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  1. 714

    Buying instagram name

    Appreciate the recommendation. Thanks
  2. 714

    Buying instagram name

    I suppose at a second glance there was a better subgroup Can a mod move? Sorry
  3. 714

    Buying instagram name

    Maybe not the right spot but I'm either looking to buy a short memorable name Or looking for someone's services that can procure me a 9.3 or 3.2 or number. Number instagram name Or procure me a very short memorable name Email [email protected] or pm here
  4. I'm not free, I better get free tribot and cakes for my grammar services or I'm quitting and taking my THAT with me!!!
  5. I believe it should be THAT, not WHICH WHICH has a twitch (comma) but THAT is all you need.
  6. @daxmagex any chance you can map the new tzhaar portion of the city? My fighter tries to go to the old bank in tzhaar.. not the new one 2 clicks away I can lend you an account to use!
  7. 714

    edge pking?

    aw shit , just bought membs.
  8. 88 combat how well would this account do for dds/whip? And does it always get first hit? Or do you still have to get good pid?
  9. 714

    edge pking?

    Ah, okay, Cause last time I checked (two months ago) the most popular pking world at edge . . there were maybe 3 - 5 players 100 - 115 at edge But pvp worlds sounds fun . . mbs + ags + black dhide ragging (sorry not sorry)
  10. 714

    edge pking?

    before i get members how's edge pking for 100s - 110s? kind of want to get members n buy a bgs for my maxed barrows
  11. Rough ETA on range support ? I'm already 99 strength >_>.
  12. I PM'd you . . but no reply, I tried using this script at metal dragons with ranged, And the bot would continually click to move right beside the iron dragon . . causing it to start melee'ing my character, Instead of let auto retaliate do it's thing, it'd click to run to the monster on the minimap.. Is there any sort of tweak you can add for the settings .. maybe a solution like 'stay 2 tiles away from the monster'?
  13. Anyone tried this with metal dragons using magic or range? Do you need prayer potions..? I might try it later tonight, but was just curious if anyone had an answer.
  14. It leaves once it gets a new defender right? I minimized it for a second, it found a black defender, and I had it minimized for maybe 90 seconds, and i came back it was fighting a cyclopse. Maybe it did leave. Edit: Found a problem, If you try to pause it and do something by hand, bot goes all laggy, if you try to go to another tab, bot goes all laggy, Only way to fix this is to go back to inventory tab . . then it should continue working fine. Edit: It does not go outside to get a new defender. No worries though. Just noticed it because I came back . . and had two mithril defenders in my inventory . No worries, went from steel - mith in 30 mins. Edit: got steel - rune in an hour or so, thanks buddy!
  15. Got 96 - 99 str fairly quickly at my location, thank you. Now working on 99 range.
  16. worked well* alright, i'll buy 1k and try it out. edit: damn, looks sexy . . I love how it uses the bar on furnace when it's walking there . . looks completely human .
  17. grr, attempt to get a hat . . or I could get 98 - 99 str in the same amount of time i'd be wasting . 10 hrs on both accounts, 4 diff quested locations . . nothin.
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