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    I started TRiBot 10 years ago as a project founded on my passion for gaming, software development, and automation. We have come a long way since then, especially myself personally. I’ve finished my BSc degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics. I’ve gained a massive amount of knowledge and experience in so many different areas. Now it’s time for TRiBot members to reap all of the benefits. Over the past few months, I’ve been working diligently on a new project - TRiBot X. Everything has been written from the ground up, with all of the best practices of software engineering. Every aspect of TRiBot has been re-imagined to support three main goals: flexibility, useability, and reliability. TRiBot X is more than just a RuneScape bot. It’s designed to be a very abstract automation platform. Modules and components are used to bring in specific functionality. But of course since we are a RuneScape bot, we are going to initially only be releasing an OSRS bot with this framework. That’s enough background information for now. Let’s dive into how TRiBot X is different from TRiBot. Secure Client Environment By secure, we mean that the RS client is run in an environment which heavily protects against client detection methods. With an in-depth knowledge of the JDK and JVM, I am confident that we are able to thwart any client detection methods, and we will continue to be able to do so in the future. This secure environment will be more secure than TRiBot’s LG. Sleek UI (User interface) and UX (User experience) UIs and UXs in web applications have vastly improved, but not so much with desktop applications. Therefore, we are writing TRiBot X’s display in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We are using React with Material UI. Fast, Responsive, and Efficient Here’s the current resource usage with one OSRS client running at max FPS. Not bad right? Okay, now check this out. This is the current resource usage with 100 OSRS clients running at max FPS. Yes, you read that right. 100! This is with minimal optimization of TRiBot X. Here are the hardware specs of the machine used for bench-marking: TRiBot X has been elegantly designed for high concurrent performance. Open Source TRiBot X will be partially open source. Our pricing model will roughly stay the same though, delivered through proprietary software modules built on top of our framework. We can’t say which modules will be open source yet, but our plan is for most modules to be. The proprietary modules will all add great amounts of value, representing our competitive advantage. New Input Mechanisms We’ve redesigned our input mechanisms to precisely model human behavior, backed by data and analytics. Not just mouse mechanics, but keyboard mechanics too. And did I say, Human Mouse for everyone?! Scripting API TRiBot X’s new scripting API will be similar to our current API, but improved in many areas. We’ll provide both low-level and high-level APIs. It’s going to be more flexible, fast, and efficient. The main goal with its design is to minimize the amount of code needed to write scripts. Other features include: Null-safe No checked exceptions Immutable Other Features TRiBot X is going to redefine bot software. We have many different features planning, and I could go on and on about them. But it’s best that I work on them rather than talking about them. So here’s a list of what’s planned. I’m going to do more in-depth about them in a future dev blog, spoonfeeding everyone TRiBot X’s greatness. Theming support Plugin support Modularization Micro-service based architecture New web walker HTTP rest server for bot control Deep learning scripts Java 14, with a custom JVM FAQ When can we use it? We don't have a concrete timeline just yet, but we'll let everyone know as soon as we know. Development is moving at a rapid pace right now. What about TRiBot 10/11? TRiBot 11 will be seen through. After the official release of TRiBot X, TRiBot 10/11 will be given and end of life of 6 months thereafter. Will TRiBot 10/11 scripts be compatible with TRiBot X? For the most part, yes. We will offer modules for legacy support.
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    Over the past month, we've been working hard on TRiBot's new repository - a much needed update. This change has been deemed necessary for TRiBot X, and will allow us to really speed up development of all aspects of TRiBot. Today we are going to share what we've been working on! Now you must be wondering what kind of features the new repository will have.... well, you'll have to be patient for a little while longer. We're still figuring out various technical aspects so we can't provide answers to all possible questions. We're also focusing on development rather than writing about it so that everyone can get access to our latest developments at lightning speed. I will however answer a few users' questions. We're planning on a release of this early to mid August, giving users some goodies before TRiBot X's release. Thank you all for being patient. I hope everyone is excited as much as I am!
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    What is Tribot Mobile? Tribot Mobile is a new client that works on Android's version of Oldschool Runescape. Being in development for over several months, Tribot Mobile is currently in available to Developers and Scripters, and is completely usable. It uses your PC to interact with a connected Android device (physical or emulator) and plays OSRS for you! Unlike the normal tribot client, this client has absolutely no interaction with the OSRS internals. It is strictly color/image based, and provides functionality through its API, as well as popular vision libraries, such as Tesseract and OpenCV. Demo: TribotMobileDemo.mp4 FAQ When will this be available? Most likely this summer (2020) Who will have access? For the public release, only VIP members or higher will likely to be able to use the client at all. Can this run without a PC? No, a computer is required to actually run the bot logic. It connects to your phone via USB, or via an emulator that you're running also on your PC. Being color-based, will scripts be different? Yes. Scripting for color is notoriously more difficult, thus scripts won't be as advanced. Over time, we plan on creating things like a webwalker and using machine learning to find objects/NPCs. However, this is long term and well after the release. How is the banrate? Both myself and others have tried to get banned using this. We can't do it. I gave up at 40m fletching XP on two accounts (my main and a fresh). I'll try again once we develop some more scripts. Tribot Mobile will have tons of antiban. Just like the normal client, it uses algorithms that mimic human clicking patterns to ensure that no botlike behavior can be observed by Jagex. In addition, it never even touches the game client. There is absolutely zero possibility of client detection, or even client suspicion. It's completely invisible. From the ground up, the Tribot Mobile API will have options for realistic reaction times, sleeps, clicking patterns, and more. How are scripts written? Scripting for Tribot Mobile will be roughly similar to the normal client. However, Tribot Mobile is written entirely in Kotlin. This means that writing scripts in Kotlin will be the easiest, but Java can also be seamlessly used if you prefer. Also, the API will be 100% open-source. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone has more questions, be sure to post here, or ask me discord. Happy Botting
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    Hey all, I'm really excited to be joining the team! As TRiLez mentioned I love learning about and developing AI. When I'm not tinkering with neural networks I'm probably down by the beach, reading, or out buying more books.
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    After having multiple mains banned on the quest to hit end game content and hit a 2k total. I've finally gone and done it - 2k total achieved. I thought i'd make this post to share my experience, skills i achieved and what scripts i used to attain my levels. Things to note: I was permanently banned on this account once, and appealed it.. let's say 6 months ago won't be specific for, obvious reasons. FYI, my perm ban happened about 5 years ago. By no means am i saying these scripts are the best or are superior to the other ones available, they are the ones i used and worked for me . Also, not that it needs to be said, but this isn't to advertise these scripters or scripts, merely recognition and a thank you for making good quality scripts that allowed me to achieve one of my RS Goals. 99 Strength - Ex Nightmarezone @ericko123 (Overload method with absorbs for all of the below Nmz) - ran for roughly 7 hours a day (split into 2 sessions), didn't run any other scripts when doing NMZ 99 Defence - Ex Nightmarezone 99 Range - Ex Nightmarezone 99 Magic -nMagic @Naton (High alched all the way to 99, using air battle staves which leaves you with a profit - ran for 2.5-3 hours a day, ran for maximum of 2 sessions per day with manual playing in between) 82 Runecrafting - Netami's runecrafter @Netami (Lava runes to 82 on my main, and currently still running nature runes on my alt (80 rc) as a money maker, run for 3 hours a day, manual playing in between) - my alt runs 7h a day and still no ban (split over 2 sesh) 99 Smithing - nBlast furance (Adamant bars from 70-99, made 150m ish if i recall correctly per acc, got 99 over 3 accounts) - one of alts got banned for runnign 10 hours straight, so i just ran 3-6 hours per day, split into 2 sessions 99 Thieving - LanThiever @Laniax (Blackjacked to 99, flawless) - run for 3 hours a day at max, split over 2 sessions sometimes 99 Crafting - nCrafter (Air battlestaves to 99, flawless) 99 cooking - nCooker (Wines to 99, 3/4 hours a day) 90 Herblore - nHerblore (Ppots to 90 ran for 2hour periods, took days off to rotate other bots) 99 firemaking - Auto Winter todt Pro @Encoded (99 on 5/6 accounts, flawless everytime) - i honestly dont know if you can get banned from this, i've run it for hours on end lol 80+ construction (won't be specific for some anonymity), wConstructor @Worthy (Oak dungeon doors to 80+ construction, 1.5 hour intervals, maximum 3h a day) 80 +Fishing (won't be specific for some anonymity), Auto Fisher pro (Flyfishing to 80+ fishing, ran 3-4 hours a day) 80+ Agility (won't be specific for some anonymity), Einstein's Agility @Einstein (Seers W/Kandarin hard diary (very good xp) for 1h 20 intervals at max, sometimes once or twice a day depending on what else i'd bot) Full void + Void elite - Netami's pest control (Got full void+elite on 2 accounts, ran for 2hours a day, took a day off in between) There was a questing script that was available that got you roughly 80+ Quest points, forgot the name as it was removed from the repository, but i ran that and all the quests it offered It should be noted i did play on this manually, as this is my main - not a gold farming account, however, i did bot to maximise GP, i.e running adamant bars in blast furnace rather than gold bars Happy to answer any other Q's.
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    Please welcome @CFritz as our new engineering team lead. As TRiBot's first full-time employee (other than myself; everyone else is part-time), she's going to really accelerate our growth! She has experience working with AI and will present much value in transforming our bots to be as human-like and intelligent as possible.
