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  1. Discord Webhook Notification Tutorial Creating a Webhook URL In Discord, edit a channel and navigate to the Integration tab. Select the Create Webhook button and then copy the webhook URL by selecting the Copy Webhook URL button. Adding a Webhook URL to TRiBot Open the settings window in TRiBot (File -> Settings). Navigate to the Notifications tab and paste the webhook URL in the text area.
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  2. Strange - I'll take a look at the Oil Lantern issue. It just takes whichever appropriate light source it sees first - for the part of the caves it goes to, it doesn't matter which light source it takes, it avoids the parts which can explode I think that adding a lit for the stop at boss task feature would just make the GUI incredibly busy and overly complex. I can, however, look to put together a list you can copy and paste from and add it to the guide to make it easier Good spot, I'll make sure to resolve the Duradel auto-selection issue The script supports
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