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    Bye bye mod Wheat We're getting gluten free @YoHoJo We need to throw a party IRL (+ @Fluffee of course)
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    Hello everybody, I made a script that will make any TRiBot script work together with Farmaton, the most advanced farm manager. When running this script it will pretend to stop, but actually keep running in the background. It will then start the next script on it's own. If you have questions or things you would like to be added you can contact me in this discord: https://discord.gg/kj5Ee6M The arguments explained script:SCRIPT_NAME (replace SCRIPT_NAME with the next script you want to run) args:SCRIPT_ARGUMENTS (replace SCRIPT_ARGUMENTS with the arguments for the next script you want to run. If your script doesn't require arguments you can leave this out) email:{email} (you don't need to change this. Farmaton will provide it with the email of the account you want to use) pass:{password} (same as above, no need to change this) min (if you include this argument the client will minimize when the script starts. This helps a lot to reduce cpu usage) Example use: script:WoodCutter420,args:oaks,email:{email},pass:{password},min How will this help me? With the combination of this tracker and Farmaton you can use any TRiBot script while enjoying features like: Automated replacement of banned accounts Automated unlocking of locked accounts Automated proxy management so your account will only ever use 1 ip/proxy Automated account creation (during the beta more than 100.000 accounts have been created) Automated restarting of clients on Runescape updates Keeping track of stats of accounts Run your clients on a schedule And much more Get the script here: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3640
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    If that Banking.withdraw is running on a loop, it will indeed spam click the items. The problem is that the withdraw method returns as soon as it clicks the item, but theres a little delay between clicking the item and it going from the bank to the inventory. The easiest fix is to wait for them to be out of the bank, so, a conditional waiting, with a 3 seconds (adjustable) timeout: // make sure your inventory has enough space to hold all these items if (Banking.withdraw(0, 2138, 2136, 2132, 2134, 8007, 3853)) { Timing.waitCondition(Banking.find(2138, 2136, 2132, 2134, 8007, 3853).length == 0, 3000); }
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    G.Farming Script Link : https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3638 Supported Features : 1- Allotment Run 2-Trees Run 3-Fruit Tree Run 4-Herb Run 5-Hops Run 6-Flowers Run 7-Both Allotment And Herb In Same Run 8-Cure Diseased Herbs and hops 9-UltraCompost Support 10-Support Custom Seeds To Override Auto Update The Seed Upon Leveling Up 11-GE Support 12-GUI Profile Saving 13-Argument Support And A Lot More. Upcoming Features : 1-Custom Equipment 2-Custom Inventory 3-Custom Patches Order 4-More patches 5-Hosidius Favor (To Unlock Farming Guide ) Feel free to suggest any improvements...
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    Mod Weath, Jagex's notorious Anti Cheating Specialist, is apparently leaving Jagex. Thoughts?
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    Updated The following configuration options have been added to the scripts: Added camera control settings, allowing you to choose how to move the camera. The best option is to allow ABC2 to automatically choose between them (this is specified in the GUI) Added mouse speed modifier, in the form of a simple slider that you can drag Added feature: automatically stop script after a specified amount of time / after the target level has been achieved. This can be very useful as a fail-safe to prevent the script from running too much, if you accidentally forget to manually stop it. As always, feel free to submit any suggestions for improvement. Thank you for using my scripts.
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    Great script! Are you able to add the cooking function back? (barb fishing/cooking) Thought ill ask Thank you
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    Karambwan fishing, coming back from the bank to the fairy ring, in fullscreen LG mode it misses the right click 3-4 times when going for the fairy ring. This happens consistently every bank trip.
