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    Today is my birthday so giving away 10$ all u have to do join discord channel and type the count number and good luck https://discord.gg/Wg4JcF
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    Yes, can add that as an option EDIT: Should be added in the latest update to the script. Enable option under General settings --> "Loot chest before going to bank". To update script in Tribot 11, either use refresh button or restart tribot completely
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    Would it be at all possible to perhaps get the devs to hire someone to act as the community liason? Someone who can be more accountable than the devs to interact, communicate, and be the face of the community? I would be interested personally... I feel like this platform has so much potential and very little effort goes in on the communication side.
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    If you're still having issues, make sure the TRiBot Login says Email. If it does not say Email, download TRiBot again from this website (should be at the top or on the side of this page where it says Download). If you can not log into the forums, make sure you are using the Login (Auth0) button and are not trying to login with your display name.
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    30secauth0 guide.mp4
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    same error @Encoded
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    Feedback Rules Last Updated: August 6, 2020 Feedback is for black market transactions only Only one exchange of feedback may be left per transaction Feedback is optional and must not be required by the buyer or seller FAQ What is a black market transaction? A black market transaction is a transaction that occurs between two TRiBot members where an object of monetary value is exchanged directly between the members. Any transaction that takes place through the TRiBot repository is not considered a black market transaction. Can feedback be left for script sales? No. Script sales are facilitated directly through TRiBot and are not black market transactions. All script sales, both public and private, must take place through the TRiBot repository. Any script sales that occur outside of the TRiBot repository or by a user without the Premium Scripter rank are against TRiBot's rules and regulations. Can feedback be removed? Yes. Submit a feedback dispute to have any invalid feedback removed. My feedback was removed without a dispute? Invalid feedback may be removed at staff discretion without notification. Valid feedback will never be removed without your consent.
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    Updated! fixed path first tile bug that caused the saved path's file to be corrupted added support for shop objects (different from NPCs), such as boxes and chests that have a "Buy" option adjusted the location builder to reflect those changes added warning for shops and banks that are not supported directly by the webwalker; if the message is displayed, all you have to do is simply record a path to make the script work anywhere on the map More updates to come, so stay tuned! Thanks!
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    any chance you can add support for accounts with level 1 fishing?
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    seems to complicated imo. i prefer to drop the gold on my home IP then quickly speed down the road in my car to my friends house (i prestart it before dropping the gold) and loot the gold on friends houses IP and while trying to avoid a 30 minute convo with his mom before leaving it works about 45% of the time. sometimes im to late but its deff better then paying for proxies and VIP to use proxies xdddd
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