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  1. Does this script work well? I would like to do pyramid plunder for gp on my new ultimate iron man
  2. In my opinion Ethereum is the best choice
  3. I let my account run out of arrows for a few hits, so i'm assuming the bot does not log out when out of arrows or runes? That would be a nice feature if you haven't already added it in. That and if you haven't already, log out when out of food. Maybe it's in the GUI and I didn't notice. But it looks good, ran it for 40 minutes and got 1 - 17 range. Any progress reports 1hr + and i'll post them here and any other small issues I notice. Thanks man
  4. Just purchased, looking forward to trying this out. @Netami edit: Hey was wondering if there are any differences, as far as anti-ban and such, compared to other more popular auto fighters? I wanted to mix it up after being banned from another more popular combat script.
  5. The stun/alch feature isn't working. It will cast 'high alch' and be stuck in that mouse setting, try to click between inventory and spell book page over and over and over. I can lend an account to test, PM me Edit: high alching isn't working very well at all... ugh....
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