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    JBotStarter is your one stop shop for fully automated RS Account Creation, the ultimate account creation tool. Ever wanted to farm Runescape but not had the time to make endless numbers of accounts to trial your methods? This script is your solution! Whether you're an avid all round farmer, or just testing the waters, there'll be an JBotStarter to suit your needs. JBotStarter Editions The best package going, enjoy watching your bot complete every quest and skill this script has to offer. Capable of completing over 35 quests and training 10 skills, there's no doubt this script will suit your training needs! Purchase Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3524 Supported Quests: Cook's Assistant Doric's Quest The Knight's Sword Imp Catcher Witch's Potion Rune Mysteries Sheep Shearer X Marks the Spot Pirate's Treasure Romeo & Juliet Goblin Diplomacy Restless Ghost Ernest the Chicken Vampire Slayer Client of Kourend Druidic Ritual Monk's Friend Varrock Museum Gertrude's Cat Sea Slug Witch's House Tree Gnome Village The Grand Tree Waterfall Priest in Peril Animal Magnetism Fight Arena Lost City Merlin's Crystal Holy Grail Fishing Contest RFD Cook RFD Dwarf Dragon Slayer Mountain Daughter Dwarf Cannon Supported Skills: Slayer (Turael) Prayer Ranging Agility Cooking Fishing Woodcutting Crafting Firemaking JBotStarter - NMZ Edition is the successor to the much loved JNMZStarter. Automatically level your perfect NMZ ready account straight from a Level 3. This includes the Demon Questline, MTD Questline & Animal Magnetism for you range lovers out there. 20 Quests - 5+ Skills Purchase Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3254 JBotStarter - GDK Edition is the ideal tool for a GDK farmer. Hate levelling accounts to get that anti-dragon shield? This script will complete all the quests required to get you a virtually GDK ready account, including Dragon Slayer! 15+ Quests - 4 Skills Purchase Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3526 JBotStarter - Lite Edition allows you to either test the script, or enjoy some of the perks it has to offer for free! Perfect for levelling up F2P accounts. 10 Quests - 5 Skills Enjoy Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3482 Features: Every JBotStarter edition will feature the following: - Full GE Support! - Level 3 Support. Your account can work it's way through all the tasks dynamically straight from a Level 3. All you need to supply is membership and gold! - Advanced Preferences w/ Customisable Antiban! Set up your accounts to play how you like it. Is there something you'd like to see that isn't there? Request it. - Simple, Intuitive JavaFX GUI. Re-order tasks or remove them. You can complete tasks in whichever order you like! This script will intuitively decide which tasks it can complete. Progress Reports / Media:
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    Welcome to G.Quester Script Now Is Premium Link To Script I recommend using Looking Glass as it will reduce the ban rate while using this script Currently this script supports 36 quest, with more being adding soon ^___^ The Script only supports Grand Exchange. Big thank to my beta tester team for ironing all bugs out @flamekiller999 @aliraj @7upSprite @Xec Supported Quests : Supported Features : Argument Generator Thanks to @cass2186 How To Use Argument : Progress: reports
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    Bbuu20's Miner This script is some of my best work. I've followed all the guidelines for a premium script. I've also implemented a user friendly gui, along with options to bypass the gui using args. The script uses ABC2 level 10, as well as a custom fatigue system that users can adjust manually in the gui. The script handles traditional mining with any tradable ore, with an option to hop worlds on rock depletion, and/or avoid wilderness pkers. It also has a progressive mining system, allowing users to string together tasks, making the script truly set and forget. And now, it is completely open source on my github at: https://github.com/zperkins11/Bbuu20-s-Miner I developed this script with the intention of going for premium scripter, but I've since decided I'd rather make it open source for people to learn from. It has its imperfections, as does any script, but I believe it will become an excellent learning tool for new scripters. From this source, you can learn: How to create and implement interfaces How to create and instantiate objects How to/when to use static methods/variables How to implement profile saving/loading How to implement a javafx gui and/or receive arguments How to use a custom css stylesheet with your javafx gui How to create a simple and effective paint And much more involving the tribot api. GUI Paint 50 hour proggie
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    Here are the notes for this release: Added experimental LG launchers Added dynamic interface finders We're happy to add a feature we've wanted for a long time, a way to launch clients for LG from within the client. Please be patient with us as we work out all the minor bugs of this release. There are significant moving parts on launching and attaching to a client. To use this feature simply click one of the new launchers and provide TRiBot a path to the related JAR file. If you need to to update/change this link, simply delete this JAR file and TRiBot will ask to re-link the next time you launch it. Remember our own @Fluffee graciously hosts and compiles his own TRiBot compatible OpenOSRS available here. https://bitbucket.org/openosrsjava8/launcher/downloads/
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    Gradle is a build tool used to accelerate developer productivity. We recently setup a Maven repository (TRiBot Central) to make it easier for scripters to create scripts. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-central/-/packages Furthermore, we've released a simple Gradle project to make it easy to run TRiBot and develop scripts for it. Check it out here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/tribot-gradle-launcher The goals of TRiBot Central are to: Deliver updates to TRiBot faster Better organize TRiBot's dependencies (AKA dependancies) Make it easier to develop scripts for TRiBot Make it easier to use and run TRiBot Note: TRiBot won't be able to run scripts from within this project until TRiBot's next release.
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    I've forked the OpenOSRS client to make it compatible with Java 8. They did a full update to Java 11 meaning just rebuilding with Java 8 doesn't work anymore. This new repo does not rely on their main Github directly, at all. I do pull their updates, but all the dependencies are fetched from my bitbucket (as all the dependencies have to be built with Java 8 as well). This build will hook with TRiBot and should make LG easier https://bitbucket.org/openosrsjava8/launcher/downloads/
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    Fully automated Nmz ready account builder with loads of customization QUESTS SUPPORTED: Fight Arena Tree Gnome Village Witch House Lost City Vampire Slayer Rock Cake Fishing Contest Cook's Assistant Quests Animal magnetism Ernest The Chicken Restless Ghost Priest In Peril Waterfall SKILLS SUPPORTED: Slayer Range Mage Woodcutting Prayer Fishing Crafting FireMaking EXTRA / ANTIBAN FEATURES: Dark Mode Modern FX Easy To Use GUI Mid Quest Support Custom Equipment Grand Exchange Support (Will Buy your Custom Equipment If Missing) Custom Combat style for Quest Bosses Automaticlly picks best Spell to Auto cast (Max Fire Bolt) Custom Break Handler (recommend) Sleek Paint Quests And Skills Are toggable (Prayer Lvls Can not be turnt Off) Custom Eat and Drink Pray % Multiple ways to deal with chat Food used can be Changed (post me if you want a certain food added) Shuffles Quest List Automaticlly Shuffles Banking Withdraw Order/Ge Buy Order Multiple Areas for Training skills Randomly Picks One Advanced Grand Exchange Api Advanced Banking Api ABC 2 Lvl 10 Automatically turns off your music and roofs ect..... And Much More To complete all quests and skills on a fresh lvl 3 account 1.4 Mil minimum is recommend Get Script Here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3598
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    Hi all, I would like to announce the next premium script I will be releasing, EzClueSolver. EzClueSolver will eventually be able to complete all clues from beginner to elite level, and some/most master clues. Add the open beta from the repository (free) here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3484 Features: It will be able to determine if your account has the requirements for any given clue. It will include workflows to unlock some easy-to-obtain requirements, such as music clues for entering a specific area, or minor tasks such as adding a rope to Lumbridge caves. You will be able to specify how to handle clues your account cannot complete: Should we drop it? Should we end the script? There will be multiple available methods for obtaining clues. Currently planned to support: Any impling jars (beginner -> hard viable) Pickpocket H.A.M. members (easy clues) Thieve stone chests in Lizardman temple (medium clues) Customize equipment setups Customize travel/teleport item setups (Runes, tabs, jewelry, etc) STASH unit building / usage Current development progress: Script is currently in closed beta, fully supporting Easy and Medium clues. At least 2000 medium clues have been completed with this script so far, and at least 500 easy. GUI is functional but needs a few more features, and I would like to add a nice paint and additional data tracking. I believe it will be ready for public beta within a week. Sneak peek at GUI: GUI will likely change quite a bit as development continues. And of course, this script will support arguments. Proggies/Screenshots: Profit/Loot breakdown: According to current wiki rates, a medium clue currently costs around 60k gp in eclectic impling jars. The average medium clue loot (over time) is 172k gp due to Ranger boots. This means that, per clue, you are estimated to profit around 110k over time. Not bad! Unfortunately, the numbers on for easy clues are not as nice over time. I managed to snag a Cape of skulls which gave me the nice 15m proggy up above, but I wouldn't count on results like that for easy clues. Thieving HAM members is free, so that is an option. However the clues per hour will drop significantly (probably 2-4, testing it right now). Post-release update plan: Beginner, Hard, and Elite clues will not be supported until after the first release. Hard will probably be the first set of clues I will work on as they are more desirable IMO. Custom combat functionality for obtaining clues (i.e. kill Hellhounds, Guards, etc) - distant future Puzzle solving needs to be written from scratch! Fortunately, data from open source clients is very helpful for that. Thanks for reading! Best of luck botting, and I hope everyone is staying healthy during the pandemic.
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    Features: Buying Selling World Hopping Banking Argument support (Use the profile name as the argument) Requirements: When first setting up the script, you must be at the shop you plan to buy/sell from. If you have any requests, please let me know! Activate this script
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    Actually, a brand new prerelease was just made available to our scripters about 30 minutes ago We're actually getting really close to being able to do a public release. It's my goal to get the client stable by next weekend and working fully with the script repository as well as working with the auto-update server perfectly. If I can achieve those goals, then all that's left is making a couple scripts so that you have something to bot with when we release!
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    Yes, I think so. I should be able to make it so you can replace the "account name" string with a JSON object like: account: { name: "MyAccountUserName" password: "pass" pin: "1234" } I will try to add it this weekend.
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    Why would people not want to hear about bans? it affects the decision to buy the script.
