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  1. Buying 300M 07 gold at 1.0-1.2/m Paying with either Paypal, Skrill or Bitcoin. Not going first to users with less feedback than me. Post below or private message me! Thanks all
  2. I'm making a jad helper script for my friend, and I was wondering if anyone has the animation ids for jad. Right now we don't have an acct ready for jad, so if anyone could provide the animation ids it would be greatly appeciated.
  3. Sometimes it gets stuck in the room by the financial advisor.
  4. This is what I did to solve the issue. if (!isWorldScreenOpen() && (Login.getLoginState() != Login.STATE.INGAME || Login.getLoginState() == Login.STATE.WELCOMESCREEN)) { Keyboard.setSpeed(0); Login.login(); } private boolean isWorldScreenOpen() { Color wScreen = Screen.getColorAt(100, 100); return (wScreen.getRed() == 0 && wScreen.getGreen() == 0 && wScreen.getBlue() == 0); }
  5. Thanks for the color suggestion. I'll use that to determine if it's on the selection screen.
  6. Sometimes my script gets stuck on the world selection screen due to misclicking a world, and I was wondering if there is anything in the API that could determine if it's on the world selection screen. I tried using Login.STATE, but when it's on the world selection screen the state shows as "LOGINSCREEN" (not sure if that's a bug or what). This is how I'm handling the logging in: private boolean onStart() { setLoginBotState(false); return true; } if (Login.getLoginState() != Login.STATE.INGAME || Login.getLoginState() == Login.STATE.WELCOMESCREEN) { //added welcome screen due to it getting stuck on it sometimes Keyboard.setSpeed(0); Login.login(); }
  7. That's because RS is being DDoS'd
  8. @@laniax Anyway I could use this script with a laptop since I don't have a scrollwheel
  9. Very useful script! Thanks for the release.
  10. I was being paid to advertise for CashRune. I can provide a picture of my drivers license to prove I'm not Jake Smoak.
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