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  1. nah too scared to bust this out lads, a year ago i got my acc to 22m fletching exp which is what im at atm, but idk i was probs just lucky
  2. Client wont open wdf m8

  3. wot da fook mate, everytime i leave this bot and come back its logged out with a message like.. just now it was; trying to connect to: Polycoding.com - allow, always allow.. etc? wtf even is that
  4. Hows this script then? Can you use range or just mele? coz i have an acc that i can use this bot on but its str is kinda low but has 83range so ..
  5. ow bloody ell m8, only gone and gotten permed. had it on for 4 days straight 50-79 range.. only wanted 83 for 35 dbow specs at low hp to get me 1000 teir 10s in bh :'( Kinda sucks now how if ur account is under 3 months old it gets perms for botting no 2 day bans
  6. Meh this thread seems dead but ive been running this script for 3 days straight atm on a spare account, because it happened to have 50 range.. gotten 50-80 so far lol without dark bow
  7. Did jagex stop giving second chances to non gold-farmining botting? I always get straight perms now after first offence on shit like combat botting..
  8. And i just checked and its a perm ban o.o .. First offence, only ever botted experiements.. Perm ban for Macroning major .. thats bs
  9. I made a fresh acc and used a bond for dat 2 weeks members, done a few quests, waterfall, death plat, creatures of fenk .. then botted experiements 24/7 for the remaining 13 days of membership the account had and didnt get banned ;o idk if that was just luck or not but i got the account to like, 80attack, 90str, 70def lol
  10. Are ban rates low then? i used to use this bot a few months ago but jagex went on a ban spree
  11. does botting 24 hours even increase ban chance? i mean ur botting either way? coz i bot for 16 hours a day might just go all out
  12. i think ur probs dying because when the bot leaves the grave if it doesnt just stand still, it sometimes has a thing about running you into the swamp when your out of food..
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