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  1. anyone have luck with this script at master farmers? I tried to set a tile at dryanor and set everything up correctly but the bot teled to fally via ring of wealth and then started running west (maybe looking for ardougne?).... gonna try to tweak the settings again when I get home
  2. occasionally it gets stuck spam clicking farmer with a full inventory of seeds even though some of the seed piles are less than the custom amount I set it to drop them at
  3. Still working like a charm for me. Is there any way you could make the bot click master farmers a little faster? Or is already at max speed for collecting seeds? thx
  4. another acc banned at zulrah botted 12 hours over weekend
  5. Yea it might be safe to say "Zulrah's too easy" wasn't the only reason for this update
  6. they actually just asked for your RSN last time. I think they're making it so you can only appeal one account now instead of multiple (one account appeal / per account) or something
  7. Might start running this again. Just wondering @JoeDezzy1 were you able to adjust the script to use less CPU when it's in the act of charging orbs?
  8. Same situation here, I thought I had a chance but both were denied *when the first appeal thread opened. Still worth trying
  9. has anyone been hit by weekend bans since they supposedly added some weekend bot busters?
  10. says the guy that raised his script price by $100 then went on vacation but yeah @ OP I think this would be like being a drug dealer and calling the cops on similar dealers in your city that might be using the same distributor as you....well, reporting people at zulrah I would feel that way
  11. confirmed the CPU use revs way up especially when it's in the act of charging orbs
  12. yeah I suicided on it and it survived a few Zulrah ban waves, now laying low for a while
  13. yeah I don't want to believe this but some of my suicide farmers got hit this weekend which has never happened before. Could have been a delay from training them during the week but not sure. Anyone else get hit this weekend?
  14. nah I've never used LG. Point is I think they have legit bot busters over the weekend might have to cut out the 24/7 bot weekends
  15. just had some suicide accounts get banned mid-weekend which has never happened before, RIP
  16. He's asking if you can make it so the bot doesn't teleport even if it's lower than what the "hp to eat at" bar is set at, since sometimes it will be safe past the black demons but still teleport (usually after taking a big hit from the demon). It would have to be made so the bot detects when it's made it to the safe zone, if that's possible. I don't think it's a big deal though if you have your food & settings set accurately enough.
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