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  1. noo public scripts. premium are still public. highly recommend privates
  2. I bet this area is watched like a hawk by Jagex. Thoughts/input/Ideas?
  3. hi i just bought the 10 account version. can you add an option to ignore skeletons and just go after bloodworms/rats/spiders? to speed up runs
  4. says 'failed to enable all prayers' when walking into verac with melee prayer. puts on the melee prayer and stops. Then continues to drink prayer potions as it drains when i click on the verac sarcophagus, it kills verac, but doesn't eat, only drinks prayer potions [23:04:44] Failed to enable all prayers edit: one more thing, if you have avas on and it gets an arrow, and your inventory is full at the bank, it will keep attempting to take out the item it is trying to withdraw i.e shark or prayer potion, instead of banking the arrow and withdrawing any fixes you think? Thanks
  5. does this support equipping a staff and autocasting or just trident?
  6. @erickho123 Hey man, love the script. I've used it for years now thought I'd say hi with a hint of appreciation. as a side note & on the business side of things, awhile ago a script of Exbuyer opened a poll booth and didn't close it. The bot was stuck for a long while. Could this be patched? IPSSA
  7. I bought it- it never logged out after it completed enchanting all of my rings. Instead it logged from timer, logged in, looked for rings, logged from timer, on loop. Fix please??
  8. @netami could salamander support be added? I want to babysit farm using this script
  9. This script is so great for power mining. A+ job!
  10. @Usa loved the trial! purchased it and my account died two separate times(50def, 40hp, so I guess my stats are too low). Could it log out after death or something?
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