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    Really hope alching gets implemented soon again
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    Are you able to add support for karams only as food(economical and cheap, rarelydie using script if ever so no point bringing expensive food) and super restores (counter productive to what i said previously but one sip perkill is pretty good compared to potentially needing a second sip from normal prayer pot). Also i found an issue if trying to add crystal bow as a gearset it doesnt "grab" an offhand but during ranged gear switch it'll still recommend whatever offhand you had for mage, while not an issue just annoying to see it flash aside from that the overlay is 10/10 gotten many uniques on ironman
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    Hi, cant log in, whench i click forgot password it says i cant change it after entering my email
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    Einstein's Scripting Tutorial Part 1 - The Basics This tutorial was written specifically for the users that are interested in learning how to code their own scripts, but lack any kind of technical knowledge. After reading this tutorial, you will understand the basics and have a good starting point in this journey. There are plenty of concepts that you will need to learn and understand, but you shouldn't get discouraged by the complexity, as everything will get easier with time, if you put in enough effort. Let's get started! What exactly is a script? According to Wikipedia, scripts are: "programs written for a special run-time environment that automate the execution of tasks that could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator". Sounds familiar? In our case, the special run-time environment is the TRiBot client. Scripts written for TRiBot will only work within it. You cannot run a script by double clicking the files on your desktop. You need to start a TRiBot instance, offer it a script, and then the client will execute it line by line. A script is basically just a set of instructions: go to the bank kill a goblin move the camera chop down a tree You can add rules and conditions to determine if and when to execute the instructions: if the inventory is full: go to the bank if my player is not in combat: click the next goblin while the player is busy cutting the tree: idle - do nothing if the player reached level 40 fishing, switch from trout/salmon to lobsters The Beginner Pitfall So far so good, everything is clear: just some basic instructions for your bots. The problem is that TRiBot won't be able to execute anything written in plain English. We write scripts in a programming language called Java. After writing the Java source code, we use a program called a "compiler" to convert the source code into executable "bytecode", and we end up with a working script that can be executed by the client. If you don't have any programming experience, a lot of things (probably everything) will seem utterly incomprehensible at first. Don't get discouraged or frustrated if you don't understand it from the first attempt. Everyone without exception, even the most brilliant of programmers, have started at the same point in which you are today: absolute beginner. By deliberate practice, you will gradually become better at it. Real Life Script Here is a real-life script that you probably ran today, without even realizing it: The comments (green) are not executed, they just explain the code, I included them just to make matters more clear. ("!" - means "NOT" ) TRiBot Script Setting up a new script: 1. Download any Java IDE if you haven't already. An IDE is a code editor that will make scripting easier. You can find a free IDE by searching online. In this tutorial, we will be using Eclipse. 2. Create new project, this will be your script. You can name it as you wish. 3. Go to Java Built Path (depends on IDE) > add external JAR > navigate to .tribot\dependancies > add "TRiBot.jar" 4. Create a new package called scripts (lowercase 's'). It's very important to name the package as such. 5. Create a new class, this can also be named as you wish (by convention it starts with uppercase). If your setup looks like this, then you are ready to move on. The actual coding: The first step is to extend the class 'Script': This will generate two different errors. 1. You need to import the abstract class Script. Just use the IDE's auto import shortcut (Eclipse: Ctrl + Shift + O). 2. You need to implement the method run from the Script class. Either click the error warning and select "Add unimplemented methods", or write the code yourself as it's shown below (run method): The run method will be called automatically when you press in the TRiBot client. The instructions contained within the run() method will be executed in sequence, from top to bottom (Blue Arrow). If all the instructions are executed, the script will stop. In order to prevent this from happening, we will write all the instructions inside an infinite loop: When control flow reaches the end of the loop, instead of exiting the method, it will return back to the top, executing the instructions again (Red Arrow). Running the script Your IDE will automatically compile the .java files into .class files. Navigate to your workspace (the location of your project) and copy the .class files. Paste them in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\bin\scripts. If you packaged the script correctly, it will appear in the script list when you press . VIP is required to run local scripts. Code example Here is a very simple script that first checks whether or not the inventory is full, and decides what to do next based on this information. If the inventory is full, the script will walk to the nearest bank and deposit everything. Otherwise if the inventory is not full, the script will walk to the potato field and will pick potatoes continuously until the inventory will be full: Null Pointer Exception / Array Index Out of Bounds Exception Two of the most common bugs that new scripters encounter are the Null Pointer Exception and the Array Index Out of Bounds Exception. It's very easy to avoid them if you understand them correctly. They both refer to the same idea: You cannot perform actions upon something that doesn't exist. Null Pointer Exception Consider the following table. Let's try to eat the apple that's on the table and see what happens. // Declare a variable of type Apple, named 'apple'. Apple apple; // Search the table for the nearest apple: // Assign the variable 'apple' with the value returned by the method 'getNearestApple()' apple = table.getNearestApple(); // Attempt to eat the apple stored in the 'apple' variable apple.eat(); Line 2: Since there is no apple on the table, the method getNearestApple(), will assign the value null (nothing) to the 'apple' variable. Line 3: Since the variable apple points to nothing, attempting to perform an action upon it (eat the apple) will throw a Null Pointer Exception. How to prevent a null pointer exception on line 3: if (apple == null) print("The apple variable is null, let's leave it alone."); else apple.eat(); Array Index Out of Bounds Exception We have an array of 4 apples. Let's try to eat the 5th apple and see what happens. apples[4].eat(); Since the array only contains 4 elements (indexes 0 to 3), attempting to perform an action on the 5th element (index 4) will throw an Array Out of Bounds Exception. How to prevent this from happening: if (apples.length < 5) print("The array's length is less than 5. We are unable to access the 5th element. (index 4)"); else apples[4].eat(); The end I strongly advise you to learn Java before getting into scripting. Here are some useful links: My introductory guide to this programming language: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/75158-introduction-to-java/ The Oracle tutorials, one of the best resources available online for free: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/ Here is the link for the TRiBot API, which is one of the most valuable scripting tools, so make sure to bookmark it: https://tribot.org/doc/ Thank you for reading my first scripting tutorial. I hope that you've learned something from it, and that you're one step closer to writing your own scripts. And remember: you will only get better at this by deliberate practice. It's hard, but not impossible.
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    Perm banned on first offence after minimal use. If possible I would appreciate a refund.
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