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  1. just sniped probably my last pumpkin. 15 banked . . bring it on h'ween masks what do you think people will be buying for within the first 5 hours?
  2. 10 so far, all pumpkins found at the same spot o.O what's the banrate like? isn't it obvious someone's botting this? logging in/out for hours and hours on end?
  3. I've tried 7 locations in 12 hours, at one spot I got two. Combined total of hunting . . . 48 hours.
  4. what are they worth atm? and does the bot log out once it finds one? gonna run my account while i sleep.
  5. [11:09:27 PM] Assume Support: Yeah[11:09:32 PM] Assume Support: seems looting is having some issues[11:09:36 PM] Assume Support: We'll rewrite it tomorrow Is looting working for anyone else?
  6. Sounds good. It doesn't seem to show up on sj---'s script loader. Replaced the loader with the file on the first post, let's see if it works! Edit: works!
  7. Sean, you just completed your payment. Your transaction ID for this payment is: We'll send a confirmation email to This transaction will appear on your statem I hope I don't regret it
  8. I'll buy it . Need 99 str on my pure . Edit: Are you adding cannon support?
  9. So lite version does not support banking?
  10. I'll pay premium if you can get this script running flawlessly and efficiently in the next few days.
  11. Would appreciate it. Also att/str/range pots support? and also, maybe make it pick up arrows/knives once every 60 seconds, give or take 10 seconds . . instead of as often as it does.
  12. It double clicks when it tries to jump in . . it jumps in . . then jumps out. Does this often. Edit: And why does it insist to open every door in the house? .
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