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  1. wait you're telling me this is fake? Wtf..
  2. Buying all Pure Essence 30-35 GP EA (Add my skype using this button)
  3. Natural

    07 gp

    No one knows when they will go up or down in price. I would recommend buying the gp and invest it into something if you really want your money worth on it
  4. Eventually I did not sell any bonds to him in the end and no trade from either side was established.
  5. Good night sweet prince
  6. It is a hassle but don't have all your accounts on the same world which could get you banned for multilogging
  7. Online Selling Bonds! New Deal!
  8. These are botting worlds you should be fine if there isn't anyone near by. Just get off the world and find a new world and keep botting or you can take 1 day break and see what happens tomorrow
  9. Have you used the merching bots?
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