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  1. Using a different botting site for botting which i can use proxies on. I'm also worried that if i use a proxy my bots will be banned due to the proxies being flagged as my ip isnt.
  2. HighProxy only sells HTTPS proxies?????????
  3. Where can i buy a proxy i only need 1 proxy looked at tribots proxies but they've been out for 2 days for some reason. Also, if ive already been using the bots on main my ip (i havent played on my main since ive been using the bots though) and i start using a proxy on them it should be safe right?
  4. yah i looked at that thread. The answers kinda seem skewed.
  5. Also, maybe looking into using a proxy on my main account but how do you go about that?
  6. So im currently farming gold on 2 accounts doing hunter. I have a question, I'm farming gold on 2 accounts and i have a main account thats maxed combat, void, fire cape, barrow gloves 150m+ etc etc. I dont want the account banned its been banned before for a minor infraction when i botted green drags like 2+ years ago the ban has since expired. If i bot on these 2 accounts while i play on my main with the same ip you think my main could get chain banned? It's also to mention ive bought gold on my main like a month ago only like 10m for bonds. But, thats besides the point, what are the chances
  7. Just tried to buy credits and it gave me this error Payment failed your card does not suppose this type of purchase was trying to buy 16.50 seems like everytime i try and buy credits i always get an error so annoying. Anyone know how to fix it? I'm using a visa debit card and its not a pre-paid visa.
  8. Probably just not gonna do it don't wanna risk a perm ban over some magic levels.
  9. Well, yes somewhat it does you smart ass cunt. When you bot it injects malware into your client. With auto clicking you aren't using a hacked client.
  10. Oh really? What if i was to auto click alching?
  11. Hi, i have a question for all of you guys! So, say if i have a 2 day temp ban, but it has now been over 3 years and my ban has now expired and my meter is in the "safe" zone. Would my next ban probably be another 2 day temp ban, seeing as how my last one expired???? Thanks for your answers in advance.
  12. Hey guys, i wanna play on my main while i bot a lil, but the problem i'm not using any proxies on my bots, nor will i pay for them, so my question is how can i mask the ip of my main so it doesn't get tied to my bots, could i possibly use a proxy site and then put the url of rs into it then surf through that which i dont think it will work because its a http proxy, but what should i do help would be appreciated.... I do not wanna buy any type of proxies just wanna mask the ip of my main without having to pay.
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