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    Trains the Slayer skill for you, 100% automatically. Welcome to ARKSlayer Pro, Tribot's Premium Slayer script. Ever wanted to farm Cerberus? Alchemical Hydra? Abyssal Sire? Demonic Gorillas? All of these highly lucrative bosses and more are locked behind tough Slayer requirements that struggle to be botted - not anymore! Features Supports: Turael (Low-level Slayer Master, no Combat requirement, can start from Level 3) Vannaka (Mid to High-level Slayer Master, requires 40 Combat) Nieve (High-level Slayer Master, requires 85 Combat) Free-farming (Kills a selected Slayer Monster off-task to farm for XP or GP eg. Gargoyles) Point-Boosting (Does 9 Turael tasks and then 1 Vannaka/Nieve task to get the max Task Streak Slayer Point bonus!) Travels to and from tasks automatically, completes them and then gets new tasks - no input necessary Multiple banking locations supported, including: Edgeville Ferox Enclave with Portal/Pool replenishment Varrock West Bank (with Ironman support for teleport runes) Edgeville via the mounted Amulet of Glory in your POH, with Restoration Pool (including Ornate) support Fully supports Ironman accounts, with Rune-teleporting (45 Magic required) and valuable resource looting Incorporates an advanced, safe and efficient combat system that emulates human-behaviour Supports using the Dwarf Multicannon with model and projectile tracking (for tracking cannonballs left), repairing and all other relevant logic Supports all food Employs a simple algorithm to calculate how much food it needs to take to each task on each trip to not waste food, or allows you to choose to take a full inventory on every task Supports most commonly used potions Simple to use drop-down UI picker with pre-populated data (from Attack Potions to Super Combat Potions; most are supported) Intelligent algorithm to determine when to drink potions with randomisation to keep your account safe Automatic looting of anything worth looting, with precise profit and loss calculations - high level Slayer tasks make some of the best profit/hour in the game eg. Kurasks, Abyssal Demons, Gargoyles, Nechryaels Also offers "Loot above x value" and a "Max-XP mode" for extra customisation options Supports Fairy Ring teleporting, Slayer Ring teleporting and a host of other teleportation options around OSRS to get you to tasks automatically and using the most efficient way available to your account Full Grand Exchange and Slayer Master Store restocking (supported and strongly recommended to keep checked) Supports Protection Prayers Custom task-selector to choose which tasks to pray on Supports taking the Holy Wrench on Prayer tasks to reduce prayer potion consumption Switches Equipment automatically for required tasks (eg. Mirror Shield for Basilisks and Leaf Bladed weaponry/Broad weaponry for Kurasks/Turoths) Supports Expeditious Bracelets for annoying tasks that need shortening Supports Bracelets of Slaughter for increasing XP/hour on high XP tasks Supports using the Slayer Helmet and Slayer Helmet (i) Automatically uses kill moves on relevant tasks eg. Salting Rockslugs and Ice-cooling Lizards Supports Ranged and Melee combat World/area hopping when a cannon is already in our area and to prevent crashing other cannoneers World/area hopping when too many people are in our area for a certain period of time Automatic Safe Spot finding for world-hopping and teleporting via interruptable teleports Supports Task Skipping (currently only preset tasks, but eventually Task-Skipping will be fully customisable) Has the option to stop after a certain number of tasks, or at a certain Slayer level automatically and logout Special Attack Weapon support with weapon switching and intelligent randomisation-based antiban Support for Superior Slayer Monsters (acquired through the Bigger and Badder purchasable perk), with the potential to drop loot worth 26m and increasing XP/Hour considerably Supports taking runes for and casting High Level Alchemy to tasks which drop a large number of alchables Supports using Stamina Potions to reduce travel times Supports 'Esc' key closing for interfaces Automatic Dusty Key acquisition for Blue Dragon tasks Deathwalking in the rare case of death Considerable antiban and multiple fail-safes including: Repeated server-message failsafe (checks if we are stuck and repeating the same broken action to save our account and resets) World-hopping if many people arrive at our location or someone sets up a cannon Combat-area resetting if dragged out of its area for any reason Area-locked looting to prevent anti-botters who try to drag the script out with loot Additional, toggleable, antiban options to emulate human behaviour at the cost of efficiency: Activatable "Microbreaking" to simulate a player becoming distracted and semi-afking in the middle of a task Activatable "Fatigue" system to simulate a player becoming tired and less responsive with time Activatable "Hyper-AFK" mode, which allows aggressive and cannon tasks to be done as though your account is semi-afk while completing them A unique multi-method anti-profiling system, whereby every action the script can take is coded in multiple different ways, preventing actions from being repetitively tracked across accounts that use ARKSlayer Multi-tabbed paint showing all the information you need, including Slayer XP, Total XP, Profit/Loss and Tasks Completed Additional Antiban, unique algorithms, full ABCL2 10/10 compliance and a host of dynamic and randomised actions Simple, attractive GUI relative the huge host of features this script includes to make your life easier Supports multiple GUI profiles at once, with saving and loading Supports Argument Loading, allowing you to load saved GUI profiles and run the script straight from Arguments Optimal use guide ARKSlayer has a full guide on how to setup the script and gain optimal XP, viewable here: Where do I find this? You may purchase this script from the Repository: A free trial for 2 hours is also available. GUI Also supports script arguments. Task list (All supported unless noted - Free Farm mode available if in italics) Aberrant Spectres Abyssal Demons Ankou Banshees Bats Black Demons Black Dragons Bloodveld Blue Dragons Brine Rats Basilisks Birds Bears Bronze Dragons Cave Bugs Cave Crawlers Cave Slimes Cockatrice Cows Crawling Hands Crocodiles Dagannoth Drakes Dogs Dust Devils Dwarves Earth Warriors Automatically skipped since this task is in the Wilderness Elves Fever Spiders Fire Giants Gargoyles Ghouls Ghosts Green Dragons Does Baby Dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon if above 34 Woodcutting, otherwise skips (since normal Green Dragons are in the wilderness) Greater Demons Goblins Harpie Bug Swarms Hellhounds Hill Giants Hobgoblins Ice Giants Ice Warriors Icefiends Infernal Mages Iron Dragons Jellies Jungle Horrors Kalphites Switches types killed based on combat level – Workers or Soldiers Killerwatts Kurask Lizards Lesser Demons Minotaurs Mithril Dragons Mogres Molanisks Automatically skips, Dorgesh-Kaan is a nightmare Monkeys Moss Giants Nechryael Ogres Otherworldly Beings Pyrefiends Rats Rockslugs Shades Sea Snakes Scorpions Shadow Warriors Skeletons Skeletal Wyverns Spiders Spiritual Creatures Automatically skips, may be added in the future Steel Dragons Terror Dogs Automatically skips Turoth Trolls Supports multiple locations (including Jatizso and Death Plateau) based on your account’s quests completed TzHaar Vampyres Wall Beasts Werewolves Wolves Wyrms Zombies Progress Reports from users 29m Imbued Heart drop from a Superior Slayer Monster! ARKSlayer is an advanced and full featured script. It runs effectively and efficiently and any issues you may have will be resolved quickly and easily. Try the 2 hour free trial today!
