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  1. Yeah, I created 150 accounts all on the same ip with extut... Lmfao... took 4.5 hours running 6 of them
  2. Hello, I am looking for the BEST hunting script available. Private, public, premium, which ever is best, and tested with extremely low ban rates. If you are a hunter botter and have an amasing private script message me and Ill even pay for it. Skype: facebook:marcus.dealmeida.9
  3. Looking for a private tut island script that isn't like the public ones that ban and flag your accounts right out of tut island. Skype info facebook:marcus.dealmeida.9
  4. What do I do if i get error 503? It won't attach my data file with either on of the uploaders?
  5. how old are you? terrible life mistake/decision if you're younger than 25 i'd say goodluck
  6. ah ok so its not like you need 6 or so pills a day? whats the maximum you take per day
  7. why would it do anything just go outside and let the bot do what it's suppose to do
  8. looking to use this how's it working?
  9. haha maybe ill give you a shout soon. I cycled Powerfull and prime and yea i was always fucking horny, but felt amazingggg. The test boost gives you an amazing feeling and I feel it keeps muscles more full and helps for a good workout How much for 100 pills? What's the dosage/day? 6-9 pills?
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