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  1. damn that was good read , did you write all that , you smart mothafucka lol
  2. i have never had problems botting pay to play , but when it comes to f2p , my god the account gets banned the next day with like 2 hours of botting , why is it that they can detect and ban so quickly , doesn't this just mean that there detection system is almost impossible to beat? and the only reason people last longer on pay to play is cause jagex is actually just collecting your money till they decide to ban you? i still have my main account that got a 2 day ban after i got 1800 total level , so really my question is has anyone ever succeeded in botting f2p? like not 99's but just all f2p
  3. thanks guys i been botting for a long time , never had this problem before , im uninstalling right now all the old javas and gonna run that tool to fix it and clean install .
  4. should i download the x64? or just both , thank you i will do that now
  5. i downloaded x86 and x64 , still not working do i need to restart pc?
  6. says i need Java 8.0_40 or higher , where can i download this i download latest java but it is not working
  7. just got back to botting have a main that i used to bot on that is still going strong , i have bought so many scripts on tribot , but now i came back and everything seems to be monthly? what does vip extended do now a days ? does it still offer looking glass? i have to buy all the scripts again? and pay monthly now for scripts i bought lifetime? , sorry if it has been asked before , just got back , thanks in advance
  8. Arees187

    Bank cleaner

    i would love to see someone make a bank cleaner , one that supports tabs and none tabs , i would gladly pay for one
  9. has anyone survived botting a main to really high stats and still no first ban? the furthest i have reached was 99 defence and 1700 total before perm ban
  10. im still getting a black screen when trying to do looking glass on osbuddy
  11. Operating System: windows 10 64 bit Java Version: 1.8.0_101 Issue I'm Having: black screen when trying to hook up with osbuddy looking glass What Script I'm trying to use:
  12. getting an error today i never seen before, "response unwalkable position , walker engine path length is 0 im not sure what this is but im not sure any path walking or anything
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