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  1. I'm getting stuck at the woodcutting tutor. It click on him and off him in a loop.
  2. Your private proxy has not responded to me in 72 hours when they advertise a 12 hour turn around time. Has anybody else used them? I can't use their proxy via browser.
  3. Dude.... wow... I'll totally try this out tonight on a new account.
  4. Yeah, I definitely don't plan on using a bunch of fresh tutorial bobs.
  5. Hey guys, I've been talking to Godspower about this for a day or so, but I wanted anybody else to weigh in. I'm think about having someone write me a very simple private script that will run slaves to and from an RC alter to a master crafter. I think there was once a script like this, but has since stop being developed. My twist is I will probably only run this script while the master crafter is being played legitly. My big question is, would the master crafter playing legitly be at a high risk for ban frequently trading the slave bots on separate IP's even though he is playing legit?
  6. That's definitely fair. Can anything be done to clean up the repository though?
  7. I'd agree with this. You have to constantly browse the forum of the script to make sure you aren't about to get ripped off.
  8. Good feedback guys, Thanks. This is kind of the way that I am leaning atm. I feel like this hast to get so tedious after you get pasted like 5+ bots in your farm though. Have you guys heard of any other methods?
  9. So I'm coming back to botting after a year or so Hiatus. I'm curious... from experienced botters, when do you feel it safe to bond your new bots that you are implementing into your farm? I understand that bans are inevitable, but I'm going for longevity of my accounts rather than 24/7 suicides. Should I hand play them for a bit, quest and spread some skills around prior to bonding them and moving to money making skills? How have you guys found success?
  10. I feel like I and a large portion of the community have been very patient with TriLez and the downtime, but at this point I've lost interest. First the client and then Looking glass... Put's us out of commission for nearly 3 out of 4 weeks this past month. That's a decent bit of money lost for no compensation and hardly any communication on behalf of the staff. I feel this is the end of an era... I wish TriLez well and his health issues, I hate to see that he's struggling, but it may be time to pass the torch. Until things look better, my money will belong with the competition. Farewell for now <3
  11. While you are at it, could you code for tan leather as well? Dying for a script to make cash and magic xp.
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