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    Welcome to the thread for Netami's Runecrafter! Support/discussion discord link: https://discord.gg/aacD5Th GET IT HERE: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3493 Over the past few months I've been working on my own Runecrafting script, which I'm now happy to release for public use! Below is the list of features currently implemented in the script: - Regular (walking) runecrafting - Abyss runecrafting - ZMI altar - Pouch repair (abyss or NPC Contact) - Progression queue - Custom jewelry/teleport/bank selection for jobs - Lava/mud combination runes - Integrated GE Selling/Restocking - Stamina potion support - Customization mouse speed - Integrated muling (for use with Netami's Muler) - Pouch gathering from abyss - Pouch organization in inventory - Script ending conditions (time, runes made, level) - Profile saving/loading - Profile loading via script arguments - Dynamic signatures/hiscores Below is the list of runes/methods supported: Red = Regular (non-abyss) only, Yellow = Abyss only, Green= Abyss and regular OR custom method - Air runes - Mind runes - Water runes - Earth runes - Mud runes (magic imbue OR talismans) - Fire runes - Body runes - Lava runes (magic imbue OR talismans) - Cosmic runes - Chaos runes - Astral runes (Moonclan teleport) - Nature runes - Law runes - Death runes - Blood runes - Soul runes - ZMI Altar (Ourania teleport) GUI Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/vsSG4RU Hiscores page: https://netamiscripts.com/rc/ Dynamic signatures (replace Netami with your own TRiBot username): https://netamiscripts.com/rc/users/Netami.png
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    With the release of Tribot 11.0.9 (currently beta), a new feature is added to allow for programmatic client automation. I'm going to over how to use it, with a couple of low level examples. Introduction The Tribot Automation Client is a low-level way to interact with the client at a programmatic level. This is not a GUI feature, nor can it be set up without code (yet). In short, we've enabled the client to communicate with external applications via websockets. This allows you to connect your tribot processes to your servers, whether locally on your computer, or remote. This should provide a fantastic way to add remote features to the client, such as a bot panel, automated farm, monitoring, etc. Even if you never use a remote server, this interface would allow you to create tribot tooling that enables workflows that go above the script. For example, a smarter breaking system, or a better script queue, etc. You can even make your own CLI for running clients! Prerequisites Knowledge in webserver programming (any language) Basic knowledge in websocket communication (two-way) JSON-RPC 2.0 Protocol (spec link) Terminology A server is a system that accepts connections A client is system that attempts to connect to a server A connection is a two-way communication system. Both the client and server can each send messages to each other, meaning there is no difference between them other than the way they connect. In this regard, a server can have zero-to-many client connects, and a client can only have one connection to a server. How does the automation client work? When Tribot first opens up, it will look for a config file called "automation-settings.json" within the ".tribot/settings" directory. This file will not be created automatically by tribot. You must provide it. If Tribot cannot find this file, it will not open any sockets. This file has a single field: { "webServerUrl": "http://localhost:8374" } All you need to provide is a URL to your server, which includes the port. In this case, Tribot will attempt to open a websocket connection to a server running on the local machine using port 8374. Once the connection is made, the Tribot websocket client will accept messages that follow JSON-RPC 2.0 specification. It will then try to locate the method you specified to call with your arguments. It will execute the method, then return the results back in JSON-RPC format. Methods for the client Format: method(param1, param2) getTabs() Returns a list of open tabs for the tribot process, with their IDs, username of the account running, and the name of the script running. Example return message: { "id": 1, "username": "MyRSAccount", "script": "Wasted Chopper" } addNewClientTab(name, world) Opens a new tab in the tribot client. The tab will be named from the "name" parameter, and will start the game in the world specified by "world". Both of these parameters can be null, and a new tab will open like normal. Returns an empty response. removeClientTab(tabId) Removes the specified tab from the tribot client, closing the game. This will return an empty response. startScript(tabId, accountName, breakProfileName, scriptName, scriptArgs) Starts a script for the specified tab, using the parameters specified. Everything except the "scriptName" and "tabId" can be null. Returns an empty response. stopScript(tabId) Stops a script for the specified tab. Returns an empty response. pauseScript(tabId) Pauses a script for the specified tab. Returns an empty response. unPauseScript(tabId) Unpauses a script for the specified tab. Returns an empty response. getStat(tabId, stat) Returns the specified stat level of the account that's logged in within the specified tab. The "stat" parameter must match the Tribot STATS enum. getInventoryItems(tabId) Returns a list of inventory items of the account that's logged in within the specified tab. The return value will be a 2-dimensional array, with the overarching array being the list of items, and the inner arrays being the itemID and stack at indexes 0 and 1. The inner arrays will always be 2 elements. getPosition(tabId) Returns the position of the account that's logged in within the specified tab. The return value will be an integer array in the format of [X, Y, Plane]. It will always be 3 elements representing the tile coordinates. isLoggedIn(tabId) Returns true if the game is logged in for the specified tab, and false otherwise. getSetting(tabId, setting) Returns the value of the specified game setting for the specified tab. getVarbit(tabId, varbit) Returns the value of the specified game varbit for the specified tab. Webserver Example (Kotlin) In this example, a webserver will listen on 8374. Once a client connects, it will send a request for the "getTabs" method. It will then listen for messages sent back to it for that specific client and print out any it receives. Link: https://gist.github.com/WBScripting/258783dcfef4521fb32715254562286e If you run this app, open tribot 11, then open two clients (within 10 seconds), you'll see this exchange: Tribot Process Connected... Sending request: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"1","method":"getTabs"} Received Response: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"1","result":[{"id":1,"username":"unimplemented"},{"id":2,"username":"unimplemented"}]} Webserver Example (Java) Coming soon... Notes: The webserver can be in any language. The messages are sent through plaintext via websocket, so they are not at all language-specific. You can create automation tools in NodeJS, Java, Kotlin, C#, Python, Go, etc. Most of the methods will give a response with no value. The response is what signals that the method is complete. In the future, I hope to add more info the results. Your webserver doesn't need to be the system that actually controls the clients. For example, you could create a webserver that simply served up the functionality via REST API, so that you can get this information via a stateless REST service. The possibilities are endless.
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    Today marks a big day for TRiBot! To make it easier for users to use TRiBot, we've created installers available for every platform! These installers are all bundled with the latest version of OpenJDK 1.8 (Java 8), which is LG compatible. Using TRiBot is now easy. Simply download the installer for your platform, install TRiBot, and run it. The TRiBot Loader will correctly identify the bundled JDK so there's no need to change the Java selection. Windows EXE installer: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.4.exe Portable version: TRiBot-windows-x64-4.0.4.zip Mac OS Installer: TRiBot-macos-4.0.4.dmg Portable version: TRiBot-macos-4.0.4.tgz Unix/Linux Installer: TRiBot-unix-4.0.4.sh RPM installer (CentOS/Fedora): TRiBot-linux-4.0.4.rpm DEB installer (Debian): TRiBot-linux-4.0.4.deb Portable version: TRiBot-unix-4.0.4.tar.gz Platform Independent JAR file: tribot-loader-4.0.4.jar Note that this jar file does not include the bundled JDK. Windows and Mac OS users may notice a warning message stating that the installer/application is un-recognized or un-trusted. Please ignore this message and proceed with running the installer/application. We need to acquire a code signing certificate so that we can sign the installers letting the operating system know that these files can be trusted. It will take a week or more to acquire one, so please hold tight. Other notable changes to the TRiBot Loader: Support getting the version from OpenJDK distributions Add check for bundled JDK Copy OpenJDK tools.jar to the bundled JDK if not present Set the current java as the first available list entry Ignore Java versions which are symbolic links Make the bundled JDK the preferred Java version Update icon images Reduce the number of HTTP calls
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    Same could be said about yours: https://github.com/Will--B/ I'm voting no based on the laziness/haste of this application alone. I understand you've been told that the scripter rank is easier to obtain now than it used to be, but you are extremely far from being an active user, and you don't even have vip. When is the last time you tested one of these scripts? Clearly, they haven't been tested in months, since it appears you haven't been vip since October. In your first scripter app, you said "Of course, life happens and it's possible that I'll never get around to a bunch of AIO premium scripts... If not, at least the community is left with a bunch of high-quality free scripts", and then proceeded to remove all your scripts, as well as their source code, once "life happened". All of your scripts posted here were uploaded last night, and you didn't even make sure the link to your github worked before posting your application. Last night on discord, you said: "Too much work to justify spending time doing this. Now I'm quarantined and have a bit of time." The whole point of making the scripter application process more forgiving is to allow active members of the tribot community to write quality, open source scripts, without needing to pay the $8/month for vip. At this time, you are not at all an active member of the tribot community, and you pretty much admitted you will leave again once you are no longer quarantined. My opinion doesn't matter as much as some other's here, but I feel this application was very rushed, with little effort put into it. I believe a scripter should need to prove they are an active member of the community, and shouldn't admit they are only here because they have some extra time for a few weeks/months. I would be much more inclined to vote yes if you were to stick around at least for a few weeks before applying for scripter. I would also like to make it clear that I don't mean to insult you with anything I've said, I just really want my opinion to be heard about this application. I really feel it would be a spit in the face to myself, and all the other scripters on tribot, if such a low effort application is approved.
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    Hello Some intro stuff: This account was never meant to be mained or maxed, it was originally my 99 RC account that I put on the bench because i didn't want it to get banned, I can't really remember the reason, but I started to max it slowly and here we are today! First and foremost, by MAX* I mean every skill that I find bottable ( Slayer is excluded ) and skill I want to do myself vs scripting ( Farming ) Closing intro stuff: For everyone saying this is fake or whatever, that's fine, all I can say is, this is real and I did bot 99% of everything lol Picture: Aropupu's aPlunder* not thiever Scripts used: Big Brain @theholyone Scripts @Naton @Aropupu @Encoded SPECIAL SCRIPT MENTIONS: Got me FULL void + mace + points for elite void Got me fishing trawler outfit.. after 10+hrs! CLOSING REMARKS: Would just like to give a special thank you to Tribot for being there, OSRS for paying some bills and everyone @ the current Leakfest for putting up with my annoying shit when i'm bored. Going to actually play the game now Happy botting and best of luck to you all Think that's it for now, gonna edit later
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    G.Farming Script Link : https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3638 Supported Features : 1- Allotment Run 2-Trees Run 3-Fruit Tree Run 4-Herb Run 5-Hops Run 6-Flowers Run 7-Both Allotment And Herb In Same Run 8-Cure Diseased Herbs and hops 9-UltraCompost Support 10-Support Custom Seeds To Override Auto Update The Seed Upon Leveling Up 11-GE Support 12-GUI Profile Saving 13-Argument Support And A Lot More. Upcoming Features : 1-Custom Equipment 2-Custom Inventory 3-Custom Patches Order 4-More patches 5-Hosidius Favor (To Unlock Farming Guide ) Feel free to suggest any improvements...
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    EzClueSolver is an advanced script which is capable of completing ALL easy and medium clues, as well as unlocking many of the requirements for clues as it finds them. Link to script Features: Currently supports Easy and Medium clues. Determines if your account has the requirements for any given clue. Includes workflows to unlock some easy-to-obtain requirements, such as music clues for entering a specific area, or minor tasks such as adding a rope to Lumbridge caves. Willing to add more if they are simple, just contact me! Specify how to handle clues your account cannot complete: Should we drop it? Should we end the script? Multiple available methods for obtaining clues. Currently supported: Baby, Gourmet, and Eclectic impling jars (easy - medium) Pickpocket H.A.M. members (easy clues) Thieve stone chests in Lizardman temple (medium clues) Planned support for: Killing custom NPC at custom location using custom combat loadout (No current ETA sadly) Hard clues and above Customize equipment setups Customize travel/teleport item setups (Runes, tabs, jewelry, etc) STASH unit building / usage Tracks number of clues and steps completed, as well as any rare drops. High-score data currently unavailable, but that is in the works. How can I learn more about clue scrolls? Easy clues - Wiki article Medium clues - Wiki article Why complete clue scrolls? Where do I earn my gp? The vast majority of your profit will come from specific "chase" items, which hold high value. For medium clues, this means a pair of Ranger boots. For easy clues, this means a Cape of skulls or a few other rare items. This article goes into pretty good detail about the profit breakdown from opening Eclectic impling jars. So basically, you should expect to lose money until you finally hit the Ranger boots drop, at which point you should hopefully be profiting. Proggies/Screenshots: FAQ Post-release update plan: Beginner, Hard, and Elite clues will not be supported until after the first release. Hard will probably be the first set of clues I will work on as they are more desirable IMO. Custom combat functionality for obtaining clues (i.e. kill Hellhounds, Guards, etc) - coming next. Puzzle solving needs to be written from scratch! Fortunately, data from open source clients is very helpful for that. Bug Report Format: Your profile can be found in your .tribot folder, in the folder: .tribot/ezcluesolver/profile/ Profile (pastebin or txt file): Screenshot/gif (including paint): Bot debug (pastebin or txt file): Client debug (pastebin or txt file): Any additional info to provide: Thanks for reading! Best of luck botting.
