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  1. You do realise there are credit card details for sale on the internet right? I remember on World of Warcraft, you could buy game-time from the Chinese for in-game gold and they just bought you gametime using stolen credit card info. Wouldn't be surprised if they use stolen Cred Card info to buy bonds lol
  2. In my opinion It's all luck. I've made new accounts and they have been banned within hours of botting. then like recently, I made a new account and within 3 weeks its 91 range 90 mage and got full void purely from botting. I really don't think the quest thing helps much at all, only thing it might change is their minds about a perm ban. If you have quested and played the game a bit they might feel like giving just a 2 day ban, whereas if you have 0 qp and high stats then they would prob perm-ban as you haven't touched the account yourself and every skill has been botted. just my 2 cents.
  3. Cringed so hard at that, go get a grip you sad cunt. nobody gives a fuck and nobody will remember you.
  4. Chingy

    What do I do? Halp.

    I don't think it was the scripts fault to be fair, I'v got 94 mage before using it. I think it was more the fact I ran it for 20+ hours and got 3-4million mage xp in a day without breaks lol. And I've had a 2 day ban before but that was like 2 years ago (went on to bot 92-99 range and 88-94 magic after the 2 day ban), I just thought i'd ask to see what I should do because since then I've read people saying they've had a 2 day ban then been perm-banned when logging in. I'm considering not touching the account for 2-3 months then trying to bot it to 94 magic and 99 range like I did on my other account.
  5. Ok so I recently made a new account, put a bond on it and started botting away. 2 weeks later, and on its last day of membership I've just received a 2 day ban. In that 2 weeks i've botted full range void, 89 range and 88 magic. At the time of the ban, I'd left my account Alch/Stun splashing for 20+ hours (went from 55 to 88 magic) using this script; https://tribot.org/forums/topic/37877-aio-tstunalcher-fastest-xp-on-tribot-easy-gui-all-cursesmonsters-supported The question I need answering is, Do Jagex perm ban your account after your 2 day ban is up? I've seen people say as soon as their 2 day ban is up, they've logged in and have been disconnected and perm banned and they couldn't even clean the items off the account before it was perm banned. So what do i do? do I log in and clean the account asap? or are these rumors just bullshit? is there any tips or tricks like not logging in for a month or 2 to try avoid the insta-perm? Thanks in advance for help
  6. added you on skype, waiting for reply Edit: bought 1 bond, ty
  7. Same here, but think i can manage to do the last 12k xp by myself xD Thanks tri for the script! 99 range achieved
  8. had a 2 day ban on my void range acc, since then botted 92-99 range 82-94 mage 60 mining and quite a few other stats had no problem. As long as you bot carefully there's a decent chance of you not getting permed. but again it's all down to if you don't mind risking getting permed, if you value your account dont risk it
  9. Ah, didnt even read the update haha. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon, I want to run this script all weekend and try push from 85 to 90 range :L
  10. Got 40-85 range in a week on a new account, its been running flawlessly until the update today :| It just doesn't seem to want to do anything, I started the script up and it finished the game off that i was halfway through and now it wont start another game up. Anyone else having this problem?
  11. Just caught the bot trying to login to a PvP world when doing the world hop thing x.x
  12. Sorry for my first reply was a dickish move by me, and to be honest with you, there isn't a "non-hotspot" for fishing or woodcutting. They are like the 2 most heavily botted skills in-game by goldfarmers so the ban-rate for them is insanely high. Only thing you can do to be remotely safe is to make sure to take breaks and don't bot crazy amounts each day. Hope this helps you.
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