anticipated target The tile choosing algorithm for the next anticipated target has been changed as well. The tiles occupied by the tree (or the stump) are excluded, because the output of the algorithm represents the exact tile on which the player should be on. Camera movement Has been temporarily removed, and it's currently being handled only by TRiBot's anti-ban. Rest assured: no input at all is many times better than in-human like input. This week I will be working on a special utility that will imitate the way in which humans are moving the camera to find their off-screen target. This will take some time to develop, because there are a lot of variables that need to be accounted for and it also requires collection and analysis of real human playing data. Camera movement will be re-introduced as soon as this utility is ready and I am completely convinced that I successfully managed to replicate the way in which real humans move the camera towards their target. Today's update consisted of very important changes, and I expect to see a drastic decrease in ban-rates.
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