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  1. @Deathofpk Yes, they are 100% private and not shared!
  2. Montreal


    Dispute complete.
  3. Montreal


    @Dumelis4 Your refund is denied. Being banned is not a reason for a refund, you bot at your own risk and being banned is a plausible outcome you knew may happen. This is not the fault of the scripter, the product you purchased and used fully worked.
  4. @J J When using bones to peaches on a pure (where you'll eat often) it stops to pick up a bone every time only 1 food is missing from a full inventory. This severely slows down xp per hour. Also, if multiple bones are on the floor it doesn't prioritize the one closest to you and will run very far to pick up a bone.
  5. partridge Make the bot screen shot a good one, make me proud!
  6. We're back and selling proxies after a short month break, to celebrate we're having an epic sale! Click here to visit socks5proxies.net
  7. @liamonly I had no access to the internet or tribot for 3 weeks. I thought I had issued you a refund but the ticket was apparently not yours. I've issued you a full refund for both sets. I believe $25 USD and $13 USD just now. Please confirm and let me know this is indeed you, if not, please PM me your payment e-mail. When I get new stock I'll also be sending proxies your way.
  8. @liamonly I haven't been on the forums or attending to tickets this past week, usually I'm very attentive but I am bipolar and had a bad lapse due to my transition in work IRL and fell into a slump. I'd rather not go deeper into it but take 100% responsibility for the issues with socks5proxies.net and customers currently. I am back and working through it all, getting proxies up, stock back, and new servers ordered. I am also looking for a new hire to attend to tickets but this has proven difficult as this is sensitive information and I need to find someone credible and trustworthy. Please give
  9. @Artic Yup, the replacements will be fully renewable. I've gone ahead and issued the full refund to the PayPal address you've sent via PM and will be sending three free replacement proxies as well once I have a chance to get to me PC (within the next few hours) if you can go ahead and confirm the refund for me so I can go ahead with closing the dispute, that would be great. Thank you.
  10. @Artic There's no need for a dispute, we're running behind on tickets atm due to a high volume of them from one of our servers having issues. Thank you for your report regarding these IPS. We have a technician aware and working on it. Can you shoot me your PayPal e-mail address via PM so I can expedite this and issue a refund. We'll also replace these three proxies for free on-top of the refund as this is not the quality we aim to provide and we'd like to get you more stable working proxies to use. Thanks.
  11. @batuhan1000840 it depends if the vps is openVZ or KVM. With OpenVZ you'll actually be sharing resources with other users and aren't going to always have those full resources available. KVM will dedicate the resources solely to you.
  12. @JORDANF94 are you sure you have any scripts added in your repository? https://tribot.org/repository/ You also appear to not be a VIP member which is needed to run any free scripts. You can run one premium script on one RS acc without VIP. See VIP options here: https://tribot.org/#pricing
  13. @1234oldschool He was demoted and is no longer a premium scripter. As others have pointed out "lifetime" does not mean your lifetime. That would be insane and not feasible in any sort of way, shape, or form. It means the lifetime of the script, which has come to an end. There is no scam here, and I understand you may not like the results. Moving forward I believe we will no longer be allowing lifetime options (this may already be implemented acrtually!) to avoid this exact situation. Thanks,
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