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  1. I was banned after purchasing this script yesterday. I ran it for a few hours this morning, and it is now banned. Just wanted to let people know. I have been combat training with a script for a while now, but as soon as I changed to this they got me. I also started using the Looking Glass on the Agility script as well just to try and help the ban rate go down. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it, but just thought I'd throw that out there.
  2. @Tri I believe it was in the Hill Giants again. It's been working a little better lately though. It's just getting stuck outside of the house again to go down. I selected the No Account option so it would stop logging in and out continuously haha. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with the client, and not the script. Either way, I'm on the guy right now, but if you need him, just let me know. I know there probably aren't a shit load of people that use Hill Giants, and I might just try out the Taverly Dungeon Hill Giants for the hell of it. I'm going to go try out the Rock Crabs right now and see how that goes. Thanks for the help as always.
  3. You're a genius man. That was the problem. Thank you a ton. @Tri I got it now. I ended up dying on the account last night. I let it go over night and than it just keeps logging in and out. I have it set to log out after no xp gains for 5 minutes, but it just keeps logging in and out whenever it does that I guess. Feel free to send me a message whenever you want to use the account and I'll get off haha.
  4. Here are the pictures. If you need any more just let me know. Thanks for the help. @YoHoJo Seems like the scripts I have purchased in the past are showing in my "Active Scripts" list, but the one by @Tri is not showing at all. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but there is nowhere to activate or anything.
  5. @Tri yes it was under Ranged, but now I cannot see it anywhere. I have tried restarting multiple times now over the course of the past few hours, but I will try to re-download the entire launcher to see if that helps. It says I have an active subscription with the script.
  6. Thanks @Tri My script seems to have disappeared from the client completely, but ill give it some time and check again. My account is sitting right at hill giants if you want to mess with it. send me a pm and ill reply as soon as i read it.
  7. @Tri thanks man and I ended up figuring it out. I appreciate that though. Will increasing the mouse speed also increase how fast it looks for another monster and clicks on it? Also, I have it set not to click P2P worlds but it continues to try and log into P2P worlds, lol. It's also continuously just hopping worlds now as well. It has been abnking and doing the web walking perfectly fine, but i just got stuck outside of the house to go down in the Edgeville Dungeon where the Hill Giants are. It kept clicking out into the blackness and just standing at the door where you need the Brass key. I tried clicking sinde on my own to see if it would reset the script, but now it's just moving the camera up and down over and over. Not trying to be a pain in the ass.
  8. Posting on your thread! 36M OSRS gold EDIT: going through with the transaction now. EDIT#2: currently waiting on payment through paypal!
  9. How much do u have: 36M OSRS what your payment: PayPal you will go first: Yes Skype: zackthewack1
  10. Did you add me on MSN/Skype yet: yes How much gold you have: 36m Payment method: paypal Will you feedback me after trade: of course
  11. I am currently selling 36M OSRS gold for $3/M. I'm not going first unless you are trusted. SKYPE: Zackthewack1 The money will be sent as PAYMENT OWED with a note in the notes section that can be further discussed over Skype. For anyone trying to scam; you are sending the money to a PayPal account I have set up with Vanilla Card that no longer has money on it anyways. As I said, your money will be transferred immediately from the account, so if you chargeback, nothing will happen as far as I am aware. Thank you!
  12. hey man i just added you on Skype. My Skype name is: Zackthewack1, I have 36M to sell!
  13. Amount of gold to sell: 35M Payment method: PayPal (open to other methods) Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn: Right after this post. Have u added me already: I looked you up on skype, but did not know which one was you. Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch: Of course. I always do.
  14. Have you added my skype?: Just did! Amount of bonds you want to purchase: Just 1 for now.
  15. I was suggested that you make accounts prior the using them. They told me they usually make about 100 accounts, and every 5-10 accounts they switch IP's for the accounts that they make. They then get a few combat levels on each of these accounts slowly throughout the days, and then as the other accounts get banned, they begin using their accounts following the FIFO method ;p As in, Use the first account you created when an account gets banned. Try to make your accounts as old in days/weeks/months as possible. Combat levels will help, and the longer your account has been active without having a bot ran I'm sure will help. I would say that JaGeX looks at brand new accounts a lot more than accounts that have been around for awhile. I have some accounts that I've had since the beginning of OSRS and they are okay when they bot the same exact thing and the same amount of time as a new(er) account that I had made. You have to be careful where you are botting. You have to make sure you are watching the whole time, and you have to remember that there are people in the game that do not like botters. It may be a pain in the ass to watch your script, but at least you can run a bunch of accounts at once and just monitor them. There is a saying that goes; "It takes one to know one" and I guarantee a lot of botters will report other players they suspect as botters just to lessen the competition. If they get banned, they want others to be banned so they can feel the pain as well. You just have to read and take notes. JaGeX doesn't want people cheating as with just about every other gaming company that's out there. It keeps the legit players playing and paying.
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