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  1. Thanks. Im aware of this problem but unfortunately I quit RuneScape and ran out of VIP. I'm sorry that I never fixed it, and now I don't have the chance to test any modifications. I give any scripter permission to modify and release updated versions.
  2. Thanks all, I've been on holidays past 3 days and will be until Thursday. If you need updates, post in this topic and I will work on them at the end of this week
  3. I'd prefer to do it the way it is now, running with CTRL down for hours seems to me too much bot-like. Of course I can add an option in GUI to make you able to choose between the running methods. Wait for an update, should be able to do it some time during next week. Thx for commenting!
  4. Ok, just for you guys...... This bot now supports runecrafting without rings of dueling. It banks at Al-Kharid. Other updates: - Can now recover if getting stuck at altar without ring of dueling Any testing and reporting back here is well appreciated!!!! Don't flame if this update broke the script, I will keep updating the bot by your requests.
  5. Yes you're right, this bug occurs every time when withdrawing a new ring, in the updated version. I fixed it, please re-download.
  6. Update 14th June 2013: All these ID changes are no more effecting this script. The only static ids that are placed in this script is: - essence, pure essence, ring of duelling, pouches item id If the ones above change their id, the script will not function by default settings. I added ability to change IDs in GUI (apart from pouches). However, these ID updates only seem to affect ruins and altar only, so I don't think its needed to ever change these ids. I made the script to locate these objects by their position, rather than using id numbers in code. In English, the script will st
  7. The error you had is not even in my script.. I think you wanted to go here: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10737-fire-runecrafter/ Anyway, the script is currently broken because of the ID changes, once again I'll try to make it work by capturing the object (altar, ruins) at defined position, so that future ID changes will not break this script.
  8. Thanks for posting! Does this happen every time it banks? I took a second look at my code, and always after banking I do Banking.close(), so currently I don't know where the problem is. Does it even try moving the mouse to X?
  9. Huh? Don't you have database backups for things like: "some of the groups has been accendently deleted. " It's not really our, the paying customers fault, to correct your mistakes. I don't wanna bitch for nothing but I think you really need to get a better grip for administrating this site. I seem to have been deleted from VIP as well.
  10. Thank you sir! Updated script to match these IDs. Also attempted to increase effectiveness of a run; turned sleeps into monitoring changes in locations (after teleport), and interfaces (duelling ring having teleport options active). Report me back if you guys have problems.
  11. Could someone let me know the IDs of Fire altar ruins, and the fire altar itself? edit: id of the duel arena gate too.
  12. Yeah unless u have large pouch too I don't think it's worth using pouches. One trip is so fast it matters a lot whether you spend extra bank open to fill pouches or not. I recommend using less than 50% mouse speed (the scale is from 100 to 200). Banking is important not to mess up. I ran overnight my Astral bot with high mouse speed, and when i woke up it had withdrawed my 7 percious dragonstones, got a strange plant and died. Seems to mess up my bank a lot too. Be careful.
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