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  1. Script is just going to get more laggy the more auths you sell, any plans on improving script to deal with all the autotypeing? Just waiting for the moment when Jagex decides to clear all the staking bots cause it's in one world alone, one spot...and everyone who uses it is autotypeing.. only a matter of time?..
  2. Why can't we just set in the MIN levels we want blacklisted until the Beta is complete, like only problem i'm noticing with the Beta is it's giving higher odds on lower defence than it should be, a simple fix would be to add a MIN defence level to stake against.
  3. Yea tried using the non-beta a few times it just lags and dces then does it all over again.I mean sht i can run 4 bots/ watch a stream / and download a movie and i never get the lag that comes with the non-beta calc, not sure why kind of code you put into it but seems like your trying to code some nuclear weapon lol
  4. Well let me know when beta calc is complete, cause i can't run the regular calc with my 900$ Computer Atleast needs a blacklist 1-40 defence option till calc is complete.
  5. ok ehm ik you do 75$ for a lifetime auth any plans on a-two-time or three time lifetime auth @ like 2 =139$, 3 - 199$?
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