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  1. i try to only bot from around 7pm est to like 1am or so.
  2. so this is still working pretty much flawless?
  3. came back to 07 bout a week ago and started botting it havent used any other scripts on the account, dont use breaks norm only bot staking at night. The cb gab i was bottin at is a little dry, may be a reason.
  4. @Will no this the only account ive botted for months, and just started it up like last week. its only a 2day ban so no worries. Ill prob start bottin on a different staker i have now.
  5. looking to get back onto this wondering if its still pretty good, and what build should i use nowadays. @Assume
  6. not letting my copy/paste but here is a picture of the correct time im assuming.
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