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  1. @Usa no nothing like what he is experiencing. it is running pretty smooth for me again except for the occasional failed banking at lumby. Something new that did start happening though several times since the update, when my bot dies it will hop worlds instantly once in lumby then sometimes instead of continuing to the bank to regear it will end script. Whenever this occurs, I check the bot debug and there is no info as to why it shut down, it just says oh dear you are dead, then changed to world ??? then lava script has ended.
  2. done thanks for your help
  3. Uncheck this box in settings and it should load new hooks each time the client loads it is unchecked
  4. so I'm having a problem with my tribot client or scripts, not sure which is the issue really. I run my clients each on their own vps and I find myself having to frequently delete the hooks.dat folder to fix my script issues. it happens often but randomly where I start my script and after inputing my specifics and starting a script, the bot just stands still and does nothing. I delete hooks.dat and everything is fine again. to give you an idea, I probably do this 4+ times a week. my vps has the setup found on @iFluffee guide here on tribot if that means anything. OS- debian 7 (64bit) heap size- set at 258-268 java version- 1.8.0_77-b03 vps memory- 512mb vswap- 256mb bandwidth- 1000mb running usually 3 different scripts- USA Lava dragons, USA Tutorial Island, and JJs Auto Fighter ask me for any other info thanks for your help any input? @TRiLeZ @Usa @Montreal @YoHoJo @iFluffee
  5. here is a sample of the debug that came up. it started spamming all this repeatedly. the negative file size spams in the debug first then the other stuff follows after it. this is after deleting hooks.dat as well.
  6. I'm also having a hard time starting your script, sometimes when I choose start script for your autofighter, my client will not let me click anything because it says the script is downloading. then after about a minute nothing has happened yet and I need to force kill the client on the task manager. it only happens with your script. I have to restart the client several times before it finally works.
  7. @Usa I actually thought of an easy fix for the failed banking hopefully. It only fails in the lumby bank for some reason so what if instead of walking to lumby bank it teleports to edgeville after death then goes to regear. I'm hoping it will work cause ive never gotten stuck in edgeville before.
  8. I'm training at cows in lumbridge and I cant use breaks with your script. after it takes the first break it logs back in then stands still then the script shuts down after 5 min saying no experience has been gained
  9. neonhamster

    need help

    with a vps you can bot while the pc is turned off. think of a vps as a digital computer kind of like "The Cloud" lol
  10. its working to a certain extent. it still has the issue with walking back to edgeville
  11. neonhamster

    need help

    advice is get a vps and run your account on that. most vps subs offsite are pretty cheap and they usually come with 3 ips you can switch off of. you can leave the vps on 24/7 depending on the runtime/uptime of the service you choose and you don't have to worry about leaving your computer on. do your research off site and look into different vps options, not many people will just give away their secrets cause everyone had to work for their stuff. the temporary downside to setting up your own vps offsite is having to program your own desktop environment. but its pretty easy if you look up some vps set up guides here on tribot. good luck! do your own research =D
  12. @TRiLeZ @YoHoJo no logins and no updates from @Usafor a week and over a week respectively. Any help or info on his status atm?
  13. @usa can you look into the script some more, its still not working for me wasting almost 3 days of use already the only issue is when it sees a pker it runs to the bank after hopping. something got messed up from the update. and the pathway is still messed up, its going southwest toward green dragons instead of southeast toward corp cave
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