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    I recommend using Looking Glass as it will reduce the ban rate while using this script
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    Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3393 Description: This bot will complete the Rogues' Den minigame accurately and efficiently Instructions: Start at Rogues' Den Have stamina potions/energy potions in your bank, if restoring run energy is enabled The script will automatically take the 80 thieving shortcut if applicable It's recommended to zoom out a bit and/or use resizable mode to click farther away for best performance Requirements: 50 Thieving and Agility Script arguments: As with all of my scripts, you can load your last settings with the script argument "settings:last". You can load any specific settings profile with "settings:settingsName". Pictures: Features: Completes the course in the most efficient manner possible Supports restoring run energy/drinking stamina Opening crates Stopping after # of crates or full set obtained 80 Thieving shortcut View Free Trial: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3393 Preferences: If you have any questions about any of the preferences, then please ask. Feel free to join my discord, PM me here, or leave a reply to this thread. Dynamic Signatures: To be added. Tracking statistics is already supported. Highscores: http://nscripting.com/highscores/roguesden/ Pricing: Pricing is subject to change at any time Visit the repository link for up-to-date pricing Let me know if there is a specific instance package you'd like to see. Refunds will only be given in the case that there is an actual issue with the script. Bugs/Errors: Please delete hooks.dat and the jagex cache before reporting bugs. Also make sure that you have good internet connection and are not disconnecting/having extremely poor FPS. Please leave bug reports down below (or in my discord). I will fix them as soon as possible - they are very much appreciated. Suggestions: If anyone has any suggestions that could help make the script even better than please let me know, I am open to any suggestions.
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    To better support the upcoming changes (TRiBot X, new repository), we're switching our login handler to Auth0. Instead of logging in with the standard form, you'll now be required to login through our Auth0 application. All existing accounts which have been used within approximately the past year have been imported into Auth0 using the same email and password combination which has been stored on the forums. What does this mean for users? Your account credentials are now even more securely stored You'll be able to login via Facebook, Google, and others in the future Is there anything users have to do differently now? Existing users: You'll have to login with the standard login, open your Account Settings, then link your Auth0 account New users: You'll be redirected to our Auth0 app (auth.tribot.org) where you'll be able to create an account Why was this change made? The new apps we are creating (such as the new repository) aren't able to use the forums to handle user logins To centralize all user accounts in one area To ensure that the client login doesn't go down when the forums are having problems To speed up our development Other considerations There's no documentation or official support for using Invision Community combined with Auth0, so there are still a few kinks we're working out We're in the works of creating an account management panel specifically for Auth0 accounts (ETA August) It's not possible to change email addresses for the time being (this will be resolved this August) Changing passwords is a weird process for the time being. To change your password, you'll have to use the "Don't remember your password" tool on the Auth0 login page
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    bDueler (The most advanced staking script) Development Thread Motivation Currently there is no staking script available publicly besides Assume's staker, which has stopped receiving support with the addition of the Duel Arena's massive update. Although odds staking is dead, this script aims to fill in those gaps left to those who wish to achieve slim staking odds and target the casual Max Mainer who wishes to automate their duels or even a gold farmer who is looking to mule through the Duel arena instead of trading. Planned Core Features: Odds percentage minimum threshold & calculator: IN PROGRESS Staking amount (minimum, maximum, average): COMPLETED Auto Chat support: COMPLETED Configurable Duel options: COMPLETED Boxing Whip (Abyssal, Tentacle) DDS (w/ customization for primary weapon) Dscim Adding scammers to the ignore list: COMPLETED Blacklisting equipped or inventory items (Zamorakian Hasta, Ham Joint, Gharzi Rapier, Blade of Saledeor): COMPLETED Tentacle whip checking & recharging: COMPLETED Banking and converting Coins <-> Platinum Tokens: COMPLETED Profit Tracking after Arena Tax: COMPLETED Support for Coins & Platinum Tokens: COMPLETED Muling support: NOT STARTED Tick HP Regeneration: NOT STARTED Interactive GUI: IN PROGRESS Script Arguments: IN PROGRESS Dynamic Signatures: IN PROGRESS Style Switching: IN PROGRESS BETA: looking for beta testers soon!
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    This is a guide on how to first setup your development environment on Windows for making scripts with Tribot. I wrote this after running into a few issues getting setup myself. Setup TL;DR version: Full version: Get VIP or VIP Extended. One of these account statuses is required for your bots to be able to run locally. Download and install the Tribot Client. Log in with your VIP+ account credentials. Install JDK 8. Note the location where it was installed. (default is C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0) This is an important step! The JDK version MUST be 8 or the compiled scripts will not show up in your client. Install an IDE like IntelliJ Idea. Start a new project (name does not matter) and then go through the following steps to get your IDE set up. Click the Project SDK dropdown at the top. Select "Add JDK" and then browse to the location where you installed JDK 8. Select your JDK folder and hit OK. Create a new package called "scripts" in the src directory. Make a new class called SampleScript inside of the scripts package and insert the boilerplate script template found at the bottom of this post. Go into your project structure (File -> Project Structure) and do these things: Go to the Project tab. Make sure the Project SDK reads 1.8 and the Project language level is 8. Navigate to the Libraries tab. Click the plus and add the Tribot jar file. The tribot jar file is located at C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\dependancies\TRiBot-#.jar. (# represents your version) You may have to enable viewing hidden files by clicking the eye icon, the furthest right icon at the top. Open the Modules tab. Inside there, open the Paths tab. Check Use Module compile output path and then put C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\bin in both of the input fields. Hit OK to close the project structure window. Now that your IDE is all set-up, you need to compile your class. To do this, just go to Build -> Build Project. Now, the compiled .class files should show up in your .tribot/bin/scripts/ directory. In the Tribot client, go to Settings and enable Developer Mode. This will allow you to refresh the scripts directory in the client. Start a new client and you should be able to select local scripts. Under the combat category, you should now see our sample script called scriptname (Local). Check out the Tribot API and the Java 8 API. Enjoy developing! FAQ Q: My scripts are compiling and the .class files are in the right directory, but I can't get anything to show up in the client. A: This could be happening for a few reasons. Make sure you are VIP or VIP Extended and ensure that you have your SDK set to JDK 8 (1.8). I'll add more to this section as I see what problems are encountered often. Boilerplate Script package scripts; import org.tribot.script.Script; import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest; @ScriptManifest(authors = { "authorname" }, category = "Combat", name = "scriptname", version = 1.00, description = "", gameMode = 1) public class SampleScript extends Script { @Override public void run() { } } Additional Help If you still need help, you can comment on this thread or join the Tribot Discord. Good luck!
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    Hi Everyone, with TRiBot 11 coming out soon I wanted to make sure that our users still had access to TRiBot 10 for compatibility reasons. This version should continue to work for a couple of months, but it is officially deprecated and will likely not be receiving any updates. The TRiBot Legacy will live on through 11 and sooner than later TRiBot X. We're super excited to share our developments with you. TRiBot-10-Loader.jar
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    TRiBot 11.1.1 - Adds Title Bar Script Controls - Adds button to clear TRiBot Cache - Reduces max paint delay to 100 - Adds TempAccount method to General - Deletes outdated LG jars on load - Fixes bug with script compilation while open - Fixes hint arrow transform - Fixes issue with Veos NPC - Fixes issue with Automation Server - Removed beta from logo - Fixes issue with older tribot script UIs - Redesigned icons - Removed beta feedback button
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    Professional paint & graphics design services for botting scripts, advertisements, banners, etc. See below images for portfolio. I work with the biggest scripters in the scene & create unique, high quality graphics with distinguishable branding. I also do logo work for scripters, as well as for real world businesses. OSRS Graphics jScripts & jBotStarter branding, banners, paints, icons. ezClueSolver script paint - for FALSkills ezClueSolver - PROTOTYPE/CONCEPT GUI - nGreenDragonKiller signature tracker. - - nSmither signature tracker. - - nCooker signature tracker. - - nHerblore signature tracker. - - nRoguesDen signature tracker. - - nMagic script paint. Full suite design including custom 3D render of background image, post-processing, & after effects. - - nRaids paint. - - ahWintertodt script paint. - - nPrayer script paint. - - nTheatreOfBlood paint. - - Netami's Barrows script paint. - - OneClickRegicide script paint. Text is white color, enlarge image for dark background.- - rMule script paint (unreleased personal project). - - rLumberjack script paint (unreleased personal project). - - Custom 3D Render scene. Commission work. Featuring Vanescula Drakan. - - Custom 3D render scene. Commission work. Featuring Rune gear (chainbody/med helm/platelegs/scimitar), setting is beyond the Shantay Pass. - - Custom 3D render of slayer master Krystilia. Commission work. Example of in-game character presented on the left. - Company Logos (BUSINESS PORTFOLIO) Please contact me on Discord if interested in ordering a custom paint, graphics, or logo work. rsperson111#5473
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    I've just released an optimal-use guide! This guide explains how to setup the script, optimal quests and requirements for the best experience/hour and talks through each of the options on the GUI and how they affect your account. Check it out: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OwYTUlLvyRElHvSj_Jf1rdC9SgCko6D1 (I will be updating and improving it constantly as the script evolves) Also pushed V1.64, which includes an in-GUI link to the guide and a fix for Wall Beast tasks (caused by the script having to world-hop on these tasks).
