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  1. It may be less detectable for Jagex but it makes you stand out as a bot. Normal people dont have that slow reaction time consistantly.
  2. I caught it a few times being the last out of the boat again in the last hour Also what is the reason for the very slow delay in attacking monsters. Tri aio fighter is instant. And why does it target brawlers over the portal? Im ranging This script was working better the first time I used it, and I still was banned
  3. Thanks man.. I really dont feel safe using it right now. Please quote me when youve had a chance to test it.
  4. Hey I just purchased and am testing it out. It spends 3 - 5 seconds trying to decide where to go coming off the boat. My account is consistently the last one off. Could it be because of lag? It's a European world and i'm North America
  5. DM me your price for completion of the quests Animal Magnetism, The Restless Ghost, Ernest the Chicken, Priest in Peril
  6. Higher ban rate on the lower boats do you think? I'm making a baby range tank.
  7. I think i'm going to try this one again. Any suggestions on best ways to avoid ban, aside from only botting one or two hours a day of pest control?
  8. @Tri, could you add a feature for alching where if the bot has finished alching one noted item, it will move the next noted item into the correct inventory tile and continue alching? Just because of GE buy limits...
  9. 714

    Is it worth Botting?

    Remember you from SRL Forums. Good luck bro
  10. 714

    More Random Events = Ban?

    I don't bot zulrah, just do it by hand. I guess i'll try to pay more attention to the randoms I get in the future from playing legit and compare it to how many I get when I use a bot. I'll have to think about if 94 - 95 range is really worth the risk
  11. 714

    More Random Events = Ban?

    I very rarely get randoms when i'm doing zulrah myself or pking. I guess I just never train legit so I'm not even sure.
  12. I've been getting a random event every 30 or so minutes. I've had a 2 day ban on this account about a month ago and have just recently started botting range in a very secluded spot. Does this mean my IP is flagged?
  13. There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance. If you want my one file HMU. I don't know if I can manage all, it'll kill my wrist
  14. edit: nvm i guess not everyone gets this data
  15. Edit: Why does the mouse hover over the monster that i'm already in combat with? That does not seem human-like at all. Should it not hover the mouse over the next monster it has decided to attack?
  16. I did get a two day ban, but i've also been using Tri's auto fighter in a spot that has very little traffic. A quest spot. I did use this script for 4 hours non stop, twice. It's hard to say what did it. It's never good to run bots in an unhuman manner, which i've been doing. So I wouldn't necessarily blame this bot. I'll stand by my review a few posts above and say this bot is fine as long as you are at the computer paying attention.
  17. Ok i've been running it for the past two or three hours, currently at 325 points on the Veteran Boat. The first time I ran it, it went for a few games and then stopped. I'm not sure why I wasn't watching the computer. The second time I ran it, it's been running for a solid two and a half hours. edit: https://ibb.co/kQTyX7 sorry i don't know how to embed photos Pros: 1. Targets spinner (healer) over all other monsters 2. Is good at opening doors if it reaches the door first 3. Enters boat very quickly after game's ended 4. Targets Portal (if it's open) over monster almost all the time 5. Max half a second pause before running down as soon as game's started 6. Quick prayer is helpful 7. Uses spec bar (atleast with MSB) Cons: 1. If character dies, it takes about 4 seconds to continue running to portal again, 2. Is a little slow in reaction time with attacking monsters 3.For example, if it starts at the white portal, and wants to go to the purple next (starts west then goes to most eastern portal) it will open the gate and run through the central area, then open that gate and run in. If it's later in the game, it should close the second gate it opens so monsters do not get through. I've seen people close the gate behind me. I suppose it's not a huge issue, maybe something to look into. Only thing I would recommend is putting in some kind of fail safe, if the account hasn't gained exp in a certain amount of time, it should check if it's stuck and log out. I would recommend this bot for anyone to buy if you're at the computer, watching it, or checking it every half hour or so, but I can't say YET confidently that it's flawless enough to run overnight or for many hours unchecked.
  18. What’s ur skype man? Just so I can talk to you easier if I’m having issues Edit: should I have any issues using black knives? (ranged)?
  19. How efficient is this bot? is it able to successfully run for 4+ hours consistently without error?
  20. how efficient is this bot? Can it run for 5 hours + without issue, consistently ?
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