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  1. yoyo0

    Selling 4 credits

    Add my discord
  2. yoyo0

    Selling 4 credits

    Have 4 credits for sale for 5M OSRS Post offers below
  3. I vote yes, this personally encourages me to be more involved with the community and whether or not Trilez realizes but community is a large part to the success of a botting client. It is the little things like this that attribute to a great botting forums.
  4. is it possible to click an item a certain number of times anymore?
  5. hey i would like to point out that the script will not click any sort of item in the inventory : https://gyazo.com/5b669e2f15468ac4884b72fd9f304cf2 https://gyazo.com/faa6a9caa686190d6c18243a5042f931 another quick suggestion is to add a walk to exact tile block because the current methods almost never walk to the tile set and it will be like 5 or 6 tiles from where it needs to be to preform the next job.
  6. i was using the click block and navigated to the item value type, also the set variable block doesn't let you change the variable but will allow you to change the value of it.
  7. I love the script but it doesn't seem to let me enter an item's id all it does is pop up with this window making me unable to do anything but click cancel am I just being an idiot or what?
  8. I would just wait for him because he and most people wouldn't powerlevel an account for a period of time and then bail on it without getting paid.
  9. i would say making your own fires at a bank is crucial since mods will sit at any unlimited fire source like rogues.
  10. yoyo0

    L33t :D

    nice one must take a lot of skill
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