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  1. Spent nearly 100m on quests with this guy, over 160m in bank with no pin, but nothing was attempted. Huge vouch! (Also extremely fast, underground pass in 50 minutes, WTF?!)
  2. I'll go first if you're trusted. Skype: squatinbear
  3. successfully purchased 100m really easily! great rates, highly recommend.
  4. Amount of gold to Buy/Sell: Buy 25m Payment method: Paypal Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn: yep Have u added me already: yep Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch: ofcourse.
  5. Do you accept paypal? And can you make a video or upload proggies?
  6. Used it on wBot, use it on here. The best and most stable script out atm imo.
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