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  1. You want to bot osrs and you are unaware if you can mine clay in ftp....
  2. Anyone tested this? any proggies can this run overnight? logging off after each run?
  3. Hey guys how do I interact with the bounty target? How do I skip targets and how to set who my target is? Couldn't find it in the API or in other threads but I'm sure it's it there
  4. Hey guys, which VPS sites do you use? I'm looking for a fairly cheap VPS and dosnt have to handle too many bots, maybe 10-20 I've done a bit of looking but curious what you boys use
  5. stops after every level after 10 and asks me to bring 10k and build a kitchen and dining room???? but i have already done that. its building tables lol but stops when it lvls up
  6. My lifetime scripts all disappeared at the same time? I realize these probs had a expiry even though its "lifetime" but they all went at the same time? wot i liked them! anyone have any ideas? can i get them back?
  7. sick script any chance of adding in a mule option eg every 2 hours?
  8. @wastedbro bae wud u make a sick af script like this for Superglass make? i wud love some sweet crafting gains
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