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  1. How come this is so cheap yet the other 2 runecraft bots are $15? whats the catch @warfront1 Does it support stamina potions? Is there any anti-pk functionality?
  2. Every time it uses the gmaul special attack while power surge is on it switches back to my whip/defender and repeats constantly until power surge finishes.. Edit: have pm'd you a bug report Edit: have noticed that this issue has been reported multiple times dating as far back as june/july. Any particular reason this hasn't been fixed?
  3. I just deactivated and reactivated the script on the repository and thats fixed the issue Don't worry about it pal
  4. It's only let me save one profile and its called chickens... Whenever I try to overwrite it it asks me to enter a profile name I click save then it stays as chickens and doesnt save my options
  5. Any chance of getting an option to add the rare drop table to the loot list? It's a royal pain in the ass to have to enter everything every time I run the script
  6. Ok thanks for the reply. Yeah I'd be inclined to agree as 6 dhide in an hour isn't ideal With regards to deathwalking etc, will I need multiple rune helms, rune boots etc in my bank in case I get pk'ed or does it go and collect the equipment you dropped when you die?
  7. Do you have to have multiple of each item youre equipping for this to work when you get pk'ed? Tried the hour trial of this got PK'd 6 times so during the trial i managed a total of 6 d'hide and bones
  8. KiiTz

    Sapphire Enchanter

    Works perfectly, been enchanting sapphire rings for a few hours now, thanks for the script
  9. What's the difference in xp between dharoks and proselyte with say a whip and defender? Is dharoks worth the extra cash?
  10. Got as far as a trade screen, he put his cash up but the script didn't offer anything in return so i did it manually, it then didn't click accept either so again I had to do manually
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