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  1. 7 hrs on both accounts, on confirmed quested areas . . nothing. edit: tried bloodvelds earlier today, was dry as an old lady's vagina.
  2. aw fuck my most quested account got a bot buster . . my other semi quested is almost 99 str . . which leaves me with two non-quested accounts to run this script on :/ if this is anything like h'ween masks . . I'm not going to bother.
  3. Grats Bradsta, the only user listed i'm familiar with. RSCA pride ftw.
  4. Yeah, i'm just trying to decide if I should take the hit of 1 - 3 extra combat levels for training normally the range/str . . Or take the hit of 8k xp p/h and have my hp stay the same. It would take about 3 or 4 times the amount of time pcing than it would to train normally. I'm gonna think it over . . wish pc gave a little better xp :/ And I wouldn't wanna spend 15 for the bot if it isn't semi-flaweless and won't run overnight. I know you guys are working on world hopping, which is fine . . and I know you'll eventually get it done. Hopefully it's your top priority.
  5. What's the average zeals p/h you guys are getting? Is this fairly dependable? - Like could I run it overnight? I guess you guys haven't fixed the hopping yet . . will that be done soon? I want to get 83 - 94 range without gaining a combat level . . but at 335 xp per point (83 range) and let's say 22 zeals per hour . . It's not even 8k xp an hour Should I even bother . . I guess I could do some cannoning also to speed it up. I'll have to talk with my friend, maybe those extra 5 hp levels won't matter so much . . not even sure if getting 8k xp p/h or 25k xp (cannon) is worth it compared to 35k xp p/h using iron knives at 4 range xp/1.333 hp xp per 1 damage
  6. People with 5+ accounts botting aren't gonna spend time questing on every account . . they'll most likely use the more popular/easy to get to spots.
  7. How well does this work? Can you hook me up with a free trial?
  8. You're either a liar . . or a very lucky man. I've tried 9 different spots, four accounts, 24-7, 1 mask.
  9. fuck yes! finally got one . . at the other spot it said 'rare close by' . . so i've got two spots where I know forsure they spawn .
  10. How about sharing what spots are bad, Tried every spot for over 5 hours, still no mask. Top floor of Magic Guild, shitty, RImmington house right of the fountain, top floor . . shitty Top floor of Ecto-thing - with the grinder S/E of Fally at the farm patch/compost Did get a 'rare close by' overnight in Duke's room in Lumbridge. .
  11. I resort to begging cause 19 hours of botting on four accounts with no profit kills me a little inside.
  12. Been running four accounts non-stop since masks have been released, Tried 6 different spots . . nothin. Hook me up with a spot and the first mask is yours . . no bullshit.
  13. Same . . 3 accounts, tried 4 spots. No luck . I'm not pleased. If anyone wants to help a brotha out <------
  14. three and a half hours on three accounts at one spot . . no masks . . switching it up now to three different locations, let's hope I find something soon..
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