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  1. Hey guys, the tribot looking glass runelite has a black screen for the looking glass but the scripts and everything is working, heres a picture
  2. Still happening with various scripts which seem to be working for others, any help would be appreciated please
  3. So I start a script and instead of the GUI showing it gives me a box from my screen and I can't click it etc.. this is what pops up where the GUI should be, also happened with more then one script. Any help would be appreciated please
  4. So I just got back from a hiatus and got tribot extended VIP, but I can't find any free scripts… Am I missing something here? Some are working from my previously added history which are no where to be find on the forums, and the respiratory only shows premium scripts.
  5. What these people said above is stopping this script from even getting completion points; just gets stuck sometimes and doesn't do anything.. in terms of what it does most of the times it just pulls up to a portal and doesn't do anything or is running back and forth to portals without maintaining hits so it doesn't get points. Terrible completion rate right now.. Picture is taken right before it stops and doesn't get any points.
  6. Hey man, very nice script! I used iron arrows on a pure and I let it telegrab some expensive items. I got over 800k in ranarr seeds! That covered the iron arrows and more; the script ran smooth and it just went off cause I ran out of arrows. Got a good xp/h around 25k with 50 range. Thank you!
  7. Can you please do something about the potions? If i set 8 Super strength, 8 Super Attack; it goes into my 3rd tab and uses all my (1),(2),(3) doses then 4 dose which I assume it should start with I can decant them but do you think you could do something about that?
  8. What do you mean? To make more accounts; I recently tried to take it serious to make money and I just wanted a few more accounts in a few brackets to get more stakes.
  9. I mean it took me like 2-3 days to sell it in increments to different people.
  10. Hey so I just sold like 7B OSRS on a single account I would transfer money to it from my odd stakers and then sell from it on the same IP. But recently I got all those accounts banned with the exception of one; I don't know why they left the account... Lost about 800m. But my question is does anyone know how I can continue to sell? If I were to make a new account and always log on to it with a VPN should I be safe? I don't want to sell on the account they left I feel like its bait lol.
  11. Need someone to get obby mauler from 1-55 slayer, idc how you do it range/mage/str/quest/lamp etc.. As long as the PRAYER/DEF/ATTACK are still 1. I can provide funding please pm me with price estimate.
  12. Service Needed - QuestingYour Skype- -private-Have you added my skype (live:teamtrustaio) - yesAre you willing to go first- yes Do you Agree to the TOS - yes Any Notes -
  13. Are you willing to pay in btc have 200m for sale.
  14. About 400m left for sale. PM Skype if interested.
  15. Yeh man it's added in account manager, and I click remember username off the longest proggy is 6 hours and 9 minutes. Also thanks for the advice do you know if it will be fixed if it will?
  16. A little dissapointed seen all these long proggies can't seem to get more then 6 hours though, although that is still great. In terms of errors I have to go to work or class so I cannot say why it messes up. Pots are all stocked in bank, darts fully loaded, scales fully loaded. Went off for no reason. Also another thing, when it needs to reload the blowpipe it just sits there with a inventory of vials from a full trip and tries to withdraw something and thus crashes and doesn't bank empty vials first. I understand if you ignore this but I don't have time to fill out a "
  17. 500M 07 for sale BTC only , Paypal for highly trusted users. Rate is semi-negotiable but content on $.96 per mil. Please PM or tell me below how much you need and I'll PM skype.
  18. online atm 400m for sale
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