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  1. I've done and still seems to be getting stuck a lot and different points as well. Was pretty flawless up until yesterday
  2. Script seems to be bugging out harvesting (last step) of cycle and just lets them die after todays update
  3. Keeps logging me out saying out of food everytime?
  4. After buying this I must say its a decent service, at first I had trouble setting it up and I think there should be a more friendly guide on how to set up the proxie but after having contact using a support ticket i managed to get it working. Before i had the proxie my accounts would all get chain banned very quickly and since then i have used the proxie and all my accounts have been golden! VOUCH for this product!
  5. Just bought a proxie and I cant get it to work, tried contacting through skype multiple times and no response. Anyone able to help?
  6. Caged Ogres are a pretty good spot, theres a couple good bots for it to such as tricaged orge. I was getting 30-40k xp/h at 88 range
  7. Script is giving me no problems and all but since chins are botted so much now the money rate has began to start being horrible.
  8. doesnt work for me, a whole bunch of stuff just pops up in bot debug when you try to start script
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