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    You know, I tried it as soon as you had initially released the first version and ended up dicking both my accounts because I left them running overnight on accident, and usually after I have a bad experience with a script Ill never touch it again.. But this is different. I am excited for this.
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    Trains the Slayer skill for you, 100% automatically. Welcome to ARKSlayer Pro, Tribot's Premium Slayer script. Ever wanted to farm Cerberus? Alchemical Hydra? Abyssal Sire? Demonic Gorillas? All of these highly lucrative bosses and more are locked behind tough Slayer requirements that struggle to be botted - not anymore! Features: Supports: Turael (Low-level Slayer Master, no Combat requirement, can start from Level 3) Vannaka (Mid to High-level Slayer Master, requires 40 Combat) Nieve (High-level Slayer Master, requires 85 Combat) Free-farming (Kills a selected Slayer Monster off-task to farm for XP or GP eg. Gargoyles) Point-Boosting (Does 9 Turael tasks and then 1 Vannaka/Nieve task to get the max Task Streak Slayer Point bonus!) Travels to and from tasks automatically, completes them and then gets new tasks - no input necessary Multiple banking locations supported, including: Edgeville Ferox Enclave with Portal/Pool replenishment Varrock West Bank (with Ironman support for teleport runes) Edgeville via the mounted Amulet of Glory in your POH, with Restoration Pool (including Ornate) support Fully supports Ironman accounts, with Rune-teleporting (45 Magic required) and valuable resource looting Incorporates an advanced, safe and efficient combat system that emulates human-behaviour Supports using the Dwarf Multicannon with model and projectile tracking (for tracking cannonballs left), repairing and all other relevant logic Supports all food Employs a simple algorithm to calculate how much food it needs to take to each task on each trip to not waste food, or allows you to choose to take a full inventory on every task Supports most commonly used potions Simple to use drop-down UI picker with pre-populated data (from Attack Potions to Super Combat Potions; most are supported) Intelligent algorithm to determine when to drink potions with randomisation to keep your account safe Automatic looting of anything worth looting, with precise profit and loss calculations - high level Slayer tasks make some of the best profit/hour in the game eg. Kurasks, Abyssal Demons, Gargoyles, Nechryaels Also offers "Loot above x value" and a "Max-XP mode" for extra customisation options Supports Fairy Ring teleporting, Slayer Ring teleporting and a host of other teleportation options around OSRS to get you to tasks automatically and using the most efficient way available to your account Full Grand Exchange and Slayer Master Store restocking (supported and strongly recommended to keep checked) Supports Protection Prayers Custom task-selector to choose which tasks to pray on Supports taking the Holy Wrench on Prayer tasks to reduce prayer potion consumption Switches Equipment automatically for required tasks (eg. Mirror Shield for Basilisks and Leaf Bladed weaponry/Broad weaponry for Kurasks/Turoths) Supports Expeditious Bracelets for annoying tasks that need shortening Supports Bracelets of Slaughter for increasing XP/hour on high XP tasks Supports using the Slayer Helmet and Slayer Helmet (i) Automatically uses kill moves on relevant tasks eg. Salting Rockslugs and Ice-cooling Lizards Supports Ranged and Melee combat World/area hopping when a cannon is already in our area and to prevent crashing other cannoneers World/area hopping when too many people are in our area for a certain period of time Automatic Safe Spot finding for world-hopping and teleporting via interruptable teleports Supports Task Skipping (currently only preset tasks, but eventually Task-Skipping will be fully customisable) Has the option to stop after a certain number of tasks, or at a certain Slayer level automatically and logout Special Attack Weapon support with weapon switching and intelligent randomisation-based antiban Support for Superior Slayer Monsters (acquired through the Bigger and Badder purchasable perk), with the potential to drop loot worth 26m and increasing XP/Hour considerably Supports taking runes for and casting High Level Alchemy to tasks which drop a large number of alchables Supports using Stamina Potions to reduce travel times Supports the Soul Bearer, Herb Sack and Bonecrusher with 1 click Supports 'Esc' key closing for interfaces Automatic Dusty Key acquisition for Blue Dragon tasks Deathwalking in the rare case of death Considerable antiban and multiple fail-safes including: Repeated server-message failsafe (checks if we are stuck and repeating the same broken action to save our account and resets) World-hopping if many people arrive at our location or someone sets up a cannon Combat-area resetting if dragged out of its area for any reason Area-locked looting to prevent anti-botters who try to drag the script out with loot Additional, toggleable, antiban options to emulate human behaviour at the cost of efficiency: Activatable "Microbreaking" to simulate a player becoming distracted and semi-afking in the middle of a task Activatable "Fatigue" system to simulate a player becoming tired and less responsive with time Activatable "Hyper-AFK" mode, which allows aggressive and cannon tasks to be done as though your account is semi-afk while completing them A unique multi-method anti-profiling system, whereby every action the script can take is coded in multiple different ways, preventing actions from being repetitively tracked across accounts that use ARKSlayer Multi-tabbed paint showing all the information you need, including Slayer XP, Total XP, Profit/Loss and Tasks Completed Additional Antiban, unique algorithms, full ABCL2 10/10 compliance