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  1. Mammotswitch's League of legends Boosting Service Hey friend's its Mammotswitch's here bringing my league of legends service to tribot. I've been doing this since the beggining of this summer and I am trying to reach more potential costumers. My elo is diamond 1 in EUW for S4. I can play all roles but my main role is adc. Starting here on tribot makes my standard prices are alot lower. Bronze Division - 5$ per division (Bronze I to Silver 5 - 7,50) Silver Division - 7,50$ per division (Silver 1 to Gold 5 - 12,50) Gold Division - 12,50$ per divsion (Gold 1 to plat 5 - 15,00) It takes 24hr per division. All prices are negotioable. Payments via paypal or moneybookers I also do lessons price/hr or method are negotioable via skype. I can teach you any role or any champion. I've alot of experience in playing all roles. A trial lesson is half an hour and it is for free. Add me on skype for information. You can contact me via skype: MrFirrrre (4xR)
  2. Mammotswitch's Gold Shop Hey there, it is Mammotswitch here, I am selling and buying RS3 & 07 gold. Selling rate: 0.45$/m Buying rate: 0.37$/m Currently stocked: 200M+ Selling rate: 2,8 $/m Buying rate: 2.2 $/m Currently stocked: 20M+ My Skype profile name is: MrFirrrre (4xR) Or click here: (It says offline when I am online, deny it) I will go first if 50 fb or higher, if not we will use MM if you don't want to go first. Hope you agree my terms, and if you are interested add me on skype or leave a message below. ~ToS: 1. I never trade with someone who doesn't add me on skype. 2. I will never go first to someone who has less fb than me, if buyer doesn't want to go first we will use a MM on his expenses. 3. I can always deny a trade for whatever reason. 4. I will never deny sending a PM to someone on Tribot
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