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    Amateurs, amateurs! all of em you gotta learn the art young one. there are tricks to the trade only the masters know.
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    We at TRiBot are working on incorporating transparency into our values. Today we are announcing public moderator logs, allowing everyone to view what our moderators are up to. We believe this move will create more trust between the administration and our users. Further, it holds our moderation team to be more responsible and accountable. Occasionally, users have their posts or threads hidden or closed and have no idea why that happened, or who did it. They are left confused and frustrated. This will no longer be the case. If you are unsure of why a moderation action was performed, you are encouraged to use the moderator logs to ask the moderator in question the reason for their action. Finally, this move supports self-governance. Users now have the ability to hold moderators accountable to their actions. Do you believe a moderator is not doing what is right? Please let us know so that we can quickly act on it. Sending us a ticket via our support portal is the recommended way to do this. As for privacy, please note that all IP addresses are hidden from everyone who's not a moderator or support staff. Thank you for reading. Join us in building a better world, TRiLeZ
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    Uh https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3027-nherblore/ ?
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    Hi friends, Having completed all the goals I ever wanted on my Ironman, it looks like my RS days are nearing a close. I would like to leave anyone considering botting a main (even one with 1 ban for botting) with some advice that I have learned through botting several mains these last 6 years (and having every account banned except my greatest one). This isn't a bible or anything, just some pointers that may help you along your path to botting excellence. #1 rule for botting: Don't do anything that would make another player report you. Strategy for botting a main/ironman (the following are all the same level of importance): 1.) Join a large CC, such as "ironmancc" for ironmen and comment every now and then on the flow of conversation 2.) Talk to people in the scape whenever you're at your computer and see them skilling near your guy. 5-10 minutes of a good conversation and you can act like you're heading out, but just world hop to a quieter spot 3.) Never bot without any gear on - that is 100% suspicious (useless Rogue's Den and certain activities which require you to not wear armor) 4.) Always bot your main account with proven premium scripts, here are my favorites that I have never received a ban for, but all the loot and levels: (aMiner v2, aAgility v2, nNightmare Zone, Auto Fisher Pro, Netami's Barrows, Auto Winterodt Pro, aPlunderer v2, Optimus Combat & Magic) These are nearly flawlessly crafted scripts. Use the above tips in conjunction with these scripts and you'll have 99 combats, 99 mining (50M+), 99 fish (50M+ with minnows), 99 thieve and so many scepters, 99 FM and loot, all barrows gear, in addition to very high slayer & mage. 5.) ONLY use Looking Glass 6.) Get that Quest Point cape! In fact, use all of your newfound bots to help get those skill requirements (all but hunter). Changing up how you interact with the game is fundamental to keeping ban proof. 7.) Never bot more than 4 hours at a time. I like to keep my sessions down to 2-3 hours, depending on the bot (I run NMZ until I'm out of potions, which is closer to 3.5 hrs). You can take a break and get right back to botting. But never play more than someone who has a RS addiction would play. Some bots have inhuman play times. For 99 mining, I would run my bot for 3 hours before work and 3 hours after I got home from work 8.) Get SPLASHTOP!!! Or something like it. I've been playing RS Mobile for over 8 years through Splashtop. You can put the streamer on your computer and access your computer from your phone, ipad, another computer - anywhere with internet access. This is invaluable to staying ban proof. You can check to make sure everything is going swimmingly, world hop if you're next to some chatty fishers, whatever you need from a remote location. 7.) The following bots should be scarcely used, or simply not at all (my opinion Runecraft - When RC Bots came out, USA had the absolute best. I was able to get to 92 RC in a couple months before getting lazy and receiving that juicy perma ban. USA RC is no longer a thing, and the new RC bots still need some TLC. If you do bot with these, never leave your screen. Construction - fastest skill in the game, and you can do it faster than the bot (and less bot like) Herblore - might be good, no experience with it Fletch - same as above (got my fletch from Winterodt [75+] and myself) Hunter - just don't do it. You can get your hunter up super fast and this skill has the highest chance of receiving a report as you're competing with real players for a spot 8.) Play RS Mobile when you want/can - the game flags that you signed on the mobile client, and those cannot be botted. I did this when making cannonballs on my ironman and buying/selling items at shops (can buy/sell much faster on mobile with spam clicking x50) The following bots I do not have enough experience with to say they are safe if played consciously: Smithing - I love the Blast Furnace bot, but have not used anything except the trial. The bot does Blast Furnace more efficiently than myself (needs further testing -- try it out for yourself and see). nSmithing & AlphaSmither trails both worked really well for me. Cooking - nCooker & Sigma Cooker both worked for me, but I got the majority of my cooking experience by myself Woodcutting - Super easy to legit afk at the WC guild, but Einstein's WC works really well when you don't feel like doing that Farming is so Zen, you don't even need a bot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to get banned: 1.) Get reported - Sometimes due to a game update the bots can break or start behaving improperly. If the bot is behaving improperly, DO NOT AFK, you can still babysit if you like, but how I always received my reports, which lead to perma bans, were the times when I just assumed the bot would run fine, didn't watch it make it's first cycle, & left the house or fell asleep. 2.) Fall asleep botting while using a new script. Always babysit new scripts and END SCRIPT as soon as the bot starts spam clicking or doing something inhuman. 3.) Bot for prolonged time without any legit play in-between 4.) Bot naked, without gear (mentioned above, but worth repeating) 5.) Doing the same task over and over again without changing it up - it's okay to go straight for full Graceful within 2 days using the aAgility v2 bot from level 1 agility. That's what an obsessed human would do. But after getting it the human would also: Cheer, tell people, and most importantly, TAKE A BREAK FROM AGILITY. Good luck to all & thank you for the help and great bots throughout the years. WB
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    Don't have a picture of me getting it but just got 99 agility using this script, thank you!
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    No. Not only does Tribot not use hardware-level or OS-level inputs, Jagex can't detect it anyway because OSRS is built on Java, which is largely abstracted from the underlying mechanisms such as input. Java can't access anything outside of its own application, without the help of a native interface, which OSRS cannot use since it's a java applet and doesn't ship independently. The increased bans you believe to be observing could be chance, meaning there's no relationship to any relevant factor. However, when people run multiple accounts, they usually perform certain actions that increase ban rates. For example, someone who bots one account may not bot for long periods, do tut island manually, train the account in random stats, bot various methods, buy membership, play legitimately when not botting, do quests. These actions aren't as easy to do when botting many accounts, and therefore people don't do them, and consequently receive more bans. Similarly, people who bot multiple accounts usually choose methods easier to bot, which are usually higher banrate methods. I can basically get away easily with suiciding botting WC on main. But if I did so on a new account, I'd be lucky to survive a day.
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    This Tut is going be for ppl how want to start scripting for tribot and dont know where to start and how to start i will be guiding u through the process here and i will make 2 basic scripts a WOODCUTTING and MINNING Scripts **I am not making a video and guiding through this post cause of my accent as Arabic is my first language .. ** Please avoid copy and past to learn somthing ... First the requirement 1- You will need IDEA I am going use Intellij 2- You will need to setup tribot with it 3- You dont need basic java programming to watch this and u will understand it for sure so lets Dont make it much longer and lets start First of all we going use Node Framework thanks to @Worthy so lets just say what is Node framework do: Basically a Node consists of 2 major parts 1- A validation 2- An Execute Just Ignore every thing in that photo it just shows you what dose Node look like So we have 2 things to go with 1- Validation that what we need the bot to check if it is happening it call the Execute method in that node so lets say we need the bot to cut the tree if it is not cutting so we write in the Validation method if not cutting codes and in the execute method of that node cutting tree node Now we done with our Framework so lets talk about making our first script^_^ The WoodCutting Script: As i said before u need to have IDE and compiled it with tribot so u should get a screen like this. If u have screen like this continue reading if not please figure it first and then continue or comment if u have a problem Now lets make out Script structure we Right click on our scripts and select new then select Package and name it what u wan your script to be we will name it WoodCutting after that we will find a new folder was created so now we need to add our main class << it is like our script soul >> we right click on our script package which we named <WoodCutting> and the choose new then choose Java Class and name it as u like but i like to name it as the package name so i am naming it <WoodCutting> Now u should look like this if that what u have then u can continue else ask for the problem Now we going add our script name and the maker and version and so on this is called script manifestations how we can do this u just type this word in the line before Public class is : @ScriptManifest then when u do that there is going be an error so u just use a short cut on Intellij and hit Alt+Enter it will gives u a suggestion on how to over come the error then hit enter to choose the first suggestion that should make it like this if u cant use the shortcut just write the like as in the picture. now we need to author and category and script name so all of those are name we use Strings for that String is worlds we use in English so we use it btween those " " So at the author we write "GeniuSKilelr" Category "WoodCutting" Name "GeniusCutter" or change that names as u wan Now we done with naming now we need to Implements our tribot main method >> Script So after the public class Woodcutting we a extends Script when u write Script u will find tons of scripts make sure to choose org.tribot.script one then u will find there is and error again so we use the same shortcut as before alt+enter then it will says that there is a method that isnt implemented so hit enter to implement it that would be the run method so u should be like this Again if u have it like this continue if not ask for help Now we almost done with our main method i said we going work with node framework before so lets implement it on your script Now we will create a package for our custom API , and a package to carry our Nodes that is more organized way to write a script as said before we will right click on the WoodCutting package we made and click new package and call it API . once again create new package and call it Nodes to carry our nodes as i said before we should end up like this so now lets make our Node Framework Right click our API package and click new Java Class and name it Node it will be like this now we need to make it abstract so add abstract between public and class then write that code Between { } public abstract boolean validate(); public abstract void execute(); Now we done with our Node class lets implement it in the main class write this code just before the run method we implemented before public static ArrayList<Node> Nodes = new ArrayList<>(); Again if u had any errors use the shortcut and if u faced any thing that u cant handle ask here for help i will answer assap now we implemented our Node framework to the main class now we need to implements the Nodes we will make into our run method so we go to the run method and Write this code in Collections.addAll(Nodes); loop(40, 50); // the time it take to loop the nodes now we will find an error again so we use the shortcut to implement the missing method which is the loop when we use the short cut this method will be implemented private void loop(int i, int i1) { } at this method we need to make it loop the nodes we have so we add this code for (final Node node : Nodes) { if (node.validate()) { node.execute(); sleep(General.random(50, 60)); //time in between executing nodes } } } so at the end u should be like this Now Remember all we have done now that is all u going do for almost every script u going write in Node Framework Now we done with structure lets go in coding the WoodCutting Script now Now we writing