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    Auto Tithe Farm Pro plays the Tithe Farm minigame on Zeah for free farming experience. Requirements: - 34+ Farming - 100% Hosidius House Favour Recommended: - Full graceful and/or high agility level Usage Guidelines: - Spade and seed dibber in inventory. - Start in Gricoller's house or Tithe Farm. - Have at least 6 watering cans if not using Gricoller's can. Recommend 23 if not using humidify. - Have roofs disabled and camera at max zoom. Lag and disconnections are extremely detrimental to the performance of the script. If you lag or disconnect a lot, the script will not perform at its optimal level. Give the trial a go before purchasing to see if lag and disconnects are going to affect your botting experience. This minigame is extremely click intensive. A legitimate player is not going to play this minigame for long periods at a time. I strongly suggest keeping this in mind when running the script. Supports 3 different planting methods: 14x5 15x2, 16x6 4x1, and 17x5 15x1 Regular watering cans and Gricoller's can supported. Humidify support if runes are in inventory. Rune pouch not supported. Humidify staffs supported: - Steam battlestaff - Mystic steam staff Purchase: https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts/products/auto-tithe-farm-pro Minimum Experience 14x5 15x2 Rates: Golovanova (34): 14k xp/hr Bologano (54): 33k xp/hr Logavano (74): 55k xp/hr
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    I recommend using Looking Glass as it will reduce the ban rate while using this script
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    Some notes about bugs: First thing to do when you notice your bot is not doing something correctly is to do some research to determine if the bug is on your end. ALWAYS make sure you are following the script's directions completely before saying anything at all. A lot of times this will save you and the scripter time. Next, you must figure out whether the bug is more likely to be the script or client. Characteristics of a SCRIPT bug: * The bug doesn't happen on all scripts. * The bug is directly related to the script logic (if your bot isn't withdrawing food for combat, it's the script). * The script is generally not running smoothly. * The script is OLD or outdated. * There are error messages in the client debug when the bug happens. Characteristics of a CLIENT bug: * The bug deals with client features (random events, breaks, logging in, webwalking). * The bug happens on most or all scripts related to that bug. * The bug only started occurring after a big RS update. Pro Tip: Even if the bug deals with client features, if it's only broken on one script, it's still likely to be a script bug. For example, the scripter forgot to make the script leave combat when the break handler kicks in. Please do not post about the client bug to the scripter. If you want to make people aware of the client bug, you can report it yourself and possibly PM the scripter to see if he can ask the other scripters or TRilez about it. Bug Report Format: Many script threads have bug report formats posted. USE THEM. If there isn't one, or it isn't enough, use this: Frequency of the bug or when does it happen:Screenshot/GIF/Video of the client during the bug:Bot Debug (copy/paste):Client Debug (copy/paste):Script Stack Trace:Detailed description of the bug:Other useful information includes Java Version, Max heap space, whether or not your machine is laggy, etc. Frequency: This describes when the bug happens. Be specific. Good Example (Banking bug, Combat script): The bug occurs within an hour of runtime when my character is in the bank. It only happens when I have potion support enabled along with withdrawing sharks. It doesn't always happen, but within the first hour. It seems to happen more often when I have potions of different doses in my bank. I've never seen it do this when I only have potion(4)s in the bank. Bad Example: The bug happens sometimes in the bank. Screenshot: This is self explanatory. Just submit a screenshot of the client when the bug is happening. Make it the ENTIRE client and edit your username out if you wish. INCLUDE the FULL PAINT. Screenshot program: https://gyazo.com/ Bot Debug: The bot debug is a list of outputs from the client. It's that little text list at the bottom of the client. There are two tabs: "Bot Debug", and "Client Debug". Right click the tab and it lets you copy the info to your clipboard. Please, please use the spoiler forum tags to hide the debug information in your post, as they can be quite long. Client Debug: Do the same thing for the client debug as you would the bot debug. The client debug is mainly for script output. Also, please don't argue whether or not you believe the debug matters. If you want the bug to be fixed, just do what this post says. Script Stack Trace: The script stack trace tells us what lines of code are running during the bug. This is extremely helpful. How to print the script stack trace: 1. Wait for the bug to happen. 2. When the bug is occurring, focus your attention to the tribot toolbar and click "Script" 3. Click "Print script stack trace" near the bottom of the list. Do this 1-3 times 4. The stack traces should print in the SCRIPT DEBUG. 5. You can highlight certain lines of output by clicking them while holding in CTRL. Click CTRL+C to copy Detailed Description of the bug: This is the most important part of the bug report. And it's the part that is rarely completed correctly. To give this description, you MUST tell the scripter what the script IS DOING. You can't just say "it isn't banking". You HAVE to say what it IS DOING. Is it trying to click the bank, moving the camera, mouse. What's the script status in the paint? Etc, etc. Wastedbro's list of useless terms: Freeze: This word is not enough. You need to say what the mouse and camera are doing. Does the client freeze? Does the paint freeze? Does the script fail to do an action, or does it not even attempt to do the action? Is the script stuck behind a door or is it idling in the middle of nowhere? [Feature] Doesn't Work: Just don't say this. At the very least, say something like "[This Feature] fails to start when the script is suppose to do [Action]". Messes/Screws up: Please don't say the bot messes or screws up. Using such a phrase creates the illusion of details, but actually makes things worse. First of all, I know the bot messes up, that's why you're creating a bug report! Even you were just trying to give a measure of how sever the bug is, this phrase doesn't work, as it can be interpreted differently. If you absolutely need to include the severity of the bug, say something like "The script cannot run when this bug happens" or something like "The script corrects itself after a few seconds, but the bug raises concern about bot detection". Good Example (Banking failure): When the bot is supposed to bank, it doesn't click the bank. The bank is fully on screen and the script fails to do anything in this situation with a full inventory of dragonhides. The mouse only moves due to tribot antiban, same as the camera. The status of the script says "Banking". Bad Example: The bot doesn't bank. How to Reach The Scripter: Skype: Most scripters have a skype you can message for support. This is often the easiest option for both parties. Do NOT spam the scripter unless you want blocked/ignored. If the scripter doesn't respond, then stop using skype. Use their script thread. If the scripter is failing to fix bugs, then it's probably better that there are public posts announcing bugs. Also, USE THE PROPER BUG REPORT FORMAT. Tribot Private Message: This is also a discrete method of making the scripter aware of the bug. PMing, along with skype, are best used for small bugs that won't be too hard to fix. The Script Thread: Self-explanatory. Just make a new post in the script thread following the proper format and conventions for a bug report.
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