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  1. a bot that does all the farm runs ?
  2. sorry to sound stupid, on the front page it says kitten support, but when i try to find it i cant see it if someone could tell or link me for it that would be great.
  3. it attempts to start 3 times then gives up, not sure if its a problem my end though
  4. network error: script was unable to load the images! network error: make sure that the connection is allowed ( view > firewall) or disable TRiBot's firewall (file > setting > TRiBOT's firewall ) thats what i get and I've done
  5. its just not even starting the bot because of it.
  6. keep getting warning messaging about script not working as it cant load images and because of the firewall but i do what it says to do but still doesn't work
  7. I am having problems even getting the bot to start, once i start the bot the client freezes then i just get a white box pop up, then client just breaks, but other bots work fine ?
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