a simple wood cutting script so we will need 2 thing 2 Nodes i mean 1- Cutting Node 2- Dropping Node Easiest thing first so lets do the Drop node so we go to our package called Nodes then right click and make 2 Java Class u should know how to do that by now the first one lets call Drop and the second one lets call Cut now lets open the Drop node and make an extend Node as we made extend script in our main class so u should be like this as i said before now we have a validation and execute *** return false mean that this node will never be executed so we need it to drop all items in inv if the inv is full so we change the false to check if the inv is full now we write instead of false >>> Inventory and we will get a suggestion we must choose the one of tribot so now we called our Inventory now lets check if it is full so we continue writing so if we add . after Inventory we going find tons of actions we choose the one we are looking for then hit enter the one is is full so now we should be like this that mean that the bot will keep checking till the Inv is full then it will validate this node and execute what is in this node we what we need it to do if the inv is full we need it to drop all inv so we write in execute the code of dropping so we write Inventory.drop(); now we need to get the id or the item to drop we can do that by having the item in inv then click the debug in tribot then cloose Inventory it will shows all the ids on the inventory so we get the ide and write it between () of the drop 2511 is the id for the logs so now it will drop all the logs so u should be like that But there is 3 thing that may happen that lead to the script breakdown while inv is full 1- if the inv isnt open so the script will break 2- when it is going to drop it is going to use right click then drop we dont wan this we wan it shift drop 3--if the logs is null >>> we need to check for like every thing if it is not null almost for every thing we can check for null by two ways by the length or by not = null so now we need to fix those three things 1- we will make the bot to check if the Inv tab is open or not before dropping 2- we will make it use shift dropping instead of noraml dropping 3- we will check if the length is more than 0 before dropping so for the first one: we first call the Inventory tab by writing GameTab.Tabs.Inventory that call the inventory tab so now we know how to call tabs so we write if (!GameTab.TABS.INVENTORY.isOpen()) { } that mean if Inv is open but we need it to check if it isnt open so we add ! this mark mean not we always add it at the first if (!GameTab.TABS.INVENTORY.isOpen()) { } now we checked if the Inv isnot open then we need it to open theInv so between { } we add the code to open the Inv we going call tabs first then call Inv like before but instead of choosing isOpen we going choose Open so it is like this GameTab.TABS.INVENTORY.open(); now we need to give the bot some time to open the Inv so we add a sleep for the script we have two type of sleep static and dynamic we going for static for now so we add General.sleep(300,700); now we fixed the first problem . now we need it to use shift dropping the second problem first we call Inventory as before then we add . to see all options like before we will choose setDroppingMethod it will be like this Inventory.setDroppingMethod(); so now between ( ) we add the dropping method we wan it to be so it should be like this Inventory.setDroppingMethod(Inventory.DROPPING_METHOD.SHIFT); now we done with the 2nd problem now lets go for the 3rd problem the null problem i said i am going to use length to check so we before wrote the dropping code like this Inventory.drop(2511); so we add a length check first before adding this code so we check for hm of logs are there in inv so we add this code if (Inventory.getCount(2511)>0) { Inventory.drop(2511); General.sleep(500, 900); } that is like what length checker but i didnt wan to go to arrays and other things at your first tut so lets keep is simple for now what that code do is it check for the number of logs if >0 it will start dropping them now we done with the dropping node so the final dropping node should be like this Now lets start the Cutting Node lets open the Cutting Node and extend Node as we did for dropping node we need it to cut as if the inv isnt full so we change the false to !Inventory.isFull() notice that i add ! before Inventory is full so it is not inv isnt full now lets go for execute we need to identify the objects we need to cut <trees> and put them at a box together [ ] this called array just dont give about it so to put that in a box we write that code RSObject[] TREE = Objects.findNearest(10,"Tree"); now lets talk about that line first we make a box and called TREE >>>>> RSObject[] TREE then we have put some Trees in the box but we specified the objects we putting there to be near us within 10 tiles and the object have the name "Tree" as i said at the start names is wrote between " " now as we have made a big box that have some trees in we need to make the bot cut it down as our Inv is not full so we going to call the first object < Tree> within the box by this code Tree[0] as the box counting start with 0 then we write . to get the options as we said before the choose Click as we wan it to click the Tree when we choose click it should be like this now it will click the tree but at every time u are writing a script make sure to specify the action u wan it to do so we will change the code to be like this TREE[0].click("Chop down"); now i specified the action i wan it to do now if we start running the script it will work but there will be 2 problems 1- it will keep clicking the tree without stopping even if it is cutting it down we dont wan this we wan it to sleep till it stop cutting 2- as for the Node i said we need to check for null so lets fix the 2 problems the first problem is going be fixed by adding a sleep as we did in Drop node and i said there is two type of sleep dynamic and static we used static now lets use the better one the dynamic one and lets make it only cut if the player is idling and not animating the idling animation is always -1 waitConditionsleep500; return false; , random4500, 5500; that is the code for dynamic so what that code mean is it will sleep for a random time from 4.5sec - 5.5 sec >>>General.random(4500, 5500) unless the return give back true so we need change that false with what we need it to be >>> Player animation is -1 as the player is idling so our code should be like this Timing.waitCondition(() -> { General.sleep(500); return Player.getAnimation()==-1; }, General.random(4500, 5500)); first we called our own player then we add . to see the action then we choosed the animation action then we add == that mean equal then we add -1 as it the idling animation so what that mean it mean that the player is going idle for 4.5 to 5.5 sec or if the animation is changed to -1 so our full code shoule be like this RSObject[] TREE = Objects.findNearest(10,"Tree"); TREE[0].click("Chop down"); Timing.waitCondition(() -> { General.sleep(500); return Player.getAnimation()==-1; }, General.random(4500, 5500)); that should fix the 1st problem lets go for the second problem to check null last time we check the length by the count cause we didnt make an array <big box > and now we did here so lets check by length so we write this if (TREE.length>0) { TREE[0].click("Chop down"); Timing.waitCondition(() -> { General.sleep(500); return Player.getAnimation() == -1; }, General.random(4500, 5500)); } we add if ( TREE.length >0) that check if the big box contains at least 1 tree so we avoid a null exception error now what if the tree is away from us by like 5 tiles it will keep clicking it till it reach it and start animation so we dont wan this so we add 2 fail safes 1 at the waiting condition and the other with the length checker so it should be like this if (TREE.length>0 && Player.getAnimation()==-1) { TREE[0].click("Chop down"); Timing.waitCondition(() -> { General.sleep(500); return Player.getAnimation() == -1 && !Player.isMoving(); }, General.random(4500, 5500)); } now we add a check that it will never click the tree while it is animating and it will click it once and wait if the tree is away from use cause we add that the player is not moving in the waiting condition too Now we done with our two nodes lets implement them in the run method so back to our main class to the run method we will find this code Collections.addAll(Nodes); to add a new node in it u just need to add this Collections.addAll(Nodes,new Cut(), new Drop()); Source Code At the end i hope i didnt forgot any thing if u leaned any thing please leave a comment waiting the Scripters feedback This is my first guide ever but will be making alot more soon as i have some free time now after university next guide will be adding bankNode and Walking Node and alot more soon feel free to ask me any thing peace
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    STATUS: OPEN & ACCEPTING ORDERS SOCKS5 Residential Proxies [LIMITED] Hello Everyone! We at Virgin Residentials provide SOCKS5 Residential Proxies for you to create thriving bot farms as safe as possible! Disclaimer: Nothing can prevent bans, even having proxies won't stop the occasional JAGEX swatting. Why Residential? Residential IPs are just like Home IPs, they come from ISPs (Internet Service Providers) therefore they are more tougher to get flagged. Residential vs Datacenter(Normal) Proxies: To clarify: 1) Any account can be locked, but that could be due to a multitude of reasons.. some are of rapid IP change.. some are of flagging reasons.. etc. 2) Lower chance of bans: Due to Residential IPs being of ISP/Non-UNISERVER SUBNET origin, they won't be mass-flagged therefore a lower chance of flags = lower chance of bans 3) Limited/Unlimited Bandwidth: Inside the whole proxy market, they both are offered in the limited (EX: 50 GB ) and Unlimited bandwidth options. Price & Payment Methods: PayPal - $14.99(+$3 PayPal Currency & General Fees) BTC (Crypto Currency) - $14.99 (NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY) OSRSGP - $14.99 (0.51/m) How to Purchase Proxies and/or Request Support: Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/msBWw9h
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    Congratulations to our winners! @cass2186 Script: nRestocker Why: “Naton is the best customer support and constantly updates his scripts. This one in particular has allowed me unmatched automation of my accounts/botting” @cpt ahab Script: nBlast Furnace Why: "It has so many features and settings. The MLM coal bag beta works very well too. Well worth the price, currently have 8 accounts running rune ore and 4 more that can run addy and are a few levels off rune.” @Butta Script: aMiner Why:“Allowed me to make more money than I could have ever thought of. He always provides bug fixes asap and listens to his customers. Underpriced script for sure.” You’ve just won yourself 25 TRiBot Credits! You will be contacted directly to claim your prize. Thank you to those who voted for the scripts. The following TRiBot scripts are going to be showcased on our recommended section of our blog: Botter’s Choice Top 5 aAgility v2 by @Aropupu nBlast Furnace by @Naton ExShopper by @erickho123 Worthy Construction v1/v2 by @Worthy aMiner v2 by @Aropupu You can view them here on our blog: Running your First Script
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    Sponsored By:RSBotSpot - Runescape botting Guides & ResourcesYoHoGold - Buy & Sell Oldschool Runescape Gold Boo TRiBotters! Spooky Season is in full effect Let's scare the botting community with how powerful TRiBot can be. RSBotSpot/YoHoGold are hosting a Spooky Season Giveaway with $50 in prizes for the most successful botters! This prize can be used towards: Cryptocurrency, TRiBot Credits, GP from YoHoGold, or proxies/VPS from the providers in the sidebar at RSBotSpot. Rules: There will be two categories to compete in, and four winners selected. The start time must be after this thread was created. You must use a script publically available on the TRiBot repository. I will accept private submissions. Meaning you can DM me your progress report, and I will only share the time ran or GP/hr, but not the method. No cheating, photoshopping, etc. I will ask scripters to check their stats to confirm validity of submissions. Longest time botted Awarded to the TRiBotter who posts the longest runtime progress report. 1st Place - $20 2nd Place - $5 Rules: Breaks are OK but must be reasonable (will check gp/xp rates). Must be an 'actual' script that gains xp. (No afkers, GP beggars, dog shooers, etc.) Most GP made Awarded to the TRiBotter who posts the progress report with the most GP made. 1st Place - $20 2nd Place - $5 Competition ends on October 31st at midnight, here's a countdown clock to keep track. Best of luck to everyone! Sponsored By: RSBotSpot - Runescape botting Guides & Resources YoHoGold - Buy & Sell Oldschool Runescape Gold
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    Hi everyone it's been awhile since I made a post. We've been working really hard. TRiBot 10.21.0 - Added Sound Queue API for developers - Fixed issue with quotes and the CLI - Added API for detecting if roofs are being drawn. - Fixed login-bot for username/password message. - Fixed logged-out world hopper - Added CLI phase 2 (See web-page for details) - Added --breakprofile to CLI - Reduced item interaction delay - Added shift-drop method for scripters - Added a feature to view information on the current bot (proxy, account, script, break profile) - Reorganized help-menu items - Fixed a bug where objects in certain areas were taking a very long time to find - Fixed a bug with withdrawing items - Fixed a bug where pin-bot was behaving incorrectly - Fixed an issue with --charworld in cli We have a big project we've been working on that we're almost ready to announce. Stay tuned, we're hoping to release it in a couple weeks.
