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  1. beake

    Lava Rune Crafter

    tribot is in dire need of a good rcing script...
  2. tried to use this but everytime i start the script it just gets spinning wheel of death and i have to force quit. i uninstalled all my javas and then reinstalled then deleted hooks.dat and problem persists. not sure why?
  3. Also the way that the bot clicks on the minimap is usually the same in the middle and makes smaller paths than it should. I noticed ur agility one did this too. I usually click way further out on the map when running but not sure since everyone might do it a bit differently
  4. beake


    does this work? if yes how does it work?
  5. script is broken. when it is in mort myre it just says "walking to fungus spot" but clicks one square and doesn't move
  6. Okay so did a bit of testing yesterday for oaks on my ironman and I've noticed a few major problems with the script. Suggestion; that would go a very long way for ironman is the option to make oak planks at the woodcutting guild and bank them with the safety deposit box. start with cash in inventory etc, has huge potential Varrock West When the oak trees are all cut down in vwest, the bot tries to run super far south to find more trees which is ridiculous because the trees come back so quickly. Instead the limits should be just those two oaks near the path. Varrock East This one worked the best but there were still some issues with it searching for trees when they are all gone. should just wait it out if there is a clump of trees because its faster and saves run energy when going to the bank. Falador This doesn't make sense to be chopping oaks so far south, instead it should choose the oak right in front of the bank because the distance to walk there and back to the gates. Custom areas Huge problem making this unusable, in seers village chopping oaks.. since the tree is so close that you can see it from the bank, the bot attempts to click through the bank but what actually happens is it just stands there clicking one item in the bank. I've adjusted the settings for the script trying various ways of closing the bank, zooming in further but you can make it work for a little bit but eventually it gets stuck. Hovering The hovering over trees is pretty aggressive, if you try to move the mouse around it super aggressively tries to right click the tree with it ready to go. i dont know about you but when i woodcut i never do this i usually move the mouse off the screen and left click each tree
  7. so i've uninstalled all the java and then reinstalled them and now its working (Y)
  8. is there a reason why everytime i try to start this script it just crashes my tribot client? i get the spinning wheel of death and i have to force quit. all other scripts are working fine except this one
  9. same here, then because i dont have VIP it times me out of my premium scripts and i keep getting the "since you are not VIP..." message. haven't been able to run scripts almost at all today..
  10. i've had this problem too, i haven't got to test it yet because i couldnt get it to work
  11. dope i'll get VIP later and go for at least elite void reqs if not finish collection log
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