and a host of dynamic and randomised actions Simple, attractive GUI relative the huge host of features this script includes to make your life easier Supports multiple GUI profiles at once, with saving and loading Supports Argument Loading, allowing you to load saved GUI profiles and run the script straight from Arguments Optimal use guide: ARKSlayer has a full guide on how to setup the script and gain optimal XP, viewable here: Where do I find this? You may purchase this script from the Repository: GUI: Also supports script arguments. Task list (Exhaustive - all supported unless noted - Free Farm mode available if in italics) Aberrant Spectres Abyssal Demons Ankou Banshees Bats Black Demons Requires completion of Client of Kourend Black Dragons Bloodveld Blue Dragons Brine Rats Basilisks Birds Bears Bronze Dragons Cave Bugs Cave Crawlers Cave Slimes Cockatrice Cows Crawling Hands Crocodiles Dagannoth Drakes Dogs Dust Devils Dwarves Earth Warriors Automatically skipped since this task is in the Wilderness Elves Fever Spiders Fire Giants Gargoyles Ghouls Ghosts Green Dragons Does Baby Dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon if above 34 Woodcutting, otherwise skips (since normal Green Dragons are in the wilderness) Greater Demons Requires completion of Client of Kourend Goblins Harpie Bug Swarms Hellhounds Hill Giants Hobgoblins Ice Giants Ice Warriors Icefiends Infernal Mages Iron Dragons Jellies Jungle Horrors Kalphites Switches types killed based on combat level – Workers or Soldiers Killerwatts Kurask Lizards Lesser Demons Minotaurs Mithril Dragons Mogres Molanisks Automatically skips, Dorgesh-Kaan is a nightmare Monkeys Moss Giants Nechryael Ogres Otherworldly Beings Pyrefiends Rats Rockslugs Shades Sea Snakes Scorpions Shadow Warriors Skeletons Skeletal Wyverns Spiders Spiritual Creatures Automatically skips Steel Dragons Terror Dogs Automatically skips Turoth Trolls Supports multiple locations (including Jatizso and Death Plateau) based on your account’s quests completed TzHaar Vampyres Wall Beasts Werewolves Wolves Wyrms Zombies Progress Reports from users: 29m Imbued Heart drop from a Superior Slayer Monster! ARKSlayer is the most advanced and full-featured Slayer script ever created. It runs effectively and efficiently and any issues you may have will be resolved quickly and easily!
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    Auto Runecrafter Pro Development Thread By Encoded Planned Supported Altars and Transportation: Ourania Soul Blood Lava (Castle Wars) Astral (Moonclan Teleport) Mind (Mind Altar Teleport + Respawn Teleport) Fire (Castle Wars) Air (Walking) I will not be supporting the abyss whatsoever. This means NPC Contact is required if you are using pouches. Let me know if you have any questions. BETA: No active beta at this time. Check back soon. Pricing: TBD SETUP GUIDE Enable F Keys and Turn on ESC to close current interface! Make sure camera is zoomed out as far as possible. Setup bank placeholders before starting the script (if using placeholders). Have the Abyssal book in your bank if using Pouches/NPC Contact. Stamina Potion Bank Setup Have stamina potions in your bank starting from 1 dose to 4 dose. The script withdraws the first stamina potion it finds. Runecrafting Pouches Runecrafting pouches are emptied in the following order: Giant -> Small -> Large -> Medium It is only recommended to use the two highest pouches you have the skill level to use. Lava Runes Gear - Required: Fire Tiara, Binding Necklace, Ring of Dueling, Mist battlestaff, Tome of Fire (charged), Runepouch Ourania (ZMI) Gear - Required: Dust battlestaff, Runepouch Alternative Runepouch setup is to replace air runes with cosmic runes and keep the rune you are using as payment in your inventory. The script will not bank or drop your payment rune. Blood & Soul Runes Have a pickaxe equipped and a chisel in your inventory.
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    Good stuff @Marcusihno. I've been waiting for a decent Slayer script since Mute ditched his project.
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    For anyone else struggling to get Looking Glass to Work. Try Fluffee's Fix that worked immmediately for me. Uninstall all your other java JDKs and regular java installs. Download Java JDK 8u102. Install. Delete your Hooks again. Run Tribot. Choose the new JDK. Open Osbuddy, wait til it loads up to the login screen. Then Click Looking Glass. This worked after all the struggle.
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    Just bought premium! Here are a few proggies so you can see what this thing can do. Bad tasks can tank your exp p/hr as you can see here. Nieve will be a next level upgrade!
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    A new GUI has been added as well as a basic firemaker.
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    It's unlikely that a VPS would work with an Android Emulator. VPS's are already virtual devices (the V in VPS). Running virtual devices inside of virtual devices generally doesn't work.
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    Will need to see exactly what error messages you're getitng to help further. What happens when you run the .exe - https://s3.amazonaws.com/installers.tribot.org/TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.4.exe ? What happens when you run "java -version" in command line? What happens when you run the .jar via command line - https://tribot.org/download.php/ How to run jar via command line - https://windowsreport.com/jar-file-windows/
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    Legendary p.s. i cried
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    Did you know that botting is against the game rules and will result in a ban? Huh no? Then there you go I just helped you out a little
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