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    Extremely Efficient & Profitable Universal Shopper has been built from the ground up with efficiency and profitability in mind. You won't be able to get the same result with any other script. The script's extraordinary speed and accuracy is due to its unique multi-threaded architecture which allows for concurrent data updation, while issuing sequential buying or selling commands. Due to its superior design, Universal Shopper will outperform any other script or any other bots on the market. The script is capable of buying or selling all the items before any potential competing bots get a chance to do it. Plenty of customization is supported, to allow you to tailor the script to your needs. Buy the items with pinpoint accuracy, or clear the whole stock in seconds. Anything is possible with Universal Shopper. QuickBuy Configure Universal Shopper to buy items at the Speed of Light - instant clicking on the interfaces and skipping any delays, making this script the fastest product available on the market. This level of speed and accuracy was achieved by using a custom clicking API, unique for this script. Here is the visual output of the human click-point selection algorithm used for QuickBuy: Custom Amount Buying With Universal Shopper you get to choose exactly how the script behaves. You can select which buying amounts the script will choose. This can be used to either fine-tune the script to buy items right up to the stock minimum threshold, or select to always choose "Buy 50" to hop over the limit, and further increase the item throughput / hour. Maximum Accuracy Buying For those that buy expensive items, whose profit margins heavily depend on the current stock, you can choose Maximum Accuracy from the GUI. This will prioritize accuracy over buying speed, increasing the script's precision to almost 100%. Buy or Sell items Both buying and selling are supported, for maximum profits! You can choose either one of them, or both at the same time. The item tables are very easy to complete and edit, and they are of course saved along with your profile. Subsequent updates will allow even more flexibility and customization, to help you get started botting as fast and as easy as possible. Custom Paths and Locations Unique locations and paths! No other script on the market is capable of doing this. Choose any shop and any bank (or deposit box) on the map! You can either choose to automatically go to the nearest bank, or record a custom path to go to any bank, using any means of transportation! In order to record a path, all you have to do is start the Path Recorder and walk to the desired shop/bank. Every action you do in game will be recorded and used by the script to get to the destination. This means that you can travel to any shop or any kind of bank on the entire map! Regardless of how many obstacles you need to overcome to get there! If you need to walk 200 tiles, cast 5 teleports, pull 7 different levers, talk to 3 different NPCs and perform the cry emote to get to your shop or bank, the script will be capable of doing exactly that! All you have to do is press a few buttons and you can create any unique path you can imagine. World Hopping To ensure maximum profits, the script has the built-in capability of switching worlds when the desired items are no longer in stock. This feature is highly customizable: Hop to members world only Hop to F2P worlds only Hop to both members and F2P Hop only to worlds you enter in a custom list Hop as soon as there are no more items to buy/sell Wait a minimum amount of time on each world, before hopping to the next Argument Support For the users interested in increasing automation and workflow, this script has been written with built-in argument support. The only thing you have to do, is specify the desired profile name as the only argument, and the script will automatically load and use it. You can create an unlimited amount of profiles from the GUI, by pressing the Save button. Loading profiles is just as easy! Never waste more of your time, trying to fill up tons of GUI fields. Just save and load, and you're one click away from botting. This script will even load the last used profile by default, making things even easier for you! Mule Item Transfer Coming soon to Universal Shopper! Please cast your votes / voice your opinions in the thread! The currently planned implementation is to make the script transfer all the items to a mule account. I haven't decided yet if this should be done after a certain amount of time, after a certain amount of items, or activated manually by the user. If you have any kind of suggestions, please do not hesitate and comment in the thread! Grand Exchange Support Coming soon to Universal Shopper! Please cast your votes / voice your opinions in the thread! The currently planned implementation is to make the script sell all the items at a specified price, one you get to a certain number. This is still subject to change, and I highly encourage you to comment on the thread if you have any suggestions. AFK Mode: To further increase the variation of the data, this script uses an unique system which models a real player taking small breaks by AFK-ing. Most players do this all the time, and this script feature will enable you to integrate this human behavior into the script, further enhancing the anti-ban. This feature is highly customizable, and includes settings for: Run for (min/max) duration AFK for (min/max) duration Mouse behavior upon starting the AFK break: Move off screen 'Bump' into mouse Logout Do nothing Choose random behavior every time The best user experience Nice GUI (Graphical User Interface) Built-in profile handlers that allow you to get started botting in seconds! Save Load Quick-load last profile (Optional) You can use arguments to skip the GUI and start botting right away - useful for automation tools The only argument required is the desired profile name Plenty of preset values, but full support for customization! Conclusion I've made it a personal ambition to create the best Shopping script that ever existed for RuneScape. There is a long list of planned future updates to add even more features to the script and improve the already existing ones to perfection. If you have any kind of suggestion for improving this script, feel free to either comment on this thread or send me a message. I will implement most if not all of the user suggestions, and I will continue to work heavily on this script until it's an order of magnitude better than any other competing product you might find on the market. This script is relatively new, and as any new software, it's prone to having all sorts of glitches. If you happen to find any bugs, please report them and I will make sure to fix everything as soon as possible. Usually patches are delivered within a few hours, or in some cases minutes after I read the reports. By using Einstein's scripts, you are guaranteed to have a product that is second to none. Thank you for using Universal Shopper Is this truly the best Shopper on TRiBot? Probably.
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    Fluffee's Server Setup 3.0 As some of you may know, I released an automated server setup script a little over a year ago. Albeit that script worked well, I was never fully satisfied with it, as I found it to be kind of messy to use. As a result, I rewrote the script, and restructured it, to add more, and stronger support for the different versions of Debian, the different versions of CentOS and the different versions of Ubuntu. However, with so many different Operating Systems being supported, and many different server providers having different setups, it's hard for me to test every possible scenario on my own. Which is why I've been privately handing this script out, and am now publicly looking for help. What does the script do? Similar to my previous setup script, this script changes the SSH port and creates a new user for connecting and using the server and disables root SSH connections; it installs the latest version of TightVNC Server (1.3.10) and sets that up with the desired port and password. It installs JDK 102 (32 or 64 bit depending on the OS), and installs TRiBot and OSBuddy and sets up the appropriate .jar file associations. What operating systems does it support? - CentOS (6.x and 7.x) (32 and 64 bit) - Debian (7.x and 8.x) (32 and 64 bit) - Ubuntu (12.x, 14.x and 16.x) (32 and 64 bit) Does it work? As far as I know, yes it does in fact work, and it works well if I might add. However, given that I can't test every possible setup, there is the potential for differences and issues How do I run the script? Login as root to a fresh VPS/dedi running one of the supported operating systems. From there run the commands listed below and follow the onscreen instructions. For those who would like to see the script's code, it can be found on my bitbucket here. The commands to run are as follows: wget --no-check-cert https://bitbucket.org/teamfluffee/fluffees-server-setup/raw/add-shared-functions/fluffees-server-setup.sh && chmod +x fluffees-server-setup.sh && bash fluffees-server-setup.sh -v Version History
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    Woke up to receiving the pet this morning from minnows! Sweet!
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